Google is Spinning Off Its Self-Driving Car Unit Into a New Company

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is introducing an all-new brand, Waymo, which will be responsible for the outfit’s self-driving cars. 

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Google's Self-Driving Cars Learn to Read Cyclists' Hand Signals

Since Google began testing autonomous, or self-driving, cars it has continuously updated its technology.

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Feds Will Accept Google's Self-Driving Computers as Legal Drivers

Self-driving cars have overcome another regulatory hurdle as U.S. vehicle regulators say that the artificial intelligence system piloting a self-driving car can be the legal driver. 

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Google Seeks Partners for Self-Driving Car Production

Google is busy developing its self-driving car technology and is looking for partners to help bring it to market. 

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Google Reveals 'Fully Functional' Self-Driving Car

Google has unwrapped the first real build of its self-driving vehicle prototype, just in time for the holidays.

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Roush Tipped as Builder of Google's Self-Driving Car

Google will enlist Roush Enterprises to assemble its new self-driving car prototype in Southeast Michigan. 

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Google Builds Its Own Self-Driving Car

Move over Toyota, Google has built its own self-driving car.

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Google Takes Autonomous Car to Washington D.C. in Search Of Country Wide Legalization

Just a day after Google was awarded a driver’s license for its self-driving car, the tech giant brought one of its autonomous Toyota Prius out to Washington D.C. in hopes to make driverless cars legal in the United States.

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Google Seeking Automaker for Autonomous Vehicle Production

Internet giant Google has been developing self-driving car technology for some time now, and is looking for a partner in the automotive industry to help the company mass-produce its cars. 

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Self-driving Cars by 2020, Former GM Exec Says

Self-driving cars aren’t new, but if electric vehicles’ slow adoption rates among U.S. consumers are any measure of new technology acceptance then autonomous cars can’t be close at hand, or can they?

According to a speech given by Larry Burns, former General Motors research and development head, we can expect such technology by 2020. Unless you’ve been ignoring auto news, that sentence might seem strange. We already have cars that drive themselves, even to Taco Bell drive-through windows, courtesy of Google.

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Google Self-Driving Car Chauffeurs Legally Blind Man – Video

What’s the real benefit to autonomous cars? To be able to eat your Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch while it drives you to your destination of course.

In all seriousness, Google’s self-driving car just did its biggest and best promotional video yet. The autonomous Toyota Prius shuttled around Steve Mahan, a legally blind man, through a day of errands.

Google’s self-driving Prius has completed over 200,000 miles of computer-led travel and one of their favorite moments was a carefully programmed route for Steve Mahan to show off the benefits of autonomous vehicles. While this was mostly a technical experiment in Google’s eyes, we believe it opens up the rest of the world’s eyes on just how beneficial the technology could be if safety standards could be met.

Without ever touching the pedals or steering wheel, the legally blind Steve Mahan got to enjoy some Taco Bell drive-through and was able to pick up his dry cleaning, something he wouldn’t have been able to do on his own having lost 95 percent of his vision. Steve Mahan was also labeled as self-driving car user #0000000001 by Google.

According to the end of the video, it was created with the assistance of the Morgan Hill Police Department and the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center in San Jose, California.

While its a good thing for the blind, the world had better be careful. If this goes too far, steering might be considered exercise.

Check out the video of Steve Mahan driven around after the break.

[Source: CNet]

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