Feds Pushed to Introduce Heavy Duty Pickup MPG Ratings

Consumers Union, an American non-profit organization focused on product testing, is calling for public disclosure of fuel economy estimates for heavy-duty (HD) pickup trucks.

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Which Heavy Duty Pickup Really is Best-in-Class?

Ram and Ford have been locked in a confusing best-in-class claim war for over a year, and last week more gas (or should we say diesel) was poured on the fire. 

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GMC Sierra Wins 'Hurt Locker' Comparison Test [Video]

Heavy-Duty pickups were designed for abuse. And in order to see just how much they can handle, website Pickup Trucks.com put together it’s Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker Comparison test.

The idea was to pit the latest H-D offerings from Ford, General Motors and Ram (in this case the F-350 Super Duty, Sierra HD 3500 and Ram HD 3500) in a series of extreme towing tests, covering a distance of some 2,200 miles across the American West . The tests included navigating some of steepest grades in the country in some of the most extreme climates, hauling fifth-wheel gooseneck trailers of some 19,400 lbs behind each truck.

And when the dust finally settled, the GMC Sierra HD 3500 was judged the overall winner. “The GMC Sierra led with best-in-class performance, with wins in almost every test we put the trucks through,” declared Pickup Trucks.com’s editor Mike Levine.

GM engineers have instigated some changes on the 2012 model Sierra and Silverado HD, in order to improve towing capability; these include reinforced pickup box sills, stronger rear springs and box mounts and revised suspension tuning.

The result is an increase of some 2000 lbs in tow rating capacity, which now stands at an impressive 23,000 lbs. To see how the Sierra performed against its chief rivals in the Heavy Duty Hurt Locker test, watch the video below.

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Retired Ford F-350 Owner Reaches Mileage Landmark

After losing around 70 percent of his ‘fun money’ savings, former Ford Employee Gary Mueller found a unique way to enjoy his retirement, delivering large recreational camper trailers to their owners across North America.

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Ram Long Hauler Delivers 1600 Miles Between Fill-ups

It’s just a concept right now, but Ram‘s Heavy-Duty based Long Hauler, is already making waves. Based on a Class 5 Heavy Duty Chassis Cab, it features an 8-foot long dually pickup box and extra fuel provisions – a 60 gallon resevoir mounted between the cab and the bed, plus a further bed mounted fuel tank that holds 50 gallons.

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Ford Super Duty Reclaims Best-in-Class Tow Ratings

Since they both debuted updated heavy-duty pickups for the 2011 model year, Ford and General Motors have been locked in a battle for supremacy – who has the highest tow capacity ratings?

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Ram Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks Recalled for Faulty Brake Lights

Chrysler has announced that it is recalling a total of 76,122  2010-11 Ram Heavy Duty models equipped with the 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel engine, due to a fault with the brake lights.

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Chevy Silverado HD Named Motor Trend Truck of the Year

Just prior to the annual Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia over the weekend, Motor Trend‘s Editor-in-Chief Angus MacKenzie, presented General Motors CEO Dan Akerson with the coveted truck of the year award, in reference to the 2011 Chevy Silverado HD.

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Ford F-Series Super Duty Represents Half of Heavy Duty Truck Sales

According to a recent press release from Ford Motor Company; the 2011 Super Duty is currently accounting for 50 percent of total heavy-duty pickup sales in the United States.

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Heavy-Duty Truck Prices Could Jump $15,000 in Order to Meet CAFE Regulations

Ever since it’s inception, the Federal Government’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards program has never been far from controversy. With the proposed 35 miles per gallon standard less than a decade away; auto manufacturers are struggling to find ways of meeting these fleet average targets. Because light trucks as well as cars are now included in the targets, domestic automakers like Ford, GM and Chrysler are likely to find the new regulations particularly tough to deal with, since a great deal of their profit still rests on truck production. Now, thanks to a meeting in May, when President Obama called on the EPA and Department of Transportation to included medium and heavy-duty vehicles within the CAFE umbrella (under different and yet undisclosed fuel economy standards), things have become even more messy and complicated.

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GM Recalls 2011 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Trucks for Hill Start Fix

They haven’t been on the market that long, but some customers have noted a problem with the hill start assist feature on the 2011 Heavy Duty Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. The hill-start assist, which is integrated with the trailer brake control function is designed to apply the brakes for an additional 1.5 seconds after the pedal is released, if the truck is parked on an incline of five percent or greater. However, there have been instances where it hasn’t engaged, instead the truck rolls as soon as brake pedal is released.

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Ford F-Series Super Duty to Get 800 Ft-Lbs of Torque

Not too long ago, if you had a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup that made 600 ft-lbs from its diesel engine, it was a really big deal. No longer. In 2010, both Ford and GM heavy-duty trucks top 700 ft-lbs from their turbo diesel engines with Ford claiming 735 ft-lbs and GM recently upping its number to 765 ft-lbs. But in what has become perhaps a new performance war, Ford is set to up the ante once again, this time by tuning it’s 6.7-liter PowerStroke turbo diesel to deliver 400 horsepower and a whopping 800 ft-lbs of torque.

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