Fuji Speedway Hosts Lexus LFA Challenge at Toyota Motorsports Festival [Video]

Toyota recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of the Toyota Motorsports Festival, and what better way to show off what Toyota Motorsports is all about than to assemble a team of flagship Lexus LFA supercars in various colors and taking them all out to the track at Fuji Speedway?

That’s exactly what Toyota did, and we’re fortunate enough to spy a video of the action. We’re pretty jealous.

One more noteworthy appearance in the video is Lexus’ IS-F Race Car Concept acting as the safety vehicle on the track.

Video available after the jump:

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Toyota's Cost-Cutting May Claim 2010 Japanese Grand Prix

Yesterday Toyota announced that due to financial reasons it will not be able to host the 2010 Japanese Grand Prix, a move which could jeopardize a visit by Formula 1 to Japan next year.

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