Watch This Driver Drift a Ferrari F40 in the Snow Like a Hero

Considering how expensive they are, classic Ferraris are typically kept in pristine condition in air-tight garages, but one driver is doing things differently, and he’s a bit of a hero.

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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Ferrari F40 With This Amazing Throwback Gallery

Thirty years ago today, on July 21, 1987, Ferrari pulled the veil from one of its greatest ever road cars: the F40.

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Ferrari Turbocharging Next-Generation Models: Report

Rumors of Ferrari switching from naturally aspirated engines to turbocharged ones are getting louder, as it’s now believed that next-generation Ferrari models will mostly feature turbo motors. 

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Top 10 Cars of the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Like the 2012 SEMA Show in America, the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon was packed with Toyota and Subaru’s latest sports car. But that’s not to say that there weren’t plenty of other attractions on the Makuhari Messe Convention Center show floor. 

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Modified Ferraris Vs Custom Lamborghinis: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

For decades, the Tokyo Auto Salon was known as the premier auto show for customized Japanese vehicles; but over recent years, custom European exotics have found a new home in Japan.

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Top 10 Cars Every Car Guy Needs to Know

So, you call yourself a car guy. Fair enough, you’ve browsed on over to AutoGuide so you must have at least a little petroleum in your veins. But are you a true automobile enthusiast? Do you know your accelerator pump from your synchronizer? Here are 10 vehicles every car guy needs to know about.

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Watch 62 Ferrari F40s Set a World Record at the Silverstone Classic – Video

Earlier this year, we mentioned that a record gathering of Ferrari F40 models was planned for the Silverstone Classic 25th Anniversary. Now that event has come and gone, and over 60 Ferrari F40s showed up, trumping the previous record of 40 seen at the 2007 event.

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Ferrari F40 LM Prototype Heading to Auction

While classic Ferrari sports cars are characterized by the sonorous small displacement V12 engines sitting in the middle of their stretched bonnets, the turbo era of the 1980s brought along a new Ferrari that has come to serve as the definitive Italian supercar of the modern era – the Ferrari F40.

Still one of the most extreme vehicles on the road today, it’s hard to believe that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the F40 since it was first introduced in 1987. Commanding an astronomic starting price of $400,000 when new, only 1,315 units were ever produced. As it is also the last vehicle founder Enzo Ferrari personally commissioned, the Ferrari F40 continues to demand an enormous sum of money today.

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Ferrari F40 Record Gathering Planned for Silverstone Classic 25th Anniversary

At this summer’s Silverstone Classic, Ferrari F40 enthusiasts hope to set a world record while celebrating the 25th anniversary of the exotic.

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Lee Iacocca's Ferrari F40 Heading to Auction

Originally owned by Lee Iococca, this Ferrari F40 is heading to RM Auctions with less than 300-miles on the odometer and could fetch anywhere from $650,000 to $750,000.

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Carbon Fiber Vinyl-Wrapped Ferrari F40 Looks Stunning

Wraps are easily becoming the new aesthetic modification of the future. The offer owners a fairly cost-efficient method of changing the entire look of their vehicle, without having permanent ramifications. If you get bored of it, you can simply peel it off and go back to the stock look. And with any style that catches on and demand goes up, enthusiasts find new and better ways to set themselves apart from the crowd. This Ferrari F40 went the route of a full on carbon fiber wrap as opposed to just a more common flat black wrap.

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Ferrari F40 Reunion at Concorso Italiano Celebrates Minimalism in Numbers

As planned, the annual Concorso Italiano festival brought together a collection of Ferrari F40s from across the continent so that the owners, and onlookers, could revel in their minimalist glory. Destined to be one of the most collectible Ferraris of all time, the F40 is a bare-bones street legal race car powered by an awesome twin-turbo 2.9-liter V8 engine. Making 471-hp, it weighed just 2,400 lbs thanks to a carbon-Kevlar body and did not have traction control – meaning we’re surprised so many have survived.

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Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F40 Among Exotic Cars To Be Auctioned After Ponzi Scheme Bust

Scott Rothstein was once a prominent South Florida lawyer, famous for his humble roots, flashy lifestyle and philanthropy. But after a suicide attempt and a failed escape to Morocco, Rothsetin turned himself in after federal agents exposed his 1.2 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

Now, the United States government has seized his assets and is auctioning off an assortment of exotic cars owned by Rothstein and a number of shell companies. The list ranges from the very mild (two Pontiac G6s, a Ford Expedition) to the highest echelons of supercar-dom (two Bugatti Veryons, a Ferrari F40).

If you have the funds, and are looking to score a deal on some serious machinery with, shall we say, interesting provenance, take a peek at the list below and get in touch with the appropriate arm of the federal government.

[Source: Dupont Registry]

Full List After The Jump:

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Concorso Italiano to Host Ferrari F40 Reunion

After last year’s incredibly successful Ferrari 288 GTO reunion, Concorso Italiano will try to bring together F40 owners for this year’s go-fast festival. In total 13 owners have already confirmed attendance and Concorso organizers expect many more in the coming weeks.

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