2011 Roush Sport Mustang is All Show

We’ll admit this is a little odd, but we can also understand where Roush is coming from. The Mustang-tuner’s 2011 Roush Sport Mustang package has been announced and it doesn’t pack the performance we expect. In fact, it doesn’t really pack any performance. Instead, for $4,600, Roush will outfit your 2011 Mustang with a sportier appearance.

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Ford Mustang Boss 302S Is A Turn-Key Racer

Ford‘s Mustang FR500S died a quiet death recently, but the race-ready pony car is back in the form of the Boss 302S. While the Boss 302R is widely campaigned in Grand-Am sports car racing, the 302S is designed for club racers with deep pockets who want something they can take to an SCCA or NASA race, and be sure that they will walk away with a $5 plastic trophy.

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2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Officially Revealed

Although we were one of the first outlets to bring you specs on the competition-only 2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, official pictures were hard to come by – until today, when Ford released the first shots of their factory backed dragster.

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2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Is For Those Who Live Life 1/4 Mile At A Time

Technically, the above headline isn’t true. You can buy a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, but this pony car isn’t road legal, and is meant strictly for drag racing.

Specs on the 2012 Cobra Jet haven’t been announced yet, but they have been leaked by a Ford dealer in Puerto Rico. Big changes include a standard aluminum block for the 5.4L V8 engine, forged connected rods, beefed up braking components, revised spring rates and new Weld drag racing wheels with Goodyear drag tires. The full details are below for those who like to go fast in a straight line.

[Source: Autoblog]

Hit the jump for the official specs

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Ford Asking Fans To Help Name Mustang V6 Performance Package

With over 300 horsepower, the Ford Mustang V6 is no longer confined to the role of rental car, like its less fortunate ancestors were. Even though it carries the stigma of “V6 pony car”, the Mustang with two fewer cylinders can move well, and Ford knows this.

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2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 To Come With Special Key For Track Days

Ford has announced that their upcoming Mustang Boss 302 will feature a special key that allows owners to change the engine mapping parameters and enable a launch control system to be activated via the steering wheel.

Dubbed the TracKey, one ford exec claimed that “From an engine management standpoint, we’ve done just about everything possible to give TracKey users a full race car experience.” Considering that most race cars have an systemic inability to idle at anything approaching low rpms, we wonder if we’ll be treated to a horde of TracKey using douchebags who must incessantly rev their Boss 302s at stoplights to keep the cars from stalling. More likely, the TracKey will provide a reasonable facsimile of the racecar experience.

Also of note is Ford’s offer of an advanced driving course at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah for Boss owners. Customers must make their own travel arrangements, but everything else will be comped by Ford. Again, we expect the take rate to be inversely proportional to the (high) amount of poseurs who purchase the seemingly capable Boss.

Hit the jump to read the official press release

[Source: Ford]

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SEMA 2010: Ford Mustang Concepts Crash Ford's Fiesta

Pardon the bad Spanish puns, but the Ford Fiesta isn’t the only game in town at the Blue Oval’s stand at this year’s SEMA Show. Ford’s pony car came galloping into Vegas with 6 variations of the Mustang, including V6 and V8 versions.

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Tjin Edition Mustang Revealed Unveiled Ahead of SEMA

The Tjin Edition Mustang is no longer under any sort of car cover, and we have a first peek at the revealed rendering. In true Tjin Edition fashion, the Ford Mustang will sport functional and sporty modifications, without any over-the-top aesthetics.

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REPORT: 2014 Ford Mustang To Get Independent Rear Suspension, Lose Weight

With the heaviest 2011 Ford Mustang nudging 4000lbs in curb weight, Ford knows that things have to change if their iconic pony car wants to meet upcoming fuel economy regulations.

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Knight Rider Ford Mustang K.I.T.T. Car Heading to the Auction Block

Alright we’re well aware that Knight Rider came back in 2008, this time without David Hasselhoff and a whole new K.I.T.T. The original K.I.T.T. 2000, which was a 1982 Pontiac Firebird was way cooler than K.I.T.T. 3000, the 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR staring at you now.

The Mustang will be auctioned off at a Hollywood memorabilia auction courtesy of Profiles In History. Valued between $25,000 and $35,000 the celebrity show car surely looks the part of a Shelby GT500KR Mustang… right? Wrong. Under the hood you won’t be getting a V8, never mind a supercharged version. K.I.T.T. 3000 sports a good ‘ol 4.0L V6 with a five speed automatic transmission. How boring.

But hey, you’ll get the awesome red sweeping light up front and the proceeds go to a children’s charity. Hopefully someone scoops it up and builds it into a monster Mustang with some real muscle under the hood, the way it should be. The auction takes place on November 6th, 2010 at The Globe Theater in Universal Studios.

