Vorsteiner Ferrari 599 VX Teased With Inspiration From 599XX, GTO

Vorsteiner has done an amazing job executing tuning packages on some of Germany’s finest automobiles, and it may have been a long time coming, but they’ve finally gotten their hands dirty on one of Italy’s offerings. The subject of Vorsteiner’s first Italian project is Ferrari‘s 599 GTB Fiorano, the front-engine V12-powered exotic. Drawing inspiration from other 599 variants, Vorsteiner has named their exotic 599 VX, blending the best of both worlds, from the 599 GTO and 599XX.

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Oakley Design Releases Ferrari 458 Italia Tuning Program

Not to be mistaken by the sunglass manufacturer, Oakley, Oakley Design is a British Tuning company that normally specializes in Porsche. But given their highly successful Porsche packages, Oakley Design has decided to broaden their conversions and touching on Italy’s most famous stallion. Putting their hands on the all new Ferrari 458 Italia, Oakley Design has conjured one beautiful, limited piece of machinery.

For those wanting the complete package, Oakley Design will only be releasing five numbered production cars, with the modifications available separately for those with deep enough wallets. Starting with the aesthetics, Oakley Design did thorough testing to prove their front spoiler adds 45 kg (100 lbs) of downforce to the front end at speeds of 150 mph. The rear spoiler with a Gurney flap adds 25 kg (55 lbs) of downforce in the rear on the same test, at the same speed. Cooling and overall airflow has been fine tuned with a central radiator vent, side sills and new diffusers in the rear and underbody.

To enhance the look further, Oakley Design throws in carbon fiber on the roof, mirror covers and engine cover insert below the rear window glass.

While we’re absolutely digging the clean and race-inspired design of the exterior, Oakley Design’s carbon fiber air intake box along with a titanium exhaust with triple tips and a remapped ECU increases horsepower from 562 to 618. Torque jumps from 400 ft-lbs to 420 ft-lbs.

To bring it altogether, Oakley Design tossed on a set of 20-inch OZ Racing wheels wrapped with Pirelli’s Trofeo tires. They will also offer the option of 19-inch wheels for those looking for something smaller. But hey, bigger is always better right?

Overall we’re digging that Oakley Design used a nice white 458 Italia to show off its mods, but we’re a little on the fence with the side vents by the headlights. Perhaps if they were match-painted white. Who are we kidding, we’ll take an Oakley Design 458 Italia without any complaints.

The official release is available after the break.

GALLERY: Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia

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Report: Gemballa Unveils Seriously Star Wars MIG-UI Enzo

It seems like only yesterday that Ferrari unveiled the Enzo as the pinnacle of all that an automobile could stand for and achieve. It was thought untouchable, both in terms of competition and modification. Oh how times have changed.

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Report: Ferrari P4/5 Competizione Won't Be Enzo-Based

We recently reported that his uber-richness, James Glickenhaus, had confirmed that he and several partners were going to build P4/5 Competizione race car to enter in endurance racing events.

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Breaking: Ferrari P4/5 Competizione Confirmed

James Glickenhaus, the man behind the coachbuilt Pininfarina Ferrari P4/5, has confirmed that he will build a race version of the car to compete in endurance racing.

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Report: Glickenhaus Planning Ferrari P4/5 Race Car

James Glickenhaus, the man behind the coachbuilt Pininfarina Ferrari P4/5, has commented that he is looking into building a race version of the car to compete in endurance racing.

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Novitec Rosso Officially Launches 696 Horsepower Upgrade for the Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider

As expected, Ferrari-tuner Novitec Rosso has released a power-package for the drop-top F430 Scuderia Spider 16M. Thanks to two superchargers the Scuderia’s already impressive engine now puts out 696hp at 8400 rpm and 503 ft-lbs of torque at 6300 rpm. That is an increase of 186hp and 156 ft-lbs of torque.

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