Nissan Begins Global Proving Tests For NV200 Based Electric Vehicles

Nissan has launched a global proving test program for their compact electric commercial vehicle NV200.

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Mazda Is Back To Normal Production Levels After Earthquake Disaster

Mazda has officially announced that the assembly plants in Japan are back to normal operational levels. The Japanese automaker predicts that it will be able to achieve a domestic production volume of 900,000 units during the current fiscal year (April 2011- March 2012). The company is also predicting sales revenue of 2.19 trillion yen based on a global sales target of 1.305 million units during the current fiscal year.

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Watch Japan's Earthquake And Tsunami From A Car's Point Of View [Video]

Yu Muroga was driving along peacefully in Japan when the earthquake and tsunami hit. We’re not quite sure why he had a HD camera running on the dashboard, but we’re certainly amazed by the footage it captured.

Even though the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan needs no real introduction, very few videos have surfaced that showed the incident from this point-of-view. In fact, watching the video is a pretty surreal experience, something you’d expect out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

It starts off with an unsuspecting in-car point-of-view as the earthquake rocks the earth. It’s worth mentioning that the footage probably didn’t capture the huge one, but rather one of the aftershocks before the actual tsunami came. As the car pushed on to wherever it was trying to head to, the tsunami hits and flooding occurs. From there it’s heartbreaking to see people getting stuck in their cars or climbing to the roofs of their cars seeking refuge from the oncoming flood. It’s really something else to see cars floating around in a sea of water helplessly and how devastating the events were in Japan over three months ago.

Check out the video after the break.

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Five Nissan Skylines Impounded After Posting Street Race on YouTube

Police have impounded five high performance Nissan Skyline’s after a YouTube video was shot of six cars racing through Adelaide’s Heysen Tunnel in Southern Australia. The sixth car involved was a light-coloured Skyline, and is still at large, but police are confident they will find the driver.

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Special Edition Mustang V6 Sport Appearance Revealed… for Japan?

Ford is looking to increase its popularity in the Japanese market with a special edition Mustang V6 Sport Appearance. Production for this special edition Japanese Mustang will be limited to 50 units total, 25 going to the coupe and 25 for the convertible. The Sport Appearance Mustang mainly consists of accessories, leaving the 3.7L V6 power plant untouched at 309-hp and 279 ft-lbs of torque.

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Toyota And Honda Plan To Hire 5,000 Workers As Japan's Industry Recovers

Toyota and Honda plan to hire as many as 5,000 temporary workers in Japan for the first time in more than a year as the automotive industry recovers from the March 11 earthquake.

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Le Mans Winner Andre Lotterer Racing Lexus LFA At Nurburgring 24 Hours Race

German driver Andre Lotterer will be racing one of two Lexus LFAs that will compete in this weekend’s race, marking the fourth consecutive year that the Japanese supercar is competing in the Nurburgring 24 Hours endurance race.

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Mazda 787B Returns To Le Mans After 20 Years [Video]

Marking the 20th anniversary of  Mazda‘s victory in the world’s most demanding endurance race, the 24 Hour of Le Mans, Mazda has brought the winning Mazda 787B back from the dead.

Mazda’s 787B made history in 1991 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans by becoming the first Japanese car to win the event. It’s victory lap was also its last as after 1991, rotary engines could not participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Jonny Herbert, who was behind the wheel 20 years ago, donned his nomex and racing helmet once again to hit the track. Mazda racer and TV star Patrick Dempsey also got a chance behind the wheel. Watch videos of the outing, plus an overview video of the 787B car’s 20th anniversary celebration after the jump!

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The New Toyota Yaris? Yes? No? Maybe So?

The all new stylish 2012 Toyota Vitz model, sold here as the Yaris, appears to have new photos, that is if these pics from a Hungarian Toyota dealership’s Facebook page are anything to go by.

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VW's Rearview Cameras No Longer Available Because Of Earthquake

The Japanese Earthquake disaster of March 11, 2011, has wreaked havoc all around the world and has affected Volkswagen by interrupting supply of their backup cameras. Consumers that want a rear view camera fitted to their VW may have to wait for shipments to resume.

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Mazda6 To Be Built In Japan

Mazda will shift production of their mid-size Mazda6 from the current AutoAlliance International plant (a joint venture with former owner Ford) to Mazda’s facility in Hofu, Japan.

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Suzuki WagonR Is Japan's Best Selling Car In May

In Japan however, it is a different story. Suzuki cars are still very popular there and May 2011 is clear proof of that, since their WagonR was the best selling car in the land of the rising sun.

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Mazda Marks Production Of 3 Million Mazda3 Compacts

Mazda announced today they have reached a production milestone of three million Mazda3 units as of April 26, 2011. The car is built in three factories (Japan, China, Thailand) and sold in roughly 90 countries and regions. In North America alone, over 1.1 million Mazda3s have been sold, becoming the fastest-selling model in Mazda’s current lineup of passenger vehicles.

Mazda has explained the success of this car through three factors: its distinctive design, its functionality, and its responsive handling. The wide range of models has also been a successful factor. Pricing has also been very competitive in the U.S starting at just over $16,000. The high performance Mazdaspeed3, has also been favorable to auto enthusiasts around the world.

It is quite an achievement for Mazda, considering it took nearly 22 years to hit 900,000 MX-5 Miatas. The Mazda3 three tripled that number in less than eight years.

Mazda’s senior managing executive officer, Hirotaka Kanazawa said, “Its sustained global  success has seen it grow into Mazda’s mainstay model, and it now comprises a third of all Mazda vehicle sales.”

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Honda's North American Production Returns To 100 Percent In August

North American Honda production will return to normal in August, earlier than expected, the company announced in a statement today.

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Honda Fit Shuttle Wagon to Launch This June

Honda has scheduled the June 16 release of its all new Fit Shuttle. The new station-wagon-like variant of the popular Fit subcompact will be offered with both a regular 4-cylinder engine or a hybrid version, the Nikkei business daily reported.

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