Remotely Control Your Volvo Via Smartphone App

Volvo has just released a fascinating new version of their OnCall app for iPhone and Android phones that provides the owner with a range of beneficial features. The features include a car locator, incase you forget where you parked, remote door lock or vehicle health check. This app works on 2012 Volvo models and can be downloaded for free.

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Getaround Car Rental System Creating Peer-To-Peer Rental Network

Zipcar’s interesting business model has inspired others to think outside the box when it comes to car rentals and now Getaround is looking to add technology to the mix in coming up with a very interesting solution.

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Angry Birds Themed Donk is App-Tastic

If you thought the Facebook Donk was the ultimate internet homage, then you’ve clearly underestimated the laughably tasteless creativity of the Donk community. The uber-popular Angry Birds smart phone app has made its way into an Internet Google Chrome-browser friendly experience, the successful Rio movie, and now apparently into the donk crowd.

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Audi Introduces Roadside Assistance App for Smartphones

Those of you who will become stranded in an Audi, never fear: the Audi Roadside App is here!

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ISupercar Sounds App Released for IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch [video]

iSupercar Sounds has developed an app for various Apple iOS products featuring sound clips and high resolution wallpapers for various luxury and exotic cars out there. From Ferrari to Lexus, iSupercar Sounds has you covered if listening to supercars is your source of pleasure. Hey, we’re not judging.

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Ford Announces SYNC AppLink Upgrade, Allowing Voice Control of Your IPhone
If you are the owner of an Apple iPhone and a Ford vehicle equipped with the SYNC system, you may have noticed that your phone and your car don’t like talking to each other.

That’s probably due to the fact that the SYNC system was developed by Microsoft, and since Bill Gates is not exactly best friends with Steve Jobs of Apple, the lack of communication between the two systems was likely deliberate.

So unless you have a RIM or Android operating system, your SYNC system could not be all that it could be. However, Ford has now announced that the next generation of SYNC will feature AppLink, which will happily talk with your iPhone, and this system will be first available to Fiesta customers.

Among the first apps to work with the SYNC system include Pandora internet radio, Stitcher news radio and OpenBeak. More apps adaptability is on its way says Ford.

So if you’ve been ignoring Fords because your iPhone didn’t work in them, rest easy now, all has been resolved.

Download SYNC AppLink at

Hit the jump to see the press release.

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Slow Down App Slows Down the Music When You Speed

Speeding is easy to do – sometimes you don’t even realize you’re doing it until the cop pulls you over. You know how it happens… a good song comes on, you get caught up in the music, singing along, while you’re unaware that the speedometer is creeping up. Well, now there’s an app for that too.

The Slow Down app is the product of Belgian organization OVK, Parents of Children Killed in Road Accidents. It works on a pretty simple idea: if you drive too fast it slows down your music (watch the video below to see it in action).

When you’re driving and you’ve got the tunes blaring from your Apple iPhone, the app will keep an eye on the local speed limits. As soon as you go over the posted limit, the music will slow down. If your ignore that and keep going faster (more than 10 miles per hour over the limit), the tunes will go mute. To keep the music going, you just have to slow down.

Watch the video after the jump.

[Source: Engadget]

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Iheartradio App Lets You Listen to Radio Stations From Other Cities, And so Much More

The radio makes the drive go that much smoother. But what’s that you say? No one listens to the radio anymore? Get ready to see (or hear) a surge in radio’s popularity, thanks to the free iheartradio app.

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New IPhone App From Audi Monitors Your Vehicle

You’re nobody until you release your own iPhone app. The latest brand to jump on the bandwagon is Audi as they just released the iPhone CarMonitor App.

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Need to Know What Tire Pressure You Should Be Running? There's an App for That

Yes we know, there seems to be an app for everything these days, but TyreSafe’s contribution to the ever-growing iPhone App Store is a nice freebie. You can simply install the app to your phone, enter in your vehicle’s information and it’ll let you know the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended tire settings in both psi and bar.

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Need a Radar Detector? There's an App for That

OK, so you can’t actually download an app to your iPhone that lets it operate as a radar detector. The iPhone may do a lot, but it isn’t all powerful.

No, this product is probably more of a novelty than a necessity, but it’s definitely cool to see where technology and in-car integration is going. Cobra, a popular manufacturer of radar detectors, has paired up their newest product with the ever-popular Apple iPhone. Dubbed the iRadar, it is essentially an app for the iPhone that connects to Cobra’s newest and greatest radar detector.

The Cobra iPhone Radar Detector sports 360-degrees of detection against regular radar and laser guns. Essentially the iPhone is connected to the radar detector via Bluetooth giving the end user a touch interface to control the detector’s settings.

The iRadar is currently available for $169.95 which includes access to Cobra’s AURA Camera and Driving Hazard database.

Official press release available after the break.

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Gen Y Disinterested In Buying Cars And Driving

We’ve been seeing a glut of stories lately about Generation Y and their increasing distance from the automobile. A new study shows that while Generation X made up 21% of the miles driven in 1995, Generation Y made up only 14% of them in 2010.

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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owners Manual To Go Digital On Smartphones

The big, bulky owners manual occupying precious glove box space may soon become a relic for Jeep owners, as the 2011 Grand Cherokee will be the brand’s first vehicle to bring the owners manual to a variety of smartphones. In addition to the owners manual, users will be able to view videos, contact other Grand Cherokee owners and give Chrysler feedback on various aspects of the car.

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Volkswagen Launches Automotive Magazine Exclusively For The IPad

Volkswagen is leading the rush to tablet-based publishing with the creation of a new magazine exclusively for the Apple iPad. Called “Digital Automotive Space” or DAS, the magazine can be obtained via a special app that can be downloaded by iPad users. The magazine will be published quarterly, and features articles, technical information and interactive images, like 360 degree views of cars, in 5 languages. Volkswagen plans to launch a web based version for standard computers sometime after the app’s launch.

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Rolls-Royce Ghost: There's an App For That!

It seems like everyone absolutely has to make an app for everything nowadays, and Rolls-Royce‘s marketing department didn’t skip a beat in jumping on the bandwagon. The free app released by Rolls-Royce gives users the ability to customize their own Rolls-Royce Ghost, similar to what is seen on their online website customization.

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