[Source: InsideLine]

Check out more pics of K.I.T.T. 3000 after the jump:

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WD-40 and SEMA Cares Team Up To Build 2011 Ford Mustang GT

SEMA has teamed up with WD-40 to produce a one-of-a-kind 2011 Ford Mustang GT that will be auctioned off at an upcoming Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Show and Auction two months after its debut at this year’s SEMA Show. The proceeds of the sale will go to Childhelp and The Victory Junction Gang Camp.

“The WD-40/SEMA Cares Mustang pays tribute to the mechanics, aftermarket professionals and auto enthusiasts who have used WD-40 for more than 50 years to get the job done,“ said Tim Lesmeister, vice president of marketing at WD-40 Company. “This is such a fun and meaningful project for us. We’re proud that all proceeds from the sale of the vehicle will continue to support two great charities, but we know it would not be possible without the time, energy, dedication and resources of our build partners.”

From the looks of the vehicle, this Mustang is pretty complete from bumper to bumper and will garner quite the attention on the SEMA show floor. Modifications include Stillen’s AP Racing 6-piston brake kit, Paxton supercharger system and a set of Forgeline wheels on each corner of the car. A full body kit courtesy of Street Scene Equipment gives the Mustang a much more aggressive profile.

The vehicle will also be seen in Nitto 1320 Legends, a virtual online drag racing game.

Official press release available after the break.

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. Claims 2010 Formula Drift Championship

There was certainly a lot of hype around Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Ford Mustang at the beginning of this year’s 2010 Formula Drift season. The newly built 2011 Ford Mustang, with help from sponsors Monster Energy Drink and Falken Tire, featured every bit of experience Gittin and his team has developed over the years of drifting American muscle. And all the hard work has finally paid off as Gittin Jr. has taken the 2010 Formula Drift championship.

This past weekend, the season finale took place at Irwindale Speedway. And while Vaughn Gittin was clearly the leader in points, Tanner Foust and teammate Daijiro Yoshihara still had an outside chance of taking the championship. But Gittin wasn’t letting off the gas anytime soon facing two-time champion Tanner Foust in the grand finale. Even with the championship locked down at that point, Gittin put on a show for the spectators, taking Foust to a one-more time battle. Ultimately the Irwindale event would belong to Foust with Gittin still taking home for the 2010 championship.

This season was a dominating one for Gittin Jr and his Falken Tire / Monster Energy Drink team. He found the podium at six of seven events showing just how much experience pays off. So a huge congratulations goes out to the Falken Tire team for finally locking down a championship and we look forward to seeing what they have in waiting for 2011.

Official press release available after the break.

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2011 Roush 5XR Ford Mustang Kit Adds More of Everything

The new Ford Mustang GT has only been on the market for a few months and Roush hasn’t wasted any time in introducing what it calls the 5XR Mustang tuning package for $15,390.

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Tjin Edition 2011 Ford Mustang GT Confirmed for SEMA

We’ve been hearing through the rumor mill that Tjin Edition would be pulling off a trifecta of vehicles this year and so far we have seen the Fortune Motorsports / Tjin Edition Honda CR-Z and the Universal Technical Institute / Tjin Edition Ford Fiesta. Rounding off their SEMA projects is a brand new 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT with an impressive list of modifications to really showcase what the potential of the new Mustang. Teaming up with Real Auto Works in Long Beach, California, the Tjin Edition team has their work cut out for them the upcoming months.

Once again Tjin has only released a teaser of what the finished project will look like, but Neil Tjin was nice enough to disclose some info on it. Under the hood, the Mustang will get a Vortech supercharger. But the power adders don’t stop there with a MagnaFlow exhaust and a set of American Racing headers. And for when the going gets tough, Nitrous Express will only be a tap away.

DuPont’s Cromax paint line will cover the exterior of the car, which will sport a completely custom kit designed by Gurnade and Tjin Edition and produced by Extreme Dimensions.

Air Lift will develop a full digital air suspension kit, allowing Tjin to give the Mustang GT a proper stance no matter where it is or what it’s doing. Under each fender will be a 20-inch Forgestar CF5 wheels, sporting a mean concave design and wrapped with Falken tires.

Last but not least, the interior will be completely revamped with Status Racing seats, Auto Meter gauges and a STACK cluster. And don’t worry, Tjin Edition has the in car electronics handled too thanks to Scosche, Metra, Pioneer and Image Dynamics.

This year’s SEMA seems to be shaping up to be an exciting one, so stay tuned as AutoGuide.com will have tons of coverage from this year’s show which takes place in early November.

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Ford To Restrict Boss 302 Mustang Allocation Via Lottery, Sales Figures

Ford hasn’t even announced production numbers for the Boss 302 Mustang, but word is that the Blue Oval will tightly control the supply of the baddest Mustang by basing allocation on sales numbers and a special lottery held for dealers.

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