Ride Remedy IPhone App Makes Carpooling a Breeze

This idea treads dangerously close to our idea of a “hipster hitchhiking” app that combines GPS, iPhones, and gold leggings — currently in beta testing — but still, using your phone to find a ride to work is a brilliant idea.

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Beat Driver Audi A1 IPhone App Lets You Drive Through a Musical World

In the interest of fairness, we do think it’s incredibly difficult to market a new car. After all, how are you supposed to get attention from prospective buyers — especially when your latest city car is geared toward the youngest demographic possible?

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Report: New IPhone OS 4.0 Features "iPod Out" Car Mode User Interface

Oh, Apple. Always coming up with ways to improve the user experience.

The picture above is from the 2011 Ford Edge and its groundbreaking MyTouch dashboard, which we’re using because it’s currently the most advanced in-car display. But it looks like everything, plus the kitchen sink, was put onto the screen. The result is very un-Apple like simplicity.

Apple apparently feels they should share some good design with drivers, according to technology site Engadget. In the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 software exists an “iPod Out” mode, generating a simple menu that’s fed via a video output.

While we can’t comment on the choice of music in the clip below, we will say it looks far nicer (and simpler) than anything a manufacturer has yet shown. While some think this could pave the way for Apple-branded in-car accessories, we say: “Give us an Apple car stereo!”

[Source: Engadget]

See a short clip of the “iPod Out” mode after the jump:

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Report: Mercedes SLS AMG Marketing Campaign to Include Schumacher, IPhone App

It’s not likely to help sell a single car, but Mercedes-Benz has just kicked-off a marketing effort in Europe for the new SLS AMG exotic which will help draw attention to the brand as a whole. Included in the new campaign, Mercedes asks the question, that with an engine, a cockpit and two wings, “Is it still a car?” Some ads will even feature Mercedes’ newest Formula One driver Michael Schumacher.

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OnStar Introduces Chevrolet Volt Smartphone App

OnStar has produced a new smartphone application providing Chevrolet Volt owners 24/7 connection to their cars.

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Report: Volkswagen Launches Free GTI IPod Racing App With Chance to Win One of Six Custom GTIs

Ever seen a Volkswagen with a little white Mac apple decal on the back? Of course you have. VWs and Macs go together like Beer and bratwurst. Volkswagen has decided to work with its fan base and launch the new 2010 GTI using Mac’s App Store, where you can now download a free racing video game featuring the new 2010 GTI.

As though that wasn’t already cooler than a Weezer t-shirt and some dark rimmed Emo glasses, Volkswagen will give away one special edition GTI each week for the next six weeks. Ever time you play the Real Racing GTI App you get the chance to win one of the custom cars, which feature black 18-inch wheels, a carbon-look interior trim, unique stitching on the headrests and a numbered plaque.

The Real Racing GTI App also lets competitors send message to other drivers via Twitter, as well as upload videos onto YouTube.

The game is offered for the iPhone and iPod touch and is free. Just visit the App Store on your phone of visit www.itunes.com/appstore.

And be sure to read our review of the 2010 GTI here:

2010 Volkswagen GTI First Drive

Official release after the jump:

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Chrysler 200C EV Concept

Chrysler’s big surprise at the Detroit Auto Show was the 200C EV Concept – a sleek and European-looking sedan filled with technological innovations.

As a 268hp range-extended EV, the 200C Concept operates on battery power with a gasoline engine kicking-in once the lithium-ion batteries can no longer power the wheels.

The interior may look like a typical crazy concept with all sorts of modern shapes and colors, but Chrysler says many of the technologies found in the cabin will be availale in the future.

Chrysler’s UCONNECT system will provide never-before-seen technologies. Taking from social networking sites like Facebook, the Uconncet system will let drivers program in their freinds’ cars – and the onboard system would be able to tell a driver where his friends are.

The Uconnect system comes with an iPhone-like portable control panel that can turn on the car and operate the windows. It is also connected to a camera in the car – perfect for keeping an eye on your teenage kids.

The 200C also contains several other safety features for parents with teen drivers allowing a maximum speed to be set or a notification sent to the parent if the vehicle leaves a certain range. It will even be able to alert a parent if their teen driver is operating the vehicle erratically.

Official release after the jump:

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