2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi: More Space, Less Fuel
What does Hong Kong have in common with New York City, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles? Other than being a large, cosmopolitan metropolis it’s also the latest municipality to select Ford’s Transit Connect Taxi for duty.

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Sports Car Rental Company Leads Police to International Car Thieves
Honest business: 1, international crime syndicate: 0. Eric Blumberg owns Rent-In-Style, an L.A. based high end rental car company, which offers clients an opportunity to take out premium luxury and performance vehicles for a couple hours or even a week.

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Infiniti To Relocate Global Headquarters To Hong Kong

With China seen by many as the future in terms of greatest sales potential when it comes to consumer goods, many organizations are looking to establish a stronger presence in the region.

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China Is Ferrari's Second Largest Global Market

China has become Ferrari’s second largest global market, a not-so-surprising development in light of the global economic realities. The Italian automaker enjoyed strong growth in the first half of 2011, with global sales up 12 percent to a record 3,577 units between January and June. The company also saw sales revenue climb nearly 20 percent up to $1.5 billion.

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BMW 335i Costs $260,000 In Singapore As Vehicle Permits, Taxes Increases 24-Fold

Think the $41,400 sticker price for a BMW 335i is bad? Be glad you don’t live in Singapore where the same model will run you $260,000, about what an Italian exotic would retail for in the United States.

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2011 Nissan Quest Minivan Pictures Revealed Ahead of LA Auto Show Debut

Nissan has just leaked photos of the new 2011 Quest minivan via Twitter, and its a radical departure from the previous generations derivative minivan styling.

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Porsche 911 Carrera S Centurion Edition Unveiled

For those of you with an American Express Centurion Card (popularly known as a Black Card), this Porsche will make the perfect purchase to help you maintain the rumored $250,000 minimum balance needed to stay in good standing with the Centurion Card program.

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Bridge Can Flip the Switch For Traffic Between Hong Kong and China

How do you solve a problem like driving on the opposite side on the road? You just flip it over – and that’s exactly what Dutch architectural firm NL Architects wants to do with part of a road connection between Hong Kong and mainland China.

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Hong Kong Audi Dealership Hoodwinked With BMW Billboard

According to Jalopnik, BMW advertisers in Hong Kong took advantage of an Audi dealer’s storefront by hanging a large-format ad for the all-new 5-Series right above the showroom.

The two German luxury carmakers have a history of one-upmanship with regards to advertising, and we’re not surprised given the highly competitive, put-LEDs-on-everything segment.

We wonder how Audi will respond…may we suggest hiring the stunt driving team from Ronin and jumping an S8 over the BMW dealership? If you don’t know what we’re on about, check out the video after the jump…

[Source: Jalopnik via Chris Junker]

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