2014 Kia Forte Super Bowl Spot Features Sexy Androids

As a late comer to the Super Bowl pre-release party, Kia just released a new spot for the 2014 Forte entitled “HotBots,” which explores what would happen if auto show models were actually androids. 

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Kia Soul Hamster Commercial Travels Time

Who ever though that dancing hamsters would be the best way to sell cars?

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The Toys Take To The Road Again In Kia's New Sorento Ad

The toys are back in town! From their 2010 debut during the Super Bowl, the toys for Kia’s ad are back and pumping up the 2012 Sorento.

The Super Bowl Dream ad, which starred these wacky and wonderfully unique life-sized characters, is back. They take to the road in search of adventure, which includes skydiving, surfing and other great stunts.

It’s great to see the automaker taking a different approach to the same old, same old car commercials that populate the airwaves these days. This ad uses another catchy tune (Those Darlins singing “Red Light Love”) and it’ll have you wondering what’s next for these loveable toys.

Watch the commercial after the jump and let us know what you think about it. Is it one of the better auto ads playing right now or is it just another boring sequel?

[Source: The Car Connection]

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