Honda Reveals 3.5L V6 Prototype Racing Engine

Honda Performance Development (HPD) has announced a new race-ready version of the 3.5-liter V6 engine that is already found in many Honda road cars. 

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2014 Honda CR-Z HPD Supercharged, First Look Video – 2013 SEMA Show

Honda is finally listening to its critics by releasing a factory supercharger kit for its unique CR-Z hybrid, aiming to bump up the cars performance and credibility. 

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2014 Honda CR-Z Gains HPD Supercharger to Make 200-HP

Last year at the 2012 SEMA Show, Honda’s racing arm, Honda Performance Development (HPD) showed off a supercharged Honda CR-Z concept. That concept will now become a reality.

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Honda CR-Z Supercharged Concept Video, First Look: 2012 SEMA Show

Enthusiasts have been begging for it and Honda’s sales could certainly use it, yet the Japanese automaker continues to only tease the idea of a higher performance version of its CR-Z sport hybrid.

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Honda CR-Z Supercharged Concept is One Step Closer to Reality: 2012 SEMA Show

A year ago Honda previewed a new engine at the SEMA Show and twelve months later it has found a home. The engine is a supercharged 1.5-liter hybrid and the car is the CR-Z.

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Watch a Honda Civic Si Transformed Into a Race Car in 7 Minutes – Video

Ever wonder what it takes to build a race car? Honda believes it’s easier than you may think and the Japanese automaker decided to release a video showcasing the steps taken to convert a run-of-the-mill 2012 Civic Si to a competitive race car for World Challenge.

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Honda Expands Touring Car Racing Program for 2012 Season

Honda is increasing its commitment to racing in 2012 by officially sponsoring teams entering the Pirelli World Challenge thanks to growing interest in both the U.S. and Canada.

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Honda CR-Z Racer To Run Demo Laps At 24 Hours of Le Mans

Honda is truly out to prove a point that CR-Z owners can have their cake and eat it too. This isn’t the first time we’ve spotted Honda’s CR-Z Racer, created by Honda Performance Development (HPD). The vehicle debuted at SEMA 2010 and hit the track at the Thunderhill 25 Hours. And now it’ll show its stuff in front of a huge crowd at one of the most famed races in motorsports, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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Honda Performance Development Unveils ALMS Racer Car, Acura Branding Dropped

Highcroft Racing has dominated the LMP2 class of the American Le Mans Series for the past 4 years, but the program didn’t seem to be doing much to promote the Acura brand. In light of that, the car will now be branded as a Honda Performance Development car, a move that signals both a positive shift for Honda’s in-house go-fast division, and a bad omen for the company’s beleaguered luxury division.

This year, Highcroft will be campaigning their new entry in the much tougher LMP1 class. Patron will also no longer be sponsoring the car, having decided to instead sponsor the ALMS series as a whole. Michelin will step up to provide the funding for Highcroft. The new car, dubbed ARX-01e, will share the same tub and 3.4L V8 as the LMP2 cars of years past, but everything from the suspension to the aerodynamic package will change to make the car more competitive for LMP1.

With legendary race cars like the Audi R15 and Peugeot 908HDi as the top dogs of LMP1, Highcroft will have a tough fight ahead of them if they want to gain any ground. The first race, held in Sebring, Florida, kicks off Saturday.

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Honda Unveils 2011 LMP2 Race Engine – Based on Accord V6

Honda Performance Development is the first engine manufacturer to release details of an engine that complies with the ACO’s revised technical regulations that go into effect for the 2011 ALMS/Le Mans season. This new HPD LMP2 engine, based on Honda‘s global V6 engine used in everything from the Accord to the Acura ZDX, is a 2.8-liter twin-turbo that utilizes HPD’s exclusive engine-control system.

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Honda Announces Factory Support Program for Professional and Amateur Racers

Honda Performance Development (HPD), a division of Honda that is behind motorsports activities like the company’s American Le Mans Series efforts, is launching a new program to help both professional and amateur racers.

Dubbed Honda Racing Line, this new grassroots motorsports initiative will allow members access to HPD and OEM products, as well as certain services. Members can log on to to see parts and even order them for expedited delivery.

Now celebrating 50 years in America Honda launched Honda Racing Line to help those Honda racers who have relied on their products. In turn Honda wants to raise its profile and the profile of Honda Racing int he U.S.

“For many years, Honda enthusiasts have campaigned our products in racing series throughout the U.S.,” said Erik Berkman, President of Honda Performance Development. “On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Honda brand in the United States, we are pleased to announce that we will now support those efforts directly, by introducing products and services geared toward helping our customers fulfill their racing dreams.”

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