Lexus LFA Tribute Video Shows Off Lessons Learned

In December 2012, the last Lexus LFA, number 500 of 500 rolled off the assembly line, leaving many car fans wondering what’s next for the Japanese brand? While Lexus has been mum about the future of its supercar, the company released a new video saluting the advancements of the LFA, and the new driver-focused mantra of Lexus.

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Lexus GS 350 Plays Chicken With an LFA – Video

You probably know what it means to play “chicken,” but the risks associated with the reckless schoolyard game take a more serious tone when cars are involved. That said, it’s a blast to watch. 

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Toyota Racing Pilot Alex Wurz Drives the Lexus LFA at Estoril – Video

After driving an F1 car in competition, it would be hard not to have an unrealistic set of expectations for any car after that. So you would think that an F1 driver could never sit in a production car and still become enthralled with its performance capabilities. Well, according to Alex Wurz, the former F1 driver, the Lexus LFA is a rocket ship he would take home any day of the week.

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Fuji Speedway Hosts Lexus LFA Challenge at Toyota Motorsports Festival [Video]

Toyota recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of the Toyota Motorsports Festival, and what better way to show off what Toyota Motorsports is all about than to assemble a team of flagship Lexus LFA supercars in various colors and taking them all out to the track at Fuji Speedway?

That’s exactly what Toyota did, and we’re fortunate enough to spy a video of the action. We’re pretty jealous.

One more noteworthy appearance in the video is Lexus’ IS-F Race Car Concept acting as the safety vehicle on the track.

Video available after the jump:

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Lexus LFA Exhaust Note Shatters Champagne Glass in New "Perfect Pitch" Video

The champagne glass has been with Lexus since the beginning. Back in 1989, Lexus launched the LS luxury sedan by revving the car’s engine while a pyramid of champagne glasses sat atop the hood – unmoved. Now Lexus is putting a new twist with a short video spot where a lone champagne flute is shattered by the sound generated by the LFA’s 4.8-liter V10 engine.

According to Lexus, the company employed, “a renowned physicist from a leading university” help set up the test – including discovering exactly what type of champagne glass has the same frequency as the LFA’s exhaust note. When the pitch of the glass matches the pitch created from the 552-hp V10 (somewhere between 7,000 and 9,000 rpm), the glass shatters – without the use of special effects or CGI.

The LFA has been praised for its exceptional sounding V10 engine, which Lexus now also offers as a ring tone for free. Download yours here:

Check out the awesome video after the jump:

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