BMW Has Evolved, But It Hasn't Lost Its Way, Automaker Exec Says

Many hardcore enthusiasts think BMW has fallen from grace. This legendary Bavarian brand became famous for building engaging, sophisticated vehicles that were the envy of the auto industry.

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BMW X3 M in the Pipeline?

The next generation BMW X3 could be gearing up for two new and interesting variants that don’t exist in the current version (pictured).

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BMW Gets Serious About AWD Performance

BMW’s newest executive is a strong sign that the company is about to get serious with all-wheel drive performance vehicles.

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BMW X4 M Unlikely

Don’t expect a high-performance M variant just because BMW is building an X4.

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BMW Concept M4 Coupe Shows Off at Pebble Beach

Can’t get enough of the BMW Concept M4 Coupe? You’re not alone.

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BMW Concept M4 Coupe Video, First Look

BMW’s 3 Series Coupe is fading away. It’s soon to be replaced by the all-new 2014 4 Series, a car that’s powered by either a four- or six-cylinder turbo. But what about drivers that want even more performance than what’s provided by these base engines? There’s no need to call Scooby Doo and company because the Concept M4 Coupe is a pretty obvious clue as to what’s in the works.

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BMW M6 Gran Coupe Officially Unveiled

Having a tug-of-war over whether or not calling something a four-door coupe is even reasonable is a waste of time, but the M6 Gran Coupe most certainly isn’t.

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BMW M5, M6 Recalled For Oil Pump Failure

Following a stoppage of delivery on 2013 M5, M6 and M6 Convertible vehicles, BMW has now issued an official recall for all three, over oil pump issues.

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BMW M 135i Concept is a Great Tease: 2012 Geneva Auto Show

BMW‘s 1M coupe was a hot shot of a car, but the company didn’t keep it up. Now we’re left looking forward to the hot hatch that may replace it — the M 135i.

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Infiniti M35h: Behind the Scenes Video of the World's Fastest Hybrid

Late last month, Infiniti released a video showing off what was crowned the World’s Fastest Full Hybrid, the M35h. In that video, Infiniti pitted the M35h against the Porsche Panamera Hybrid in order to show off its acceleration skills.

Even though the clip that was released back in January was barely over a minute and a half long, it’s amazing all the preparation work, setup, and equipment that was involved in filming what seems to be a fairly simple video. Infiniti has now released a behind-the-scenes clip showing off just what it took to make the video of a Guiness World Records setting car.

The Infiniti M35h hits 100-mph in 11.54 seconds and can run the quarter mile in 13.41 seconds.

And yes, that is a Mercedes-Benz ML carrying the gear. It’s pretty common to see outside advertising agencies that film these ads to use camouflaged MLs to carry the gear. There was one that was used at the Scion FR-S commercial too, that was recently shot in Northern California.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below:

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BMW M Performance Automobiles Officially Announced

BMW will be expanding their M performance division by creating a new range of vehicles sold under the BMW M Performance Automobiles name. Set to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the BMW M Performance Automobiles will fill the gap between standard BMW cars and their high-performance M models.

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BMW 'M2' Trademark Filing Sparks Rumors

BMW has filed “M2” and “BMW M2” trademarks recently, indicating the German automaker is considering the badge seriously enough to make moves to protect the use of the name.

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