Fords Boosts Restoration Parts Inventory for Older Models

For a long time, Ford enthusiasts looking to restore older models often had their work cut out for them. Generally the manufacturer would discontinue its inventory of OE replacement parts as the vehicle reached its 10th birthday. However, in the last decade, fueled by the popularity in restoring and enjoying vehicles such as classic Mustangs, that situation is fast becoming a distant memory. Ford has been steadily adding more and more reproduction and restoration parts for older vehicles and today, the restoration parts catalog lists more than 9,000 items for various classic Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models. Among the most exciting for enthusiasts are once hard to find trim and interior components, along with complete reproduction body shells for 1967, ’68, ’69, and ’70 Mustang Fastback/Sportsroof models, plus replacement sheetmetal components such as complete fenders, floor pans, trunk panels, hoods. Shortly the company will be adding reproduction bodies for first generation (1966-77) Broncos, items that have been highly anticipated among classic off-roading enthusiasts.

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Supra 2JZ-Powered Ford Mustang Runs 8-Second Quarter-Mile Pass

We promised we’d follow up on the Toyota Supra 2JZ-Powered Ford Mustang of Jaw’s Gear and Axle and we finally have some results in. Recently the vehicle was taken to Bakersfield for the SCE Summer Nationals at Famoso Raceway with no prior testing. Weighing in at 3,530 lbs, Jaw’s Gear and Axle opted to race in two different classes in order to get in as many runs as possible hoping to dial-in their Ford Mustang hybrid.

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Ford Mustang Outsells Chevrolet Camaro In May

A raft of new engines has helped Ford‘s Mustang leapfrog the Chevrolet Camaro in the pony car sales race, the first victory for the Blue Oval since the Camaro’s release last summer. Ford managed to sell 10,225 Mustangs, while Chevy only moved 8,931 ‘Maros in the month of May.

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Chevrolet Camaro Z28 To Return Just In Time For Boomers To Cash In Retirement Funds

Motor Trend has all but confirmed one of the car world’s worst kept secrets; the Chevrolet Camaro will return in Z28 trim for 2012, likely packing the 556-horsepower LSA supercharged V8 used in the Cadillac CTS-V. The LSA engine makes just a touch more horsepower than a comparable Shelby GT500 (which has to make do with only 540 horsepower), and will be backed by a 6-speed manual gearbox.

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2011 Chevrolet Camaro Sees Slight Price Increase, Z28 Model Coming Soon

We’ll start with the (sort of) bad news. The 2011 Chevrolet Camaro will cost you more – but not too much more – as the model year changes over. The top of the line 2LT and 2SS get a $350 price bump, to $28,075 and $35,145 respectively. Prices for the LS, 1LT and 1SS models remain unchanged, and the 2011 Ford Mustang will still be a bit cheaper than the Camaro.

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Jay Leno Adds A 2011 Mustang 5.0 To His Fleet

Jay Leno’s epic car collection has a new addition to the “Ford section” (yes folks, he has a Ford section) of his garage, a brand-new 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0. The car in question, a Black coupe with a tan interior, has Michigan manufacturer plates, leading Left Lane News to suspect that something may be amiss with the situation, but more likely, this was a press car and Jay decided to order one, to keep his Ford GT, Shelby Cobra and Shelby Mustang GT350 company.

Driving impressions from what Leno are what you’d expect. The 5.0 is a big ball of fun and great value, according to Jay. Autoguide’s own Colum Wood is attending a Mustang event today, where he’ll be driving the V6, 5.0 and Shelby GT500 versions, so expect our driving impressions shortly. Hit the jump to check out nine minutes of big American V8 bliss, and Jay Leno’s sentimental musings on the fate of the muscle car.

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2011 Ford Shelby GT500 Sounds Like Freedom (Video Inside)

An American V8 engine has few rivals when it comes to the noise it makes. The only real rival that can match its bombastic rumble is a piston engined fighter plane from WWII. When a supercharger is added on to one of these motors, the resulting noise is especially sinister, due to the mating of the eight-cylinder rumble and the banshee-like wail of the big blower.

The hottest versions of Chevrolet’s Camaro SS and Dodge’s Challenger SRT-8 use naturally aspirated engines to pump out around 422 and 425 horsepower respectively. Ford’s most powerful Mustang, the Shleby GT500, needed to annihilate those figures, and the Blue Oval’s engineers decided to strap a supercharger to an already sizable 5.4L twin-cam V8. The result is 540 horsepower, and you can hear everyone of those ponies featured in this glorious video shot by Ford, showing the 2011 Shelby ‘Stang ripping up and down a closed course, doing what can only be called “acceleration runs.” If you can, turn up your speakers and revel in the glory that is a Ford V8 at full song.

