Pirelli Ramps Up Production of EV Tires

The proliferation of hybrid and electric vehicles has made energy-efficient tires an increasingly important market segment, and tire giant Pirelli has followed that trend with their Elect designation for EV tires. Vehicle manufacturers’ approvals of the line doubled last year; Pirelli says they’ve racked up more than 250 homologations since the Elect designation debuted in 2019. The tire is now available for many aftermarket applications.

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What Percentage Of Your Car Was Made In America? [Video]

Are you curious to know how much of your car is made in America? Well if you are, Diane Sawyer takes a look into the automotive manufacturing business. ABC World News lauched “Made in American Summer” which focuses on American manufacturing, the economy and how ordinary Americans can help create more jobs in their country.

ABC worked with the Stewart family of Hillsdale, N.J during their time shopping for a new car. The Stewart’s compare a Ford Escape and a Toyota Camry and ABC News tries to figure out which car best supports US manufacturing.

Shockingly, the Camry is 80% American made, while the Escape is 65%. The Ford created 13 assembly line jobs for every 100 cars sold while the Camry provided almost 20.

Check out the video after the jump to see which vehicle the Stewart’s buy.

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