Tata Megapixel Hints at a Better Small Car From India: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Ultra cheap cars are often a tough proposition, as Tata knows only too well following the original Nano, which failed to meet expectations. Nonetheless, the Indian conglomerate is pushing forward with plans for the future, which could include another tiny city car, inspired by this, the Megapixel concept.

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Suzuki XA Concept Unveiled at New Delhi Auto Expo

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest auto company, is set to unveil the new XAα concept car at the 2012 New Delhi Auto Expo.

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2012 Tata Nano's Insane New Commercial [Video]

The world’s least expensive car, the Tata Nano’s original purpose in design was to be a modern Ford Model-T, mobilizing millions of families in India.

Despite the Nano’s noble intentions, only 1,200 examples were sold in the month of September when initial projections expected a rather optimistic 20,000 vehicles per month. A new approach may be the remedy and that’s exactly what Tata hopes to achieve with its new Nano commercial.

Targeting India’s young, active, and likable college students, the ad features American idioms sprinkled throughout that frankly sound a little contrived.

The Nano boasts a passenger space increase of 21 percent. Tata also shows off the Nano’s acceleration (good for passing trucks on Indian highways) as well as ride quality and ground clearance capable of fording a spring creek. The Nano’s A/C is so strong that one buddy decides to hibernate, allowing everyone else to enjoy a popular college pastime that involves black markers and camera phones. Finally, the twisty and mountainous roads to the weekend getaway help to demonstrate Nano’s best-in-India 25 km/liter petrol mileage as well as its short turning radius.

See the commercial for yourself after the jump

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Renault To Make Ultra Low-Cost $3,500 Tata Nano Competitor

Renault is in development of an ultra low-cost vehicle, along the lines of the Tata Nano. While the Nano is currently suffering from some awful sales numbers (initial projection of 20,000 a month but only saw 1,200 units sold in September), CEO of Renault/ Nissan Carlos Ghosn is convinced that an extremely affordable vehicle would be a good segment for Renault to venture into when approaching emerging markets.

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Tata, Owner Of Jaguar, Land Rover Names Next CEO

Tata Sons has named Cyrus Mistry as its next CEO, as current CEO Ratan Tata prepares to retire. The unmarried, childless Tata named Mistry as CEO of the holding company responsible for Tata’s numerous divisions, among them their automotive sector which owns Jaguar and Land Rover, along with the namesake Tata Motors brand.

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Little Green Car Narrowly Escapes Crashing Bus Sandwich [Video]

Look for the little green car in this video. No, not that one. See it?

It’s just another day in Bangladesh (according to the comments), one of the many South Asian countries with more notorious drivers than the last 6 Nicholas Cage movies. After the bus knocks over the other one, the little green car ejects itself from the scene of the crime like a wayward booger. It appears to be a tuk-tuk, traveling alongside the bus without enough time to stop its puny self.

We hope nobody was seriously injured, though Mr. Tuk-Tuk Driver may have to wipe down his seat. Click the jump to see the whole video.

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Tata Nano Selling Like Hot Cakes, Production Doubled

That certainly helped push sales, with Tata selling 9000 units in July 2010. However, after a few vehicles caught fire and concerns over its safety became public, sales took a plunge and resulted in just 509 units sold in November.

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Tata Nano Would Sell for $7,000 to $8,000 in the U.S. Says Chairman

If the maker of the world’s cheapest car does move ahead with plans to sell it here in the U.S., the sticker price won’t be the $2,000 figure that the car retails for in its home market of India.

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Gold-Coated Tata Nano is Hideously Ostentatious

There is such a thing of having too much of a good thing. Like gold… especially when it is on a Tata Nano. The most basic car on the road just got pimped to celebrate the 5,000th anniversary of Indian jewelry.

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Mahindra Buys Ssangyong, Maker Of The World's Ugliest Car, For $463 Million

India’s Mahindra will buy troubled Korean carmaker Ssangyong for $463 million, with Mahindra gaining a 70% stake in the company. The deal is expected to conclude in March, 2011.

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Global Vehicles Orders $35 Million Worth of Mahindra Trucks for U.S. Sale

In the latest installment of the Mahindra/Global Vehicles Soap Opera, it appears that the first order for U.S. spec trucks, now called Pik-Ups has been placed, according to a statement released by GV.

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Mahindra Import Agreement On the Rocks?

What’s next? Well, in the ongoing saga of Mahindra’s supposedly U.S. bound pickup, who knows? The latest is an apparent termination of the agreement between the Indian vehicle maker and Global Vehicles Inc., the company it had tasked with importing its HR series two and four-door pickups to the US.  According to an official press release on Mahindra’s US website “the agreement dated 26th September 2006, between Mahindra and GV” has been “terminated.”

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Mahindra Acquires Bankrupt Automaker Ssangyong

India’s Mahindra has nearly completed a purchase of Korean carmaker circus freakshow Ssangyong, maker of the world’s ugliest vehicles.

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U.S. Mahindra Launch Delayed – Again

We’re perhaps starting to wonder if the Mahindra TR20 and TR40 diesel powered pickups will actually ever make it to U.S. shores. Recently it was reported that the trucks had completed all the necessary testing to meet Federal requirements including those set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. However, according to a statement from Pawan Goenka, Mahindra’s President of Automotive Operations, the U.S. launch has been postponed – from Spring until December 2010.

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Geneva 2010: Tata Nano Goes Electric

Tata unveiled a new electric version of its Nano at the Geneva Auto Show. The Nano EV joins the Indica Vista EV in Tata’s electric line-up.

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