Toyota CEO Caught on Film Drifting a GT 86 [Video]

When you’re the CEO of a company, it must bring a sense of pride when a successful product is finally completed after years of hard work.

Steve Jobs over at Apple had great pride in every iPhone that was released, and probably had a huge sense of satisfaction not only using the product he helped develop, but seeing the benefits it has on all the people around him. Akio Toyoda, CEO and President of Toyota, must be extremely proud with their new GT 86 sports car, but boy does he reap all the benefits of being the head of one of the largest automakers in the world.

Toyoda got behind the wheel of their newest creation, but being the CEO means you get to do anything you want without having to answer to anybody. So what better way to really enjoy the newest toy your company has to offer than to take it out onto a dirt track and going sideways in it? Easy, take it out on a giant snow field and go drifting in it.

And judging by the huge smiles on Toyoda’s face in the video, he loves the new GT 86 as much as we did. Autoguide had the opportunity to put the Scion FR-S to the test – you can read our review here – and we would certainly be proud of it if we were in charge of running the famous Japanese automaker. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to take it sideways in the dirt and snow though.

Get more info and news on the GT 86/FR-S forum.

Watch the video after the break, that truly reminds us that the Toyota GT 86 / Scion FR-S will make it “Fun to drive: again.”

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1965 Toyota S800 Makes Appearance In New GT 86 Promo [Video]

Toyota has done a stellar job getting us grossly excited about the release of their newest sports car – the Scion FR-S in America (read our review here) – and now we can add yet another video to their endless promotional material.

This time however, we get to see the GT 86 out on the road along with behind the scene test drive clips. But what’s really awesome is the tribute appearance by Toyota’s S800, which was first introduced to the Japanese market in 1965. Back the, the sports car featured a 0.8L, two-cylinder boxer engine with a mere 45-hp and a top speed of just 100-mph. Only 3,131 examples of the S800 were produced from ’65 to ’69 and it’s a nice appearance alongside Toyota’s new future, the GT 86.

Check out the video after the break.

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Toyota Shows Off 86, Makes Us Want One Even More [VIDEO]

All week long we’ve been salivating at Toyota‘s 86 and Subaru‘s BRZ, and now we finally got to set our eyes on America’s variant, Scion‘s FR-S. And while we haven’t had the chance – just yet – to get behind the wheel of the new  sports car, Toyota has allowed our eyes to feast on a video spotlighting their new sports car.

Admittedly the entire video looks like something out of Gran Turismo 5 or Forza Motorsport 4, but it’s eye candy at its best and is a great way to build up even more hype for the vehicle. Also those that are interested, there’s a ringtone of the Toyota 86’s engine being given away – just click here.

Check out the awesome video after the break.

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