More Powerful Honda CR-Z Will Be a Hybrid Says R&D Boss

Honda will build a more powerful version of the CR-Z sport hybrid and it will continue to be a hybrid, according to R&D boss Tomohiko Kawanabe.

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Honda Jazz Hybrid Unveiled

Honda has unveiled their Jazz Hybrid, which is sold as the Fit here in North America. We won’t be getting the Fit Hybrid in our part of the world, but it doesn’t look like we’re missing out on much.

With mileage comparable to a CR-Z, and a nearly $5,000 premium over a regular Fit, the car is hardly a value proposition. In fact, we’d wager that the only real benefit is that buying one will entitle Japanese market customers to take advantage of generous subsidies offered by the government on hybrid cars. But never say never.

The Fit Hybrid will debut at the Paris Auto Show in September.

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Gallery: Honda Jazz Hybrid

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Leaked: More Honda CR-Z Hybrid Photos Give Detailed Look at Interior, Engine

New photos of the Honda CR-Z have surfaced online, this time showing the new hybrid sports car’s interior and engine. Inside the cabin looks quite premium and has a typically Honda design. The seats look extremely well bolstered, although head room doesn’t exactly look plentiful. There are photos showing both the manual and automatic (likely CVT) shifters, as well as a LCD display screen and several images showing the speedometer and how it changes color to reflect the driving efficiency.

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Report: First Photos of Mugen-Tuned Honda CR-Z Leaked

Hot on the heels of a leaked brochure outlining the many details of Honda’s upcoming CR-Z hybrid sports car, a similar brochure showing a modification package by famed Honda-tuner Mugen has appeared online.

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Report: Honda Planning Two-Mode Hybrid System for Larger Cars

Slowly, Honda appears to be learning how the hybrid marketplace works. In a recent interview Honda CEO Takanobu Ito said that the company is working on more powerful two-mode hybrid systems (like the one used by Toyota) that will allow for the car to operate using either gas, electricity or a combination of both. Currently, Honda’s IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) setup does not allow for electric-only driving and as a result the system isn’t nearly as efficient as Toyota’s – although it is much cheaper to produce.

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Tokyo 2009: Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coming to North America Next Year

Honda announced a production version of its CR-Z hybrid concept will be introduced to North America in the second half of 2010.

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Tokyo Preview: Honda CR-Z Concept Is As Close to the Real Thing As Concepts Get

Honda has just announced that a revised version of its CR-Z hybrid hatchback will debut at the Tokyo Auto Show next month. Honda has already produced a concept version of this car, but the new one (shown above) is as close to production as concepts get. The design has been toned down just ever so slightly, while the interior is as road-ready as a Honda Fit’s. In fact, the car looks deliciously CRX-like.

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Honda Confirms CR-Z Hybrid and Fit Hybrid for 2010

Honda has just confirmed that it will build two additional hybrid models that will go on sale in Japan starting in February 2010. The first is the highly-anticipated CR-Z hybrid and the  second is a hybrid version of the sub-compact Fit.

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