[Source: Autoblog]

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2011 Ford Mustang GT500 Knocks Nine Seconds Off 2010's Time At VIR (Video Inside)

Virginia International Raceway has long been a staple of road racing in North America, having been an unofficial home for Car and Driver’s vehicle testing for many years.

Ford recently wanted to show off the track prowess of the new and improved 2011 Mustang GT500, and where else but VIR is appropriate to let the public see what Ford’s baddest muscle car can do, and the end result was a lap that was nine seconds quicker than the outgoing model. There’s a wonderful V8 soundtrack, a nice example of how to steer a car around the track (keep those hands at 9 and 3, no shuffling the wheel) and lots of data for you track geeks.

Hit the jump to watch the GT500 in its natural environment.

[Source: Autoblog]

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Shelby Turns GT350 Mustang Into A Track Weapon By Reducing Power

One of the greatest “oh s***” moments you can have as a car enthusiast is when you find out that the awesome, expensive modification you’ve done to your car puts you into a more difficult class in a competitive driving event – or worse, ends up getting you disqualified.

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Ford Ranger Hangs In There For April, Outsells Mustang, Suburban, Fit

The Ford Ranger has been on the market for 12 years in its current incarnation, and while the Ford F-Series might be America’s favorite truck, the Ranger doesn’t look like its slowing down any time soon either.

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DUB Edition Ford Mustang Opening Salvo In Special Edition Sweepstakes

It was inevitable, but the first special edition Ford Mustang is here, and not surprisingly, it’s a V6. The 2011 DUB edition Ford Mustang comes in a coupe, convertible or full-length glass roof bodystyle, with a Roush front end treatment, racing stripes, quarter window covers, windshield banner, and DUB logos embroidered onto the front headrests. 20-inch wheels, Pirelli tires and Roush lowering springs help give the car a low and wide look, while a 3.31 axle ratio should improve acceleration times, or compensate for the massive wheels.

Press Release After The Jump

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Ford Posts $2.1 Billion Profit

Ford posted a $2.1 billion profit for this quarter, beating market expectations by a full year despite a lull in the new vehicle market. Ford has undergone a series of cost-cutting measures, including plant closures and layoffs, but has also introduced a torrent of new product in nearly every segment.

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Report: Hertz To Acquire Rival DollarThrifty In $1.17 Billion Deal

Rental car giant Hertz is set to buy rival rental agency DollarThrifty for $1.17 billion in cash and stock, in a deal that would see Hertz add another 1,500 locations and cut $180 million in costs.

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Mustang Drag Racer Opts for Toyota Supra Power

There’s an old adage that floats around the drag racing track that goes something like this: “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Sometimes this means throwing in a 100-shot of nitrous oxide to keep up with the competitors, or dropping your credit card at the local shop to replicate what someone else has done.

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Ford Mustang to Enter FIA GT3 European Championship

As reported on Marc VDS Racing, a Belgian-Canadian joint effort is preparing to take on the competition in the FIA GT3 European Championship with a pair of freshly built Ford Mustangs. Canada’s Multimatic Motorsports has prepared the Mustangs for Belgium-based Marc VDS Racing, an experienced racing outfit that runs a pair of Ford GTs in the FIA GT1 World Championship.

Weighing in at just 1,350kg (2,976 lbs) and featuring a 5.3-liter V8 engine that pumps out an impressive 560-hp, these Multimatic masterpieces have been undergoing testing at Ford’s Bedfordshire test facility in the UK. The team’s #98 car will be piloted by Belgian Eric De Doncker and Canadian Scott Maxwell but the #99 car does not have an official driving duo as of yet. We’re assuming there’s also a healthy exchange program of Belgian chocolate for Canadian maple syrup.

It’s still too early to say just how competitive the VDS Mustang GT3 will be, but we don’t recommend betting against Multimatic, who led the factory Ford Mustang FR500C assault on the 2005 Grand Am Cup Championship and won the driver’s, manufacturer’s and team’s championship. VDS Racing has a solid track record, having run successful racing programs in GT1, Moto2, GT3 and RallyRaid.

If you’re jonesin’ for a GT3 Mustang of your own, Marc VDS Racing together with Multimatic will build additional cars to order, though the sticker price has yet to be confirmed.

[Source: Marc VDS Racing]

Take a closer look at this wild looking Mustang after the jump:

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