Mazda, Lexus Top KBB 2013 Cost-to-Own Awards

Each year, Kelly Blue Book awards automakers with the five-year cost to own awards, and for 2013, Mazda and Lexus take top honors. 

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Top 10 Cars With the Best Resale Value

It’s not uncommon for car buyers to consider a purchase based on how valuable the vehicle will be in the future. Here’s a list of the top 10 cars that will retain the most of their original purchase value after five years, according to Kelly Blue Book.

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Toyota, Lexus Earn Best Resale Value Awards for 2013

Those looking for a car with strong resale value can’t go wrong with Toyota. The Japanese automaker was awarded the title of Best Resale Value by Kelly Blue Book for the 2013 model year, while Toyota luxury division Lexus took top honors in the Luxury division.

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Hyundai, Kia Resale Values to Weather Storm of Fuel Economy Blunder: Experts

Last week Hyundai and Kia made an embarrassing confession; they’ve been overstating the fuel efficiency of their vehicles for the past three years. This miscalculation includes most of the models in both of their lineups. To make things right the South Korean automakers are readjusting the numbers and reimbursing customers. That should help rebuild trust but there could be more fallout from the blunder. Has the resale value of their vehicles been affected?

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Used Prices Drive Consumers to Buy New: Survey

Results from a new survey from Kelly Blue Book is suggesting that 53 percent of consumers are considering buying a new car over a used model despite conventional wisdom advising otherwise.

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2012 Brand Image Award Winners Announced by Kelley Blue Book

How a car company is perceived by the general public is a massive part of selling cars, and holds the key to success or failure. Kelly Blue Book, the company which exists to measure all statistics relating to cars, released their study today on how each automaker is viewed in the marketplace.

There are 12 categories tested in the study, each one pertaining to how the companies are perceived by customers, with categories ranging from coolest brand to most prestigious brand. The information comes from over 12,000 new car buyers who report back to KBB on what they think about all the manufacturers.

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Toyota Number One With Car Shoppers

Despite a year filled with recalls and bad press, Toyota‘s reputation appears to be mostly untarnished, as is evidenced by Kelly Blue Book announcing the Japanese automaker’s cars are the most considered by new car shoppers.

Toyota has just re-established itself atop the most recent Kelly Blue Book (KBB) Market Intelligence Brand Watch study for the third quarter of 2010, after placing second for the past three quarters. Previous to those results, Toyota placed first in every quarter since KBB began the study in 2007.

If nothing else, this survey proves what a long standing reputation for well-built cars can do, even when most of the products in the Toyota lineup are well-past their prime in the marketplace.

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