Lewis Hamilton Leaving McLaren to Drive for Mercedes in 2013

After spending his entire career driving for McLaren, Lewis Hamilton will now be behind the wheel for Mercedes Formula One starting next season. Hamilton will replace seven-time Formula One champ Michael Schumacher.

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McLaren P1 Video, First Look: 2012 Paris Motor Show

McLaren might be a name that’s revered among auto enthusiasts but the debut of its new supercar marked the very first International Motor Show for the brand.

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McLaren Teases Supercar Concept Before Paris Debut

McLaren has big plans for the Paris Auto Show, and today is teasing its upcoming P12 supercar concept which will be seen for the first time on the show floor in France. 

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McLaren Animation Launches Animated Short Series 'Tooned'

McLarenMercedes Formula One drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton have been animated, as the race team has teamed up with Oscar-winning animation studio Framestore to create 12 short clips as part of the Tooned series.

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Ferrari FF Competitor May Be Coming From McLaren

We know that McLaren is working on a successor to its F1 supercar, but now we’re getting word that McLaren is tooling away on another vehicle behind the scenes. 

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Gulf McLaren F1 GTR Longtail Headed to Auction – Retro Resale

The Gulf Team Davidoff McLaren F1 GTR Longtail will be sold at the upcoming Pebble Beach Auction from August 16 through 17 at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley, Calif.

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McLaren Supercar Won't Target Bugatti Veyron's Top Speed Record

McLaren is hard at work on its next supercar and Ron Dennis, the British automaker’s current boss has revealed several details of the spiritual successor to the F1.

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Ralph Lauren's Exotic Car Collection Available in Scale-Model Size, Still Crazy Expensive

Ralph Lauren doesn’t just design fabulous clothes – he’s also the owner of an exclusive exotic car collection. And while this collection may be a bit out of reach of us ordinary folks, you can bring home one of the limited edition scale models.

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McLaren F1 Successor Testing Underway, 800-HP 5.0 V8 Rumored

With sales of the MC4-12C now well underway in Europe, McLaren has reportedly begun testing on its new hypercar and successor to the F1.

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Rowan Atkinson Crashes McLaren F1 GTR, Avoids Serious Injury

Not that long ago, actor Rowan Atkinson made news with his appearance on Top Gear, even setting a lap record on the famous show. Now the famous Mr. Bean is making headlines again, but this time it’s not so good.

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McLaren MP4-12C Priced At 168,500 In The United Kingdom

The McLaren MP4-12C will go on sale in the UK with a base price of £168,500, narrowly undercutting the Ferrari 458 Italia by £1,045. But due to new UK tax laws, the McLaren’s “on the road” price, including taxes and registration, will actually be £5 more than the 458 Italia.

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1995 McLaren F1 to Hit the Block at Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach Auction
Fifteen years old is a rough age for a car. Most cars are just about bottomed out in terms of value around this age, even such “normal” supercars as the Ferrari F50, First-gen Zonda, and Lamborghini Diablo, all of which can be had for around half of their original asking prices. But what about the McLaren F1? The former record-holder for the fastest production car in the world doesn’t go down in value without a fight. In fact, it doesn’t go down in value at all. This particular example, #62, was purchased new in California by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, for the paltry sum of $1.4 million. Fifteen years later, when Gooding and Co. puts the F1 on the auction block at Pebble Beach (that’s 2 weeks, people), this F1 is expected to draw between $2.5 and $3.5 Million.

This doesn’t surprise us at all, since the F1 is pretty much right at the top of every car guy’s list of dream cars. But with only 74 roadgoing examples ever produced, the odds of seeing one in person, let along driving or owning one, are hovering between “snowball’s chance in hell” and “peace in the middle east.” Demand will forever outweigh supply for a car like this, and they change hands so rarely, it almost always makes news when an F1 finds a new home. Hit the jump to check out the official press release and some high-resolution images of Larry Ellison’s McLaren F1.

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McLaren F1 Successor Coming in 2012

Having already announced it’s new MP4-12C exotic and setting up a worldwide dealer network, McLaren is now planning a successor to its F1 supercar, reports AutoCar. When the McLaren F1 debuted back in 1992 it created a new standard for performance vehicles and set a top speed record that stood for over a decade until the launch of the Bugatti Veyron in 2006.

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Gordon Murray's T.25 City Car Unveiled

After designing the legendary McLaren F1, Gordon Murray decided to try his hand at something completely different. Murray revealed his latest creation, the T.25 City Car, at an event in Oxford, England, and to say that it’s a 180 from the McLaren F1 is an understatement.

The T.25 weighs in at a truly featherweight 1,212 pounds and is less than eight feet long. Power comes from a 51-horsepower inline 3-cylinder engine, and 0-60mph can be measured in geological epochs (the official number is 16.2 seconds). Of course, the T.25 really has nothing to do with performance, as its focus is on city driving. The T.25 will get 61.9 mpg in the city, while being small enough to park perpendicular to the curb, fitting three T.25s into a single space.

Since this is a Murray design, the T.25 will share a design cue with the F1. The cockpit is laid out similar to the F1, with the driving sitting in the center, flanked by two passengers. To facilitate easy entry, the front of the car swings open like a clamshell.

Hit the jump for the official press release

Gallery: T.25 City Car

[Source: Gordon Murray Design]

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McLaren To Spearhead Carbon Fiber Technology With New Supercar Lineup

Once a fixture of only the most expensive Formula 1 race cars, carbon fiber monocoques have now filtered down into the slightly more accesible world of supercars, and McLaren  is leading the charge, after announcing plans to build two more carbon-monocoque supercars after the MP4-12C.

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