Formula One To Vote On Bahrain Race

Formula One’s governing body is planning to reconsider the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix and cast a revote among all teams, after its former president and one of its top drivers called for F1 to cancel the event among continued unrest.

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Fan Hit During Red Bull F1 Exhibition in Japan [Video]

Stupidity knows no bounds. Need an example? Try running out in front of a moving Formula 1 race car… you know, those highest of high-tech race machines capable of hitting 60 mph in under two seconds and speed of well over 200 mph.

That’s exactly what one crazed fan did at a recent Red Bull exhibition in Japan. The F1 car was being driven by Sebastien Buemi and lucky for the sprinting idiot with a vertical leap much lower than he had hoped, Buemi wasn’t going very quickly.

From the video it’s obvious that he managed to walk away from the incident although we’re pretty sure the authorities will be having more than just a few words with him.

Watch the video after the jump:

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F1 Driver Mark Webber Speaks Out Against Racing In Bahrain

Even though the FIA has given the go-ahead to add Bahrain to the 2011 schedule, some aren’t so sure it’s a good idea to race in the troubled country—like Mark Webber, driver for the Red Bull F1 team.

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Formula 1 Returns To America for 2012; June 10th Date Set

The FIA has just posted its 2012 Formula 1 schedule, and good news to race fans and Americans in general: in the world of international motorsports, our fair nation is once again significant!

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Bahrain Grand Prix to Re-Join 2011 Formula 1 Schedule

Indefinitely postponed after the March 13th race was canceled, the FIA has reportedly given the green light for the Bahrain Grand Prix to return to the Formula 1 schedule this season.

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Infiniti Working On KERS Energy Recovery System With Red Bull F1

Infiniti might not have their own F1 team, but that little detail isn’t stopping them from helping the Red Bull team with an energy-recovery system for their F1 team. Consider it Infiniti’s foot in the grand prix door.

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Ferrari Opens First Official Store In Spain

Ferrari launched its first official store in Barcelona, coinciding with Spanish driver Fernando Alonso’s, Formula one contract extension, set to last until 2016.

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Rupert Murdoch and Agnelli Announce Plans to Buy Out F1

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and Exor, the investment firm owned by the Agnelli family, have made public their plan to buy Formula 1, the entire sport—right out from Bernie Ecclestone and his CVC Capital firm.

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Vitaly Petrov Catches Serious Air at Malaysian Grand Prix [video]

Renault’s Vitaly Petrov recently made history by becoming the first Russian driver to clinch a Formula One podium finish. Now he’s making history through the Internet with this awesome footage of him catching air at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Going slightly wide on turn 7 of the course, Petrov launched his Renault race car while in eighth place. Unfortunately the landing snapped the steering column, ending his day of racing short. His teammate Nick Heidfeld did clinch a podium finish however.

Check out the video after the break.

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Ford and Ferrari Settle Lawsuit Over F150 Name, For Now

The FerrariFord rivalry is back on! Just in case it was possible to confuse America’s best-selling pickup truck with Ferrari’s newest F1 car, the Prancing Horse has chosen to spell it out painfully and slowly for the rest of us. The two companies have come to an agreement over the name F150, which Ferrari sought for their newest F1 entry.

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Bahrain Grand Prix Postponed From 2011 F1 Season Due to Civil Unrest

Due to the ongoing protests in Bahrain, F1 officials have officially pulled the plug on the Bahrain Grand Prix, originally scheduled for March 13th.

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F1 Driver Robert Kubica Seriously Injured After Rally Crash, Might Miss Entire 2011 F1 Season

The 26 year-old Polish star has suffered massive injury to his right hand, as it got partially severed in the crash. He has also suffered injury to his shoulder and elbow.

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Ferrari Unveils Their 2011 Formula 1 Racer, Names It F150

With the 2011 Formula 1 season fast approaching, the sport’s various teams are getting ready to unveil their latest entries. One of the most highly anticipated unveilings was that of Ferrari‘s newest machine, the F150.

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Ayrton Senna Documentary Gets Sundance Screening

Of all the highly touted films screening at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, the one we want to see most is Senna, a documentary on the life of three time Formula 1 world Champion Ayrton Senna.

Assembled entirely from previously unseen archival footage from Senna’s career (spanning from his youth karting days until his death in 1994), Senna captured the imagination of millions of Formula 1 fans around the world, leading to a global launch for the film – excluding North America.

Hopefully, the documentary will help Senna find a distributor for this market, as well the strong review in the L.A. Times. Even though Formula 1 is less than popular in the United States, the universal themes of passion, brotherhood and adventure will surely resonate with audiences who couldn’t tell you the difference between Ferrari and McLaren.

[Source: L.A. Times]

Trailer after the jump

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Two Lotus Teams to Compete in 2011 Formula One Season

So apart from Team Lotus (formerly known as Lotus F1) which is a privately owned team, Group Lotus has bought a stake into the Renault F1 team to create Lotus Renault GP. So while there will be two Lotus F1 teams on the grid, only one will get factory support.

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