Japanese Company Considers Building Toyota Prius Hearse

Thanks to Lequios, you can do more for the environment once you’re dead than just become fertilizer for pushing up daisies. The Japanese hearse manufacturer is designing a hearse based on the 2010 Toyota Prius, meaning your last trip in a car can be an environmentally-responsible one. And you thought saving the planet for future generations was best left to the living?

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Audi Working to Reduce Weight of Vehicles Considerably

As much improved as Audis have become over the past few years one consistent complaint about the German luxury cars is how much they weigh. Audi aims to eliminate that critique by removing the problem – weight.

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Toyota Expected to Slash U.S. Prius Price to $21,000 to Compete With Insight

Toyota is expected to release pricing for the new 2010 Prius tomorrow and the cost of ownership will be 21,000. This is $1,000 less than the current model.

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Honda Insight "Let It Shine" Commercial: Video

Honda is hoping to recreate some of the success of it’s Accord commercial a few years back with a new innovative commercial to introduce the world to its new Insight Hybrid. Called “Let it Shine” the ad runs to the tune of “This Little Light of Mine” by Berend Dubbe and is directed by Erik van Wyk.

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Fisker Announces North American Dealer Network

Fisker Automotive is a company that continues to prove doubters wrong. Not only did it beat the world’s largest automakers to developing a plug-in hybrid, but now it has secured a dealer network throughout the United States.

Fisker recently announced that it has arranged for 32 retailers to sell its vehicles, starting with the Karma plug-in hybrid luxury car. Fisker claims the Karma can achieve 100 mpg while producing 408hp and retailers will sell the car for a starting price of $87,900.

The dealerships cover a wide geographic area with locations in New York, Miami and Orange County. Less traditional luxury market swill also be served with retailers in states like Alabama, Minnesota and Colorado. There is even a dealership in British Columbia, Canada.

Leading the charge in solidifying the dealerships was Fisker board member Vic Doolan who worked for both BMW and Volvo in the 1990s and 2000s, helping them set record sales.

“Our retail partners are our most important assets,” he said.  “To our customers, they are the face of the company.  For that reason, we’ve chosen those who will give Fisker owners the comfort and confidence to drive the future.”

Fisker says the showrooms will reflect the company’s concern for the environment, using natural and sustainable materials. They will be, ” Eco-facilities, not Ego-facilities.”

For more on the Fisker Karma see the company’s website here:


A full list of Fisker dealerships is located after the jump:

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Toyota Readies Yaris Hybrid With Honda's Insight In Its Sights

Toyota has just announced that it is currently developing a hybrid version of the sub-compact Yaris (known at the Vitz in Japan) to take on Honda in the increasingly diminutive hybrid war.

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Kia Forte LPI Hybrid Coming to Seoul Auto Show

Ahead of it’s official unveiling at the Seoul Auto Show, Kia has dropped the curtain on its first ever hybrid, the Forte LPI hybrid.

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Infiniti Hybird Coming to Market in 2010

After watching from the shadows for years as Toyota dominated the hybrid market, Nissan is finally preparing to launch it’s own ground-up hybrid vehicle; except it won’t be a Nissan, it will be an Infiniti.

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Dodge Grand Caravan Hybrid

The Chrysler minivan, a bread and butter vehicle for the company since 1984, has never been known as a paragon of advanced technology—other than cupholders and other consumer-pleasing tech like power side doors and Stow-and-Go seats.

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GMC Yukon Hybrid

Here are the first questions to ask when thinking about the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and GMC Yukon Hybrid.

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Air Conditioning and Hybrid Mileage

Air Conditioning Reduces Hybrid Fuel Economy.

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Electromagnetic Fields in Hybrids

Q: Does my hybrid have elevated electromagnetic fields? If so, will they hurt my family or me?

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Profile of Hybrid Car Drivers

There’s been a lot of publicity related to celebrities who drive hybrids. The list reportedly includes Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Sting, Cameron Diaz, Tim Robbins, and Leonardo DeCaprio.

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Hybrid Cars Extended Warranty

If you’re buying a new hybrid, should you consider purchasing an extended service agreement (usually marketed as an “extended warranty”) as well?

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