Watch Ludacris Explain All the Fast and Furious Movies

The eighth installment in the Fast and Furious (F&F) series of movies hit theatres this past weekend, and if you were confused after watching it, let one of the franchise’s stars explain it to you. 

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2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso Video, First Look
Updated Ferrari FF Likely Debuting Soon

Ferrari has sent out invites to a special event where the new Ferrari FF is expected to debut.

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814 Ferraris Recalled for Airbag Issue

More than 800 Ferrari s in the U.S. have been recalled for an air bag issue.

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Ferrari FF Test Mule Filmed Testing at Fiorano

Ferrari’s oddball 2+2 all-wheel drive drive hatchback is undergoing testing at the Fiorano Circuit.

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2016 Ferrari FF Getting Mid-cycle Refresh With Turbo V8

The Ferrari FF will get a thorough refresh come 2016.

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Is a Ferrari FF Coupe in the Works?

The Ferrari FF’s wagon-like body style has never really fit in with the rest of the Italian automaker’s lineup, but would a coupe variant serve better?

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CGI Paul Walker to Appear in Fast & Furious 7

It may not sit well with fans, but Paul Walker will appear in Fast & Furious 7 thanks to CGI.

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Fast and the Furious 6 Extended Trailer Shows More Cars, More Action – Video

Excited for the next Fast & Furious movie and didn’t think the trailer during the Super Bowl showed enough of the film? You’re in luck.

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Ferrari FF Catches Fire In Shanghai

A Ferrari FF caught fire near the Shanghai World Expo Avenue in China this past weekend.

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Ferrari FF Does Its Best Rally Car Impression [Video]

The Ferrari FF is gorgeous anywhere, but putting letting it loose in the middle of a snow-covered forest with Markku Alen behind the wheel? Roll the cameras, because something amazing is about to happen.

In possibly one of the most scenic backdrops you could capture on film, Ferrari put former World Rally Champion Markku Alen into a Ferrari FF to put their innovative 4RM four-wheel drive system to the test. The Finnish ice track specialist and winner of the 1978 FIA Cup for Drivers came away impressed with not only the 4RM system, but Ferrari’s latest 12-cylinder powerplant.

The 8.7-mile forested track had temperatures ranging from -22 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit and was packed with steep inclines and challenging corners. Clearly, this course gave Alen the opportunity to test the Ferrari FF’s capability to extremes, especially the car’s traction on surfaces with very little grip.

Watch the breathtaking video after the break.

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Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus Edition Models Sell Out In 50 Minutes

Maybe the protests at Occupy Wall St. have merit after all. Nothing demonstrates that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer quite like the new 2012 Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus Edition. Marked a dear $395,000, an extra $95,000 over the “base” model, all 10 examples of the Neiman Marcus Ferrari FF were called for in just 50 minutes.

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Ferrari FF Burns to The Ground, is It Just the First? [Video]

A rite of passage of sorts for new Ferrari models, reports have surfaced of a brand new $300,000 Ferrari FF spontaneously catching fire and burning to the ground. The driver of the FF reportedly heard a bang coming from the rear following a rise of flames during his test-drive in Frankfurt, Germany. Pulling to the side of the road and escaping from the car, the driver of the FF sustained no injuries.

Last year news emerged of several Ferrari 458 Italias catching fire. Then, the cause was discovered to be an issue regarding the engine heat shields around the Italia’s V8. As the FF’s V12 engine is up in the front, one could assume that heat reflectors surrounding the FF’s exhaust may be the cause this time around. No recalls or investigations have been announced.

Check out the video of the fire below.

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Ferrari FF Winter Driving Program Headed to Aspen

Ferrari will offer a special winter driving course in Aspen, Colorado, with the goal of elevating driver skill and enhancing appreciation for the all-season FF GT, which hits dealerships this fall.

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China Is Ferrari's Second Largest Global Market

China has become Ferrari’s second largest global market, a not-so-surprising development in light of the global economic realities. The Italian automaker enjoyed strong growth in the first half of 2011, with global sales up 12 percent to a record 3,577 units between January and June. The company also saw sales revenue climb nearly 20 percent up to $1.5 billion.

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