Audi's Back at It With the Brilliant Billboards

Remember when Audi and BMW had a billboard fight?

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Honda Launches New Race-Inspired Ad Campaign

Honda is putting a focus on its new performance models.

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Why is Kia Burying the Fact That the Niro is a Hybrid?

Check out the marketing campaign for the new Kia Niro crossover and the term ‘hybrid’ is conspicuously absent.

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2014 Acura MDX 'Made for Mankind' Ad Campaign Launched

Acura has launched a new multi-channel advertising campaign for its 2014 MDX titled “The Extremely New MDX – Made for Mankind.”

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General Motors Trying QR Codes in Rentals to Sell Cars

General Motors is playing with a new approach to using rental cars as marketing tools by placing quick response (QR) codes incertain rental fleet vehicles.

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Chrysler Named Marketer of the Year by Ad Age

Advertising Age has named Chrysler the marketer of the year for 2012, thanks to the company’s growth which is attributed to its new marketing techniques. 

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Lexus to Promote Sporty Side in New Marketing Push

It’s no secret that Lexus has been evolving its sporty side as of late, and now the Japanese luxury brand wants to drive the message home with a new marketing push that will draw attention to the performance capabilities of its cars.

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New Nissan Slogan Debuts With Altima, Four New Commercials

Expect a new ring to Nissan’s commercials: After two years of proclaiming “innovation for all,” the brand is changing its tune.

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BMW Courting Bloggers to Reach New Buyers

BMW and other luxury automakers, are making an active effort to work more closely with those in new media. The idea is that by courting bloggers and tweeters, they stand a better chance of reaching a new group of younger buyers that can’t be targeted through traditional media platforms such as TV, radio and print publications.

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Scion Brand Image Moving Toward Mainstream

Given that that the boxy xB is living on borrowed time and will not be continued with a next generation model, some wags now believe Scion could be heading toward a more mainstream future.

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Bentley Sales in China Beat US

In a world where gas prices and fuel consumption are the biggest issues on the average consumer’s mind, British luxury automaker Bentley is insisting on using V8 and V12 engines without a hint of concern.

“We still offer V-12s and are the biggest producer of V-12 engines in the world,” Bentley chief operating officer Christophe Georges said.

That might seem like a foolhardy mentality, but the company’s sales numbers would beg to differ. Already this quarter, U.S. Bentley sales are up 40 percent.  Not only that, but despite being the traditionally largest market for the British luxury cars, American purchases were overtaken — by China.

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Bentley Needs China's Help to Double Its Sales

Bentley is aiming high with its proposed goal of doubling annual sales by 2017. The English luxury automaker has a long road ahead, but will be helped by the U.S. resurgence in car sales and especially by the boom in China.

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Win a Camry by Watching Toyota's "Connections" Super Bowl Ad

Toyota has launched a new social media initiative with a chance for participants to win a brand new 2012 Camry for themselves and one more for a friend. The opportunity will come tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 5, during a live NBC broadcast – we’re presuming Toyota means the Super Bowl, but the oddly worded press release mentioned no such thing.

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Chrysler Superbowl Commercial to Star Clint Eastwood

There’s no question that Chrysler‘s “Imported from Detroit” Super Bowl ad from last year will be a tough act to follow, nonetheless the automaker is doing what it can to exceed expectations again.

Sticking with a gritty theme, albeit in a different style, Chrysler has enlisted the services of veteran actor and director Clint Eastwood, who is expected to give the country a tough talking to in Walt Kowalski style, though we doubt the ad will feature a 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport or off-color banter.

Like “Imported from Detroit,” this year’s commercial will air for two minutes during this Sunday’s Superbowl XLVI. Considering that it costs around $3.5 million for just 30 seconds of air time during the game, Chrysler is clearly feeling lucky about making the audiences’s day this year.

[Source: wxyz action news]

Watch the ad below:

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Nissan Expected to Gain Sales in Small Truck Segment

With the end of North American Ford Ranger production last month, Ford’s loss is reportedly Nissan‘s gain as the Japanese automaker ramps up marketing efforts on it’s mid-size Frontier pickup.

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