Nissan Wants To Make EV Ownership Easier With EV Carefree+ Program

Nissan really wants to make the EV ownership process as painless as possible.

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Nissan Ariya EV Crossover Plans To Be The First To Drive From North Pole To South Pole

Nissan’s new fully-electric Ariya crossover SUV isn’t on sale quite yet, but the company already has some big plans and stunts in store for the vehicle. Recently, the company announced its plans to take the EV crossover on a journey of epic proportions, a grueling journey from the North Pole, to the South Pole.

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Top 10 Most Unique Looking Everyday Cars

There are a lot of unique looking cars out there, and some of them are even affordable, meaning you don’t need a hypercar to stand out from the crowd.

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The Top 10 Cars That Hold Their Value

Wondering which cars will be worth the most when you sell them on? We’ve got this year’s list—and it includes a lot of trucks.

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The Only 15 'Real' SUVs Left on the Market

Body-on-frame SUVs are becoming a rare sight on today’s dealer lots. 

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Best Nissan 350Z Coilovers

When the Nissan 350Z first hit the market, it quickly became a popular option among car enthusiasts and tuners worldwide. That meant plenty of parts from the aftermarket as customized 350Z sports cars filled the halls of car shows and drift events nationwide. Nowadays, the Nissan 350Z is an affordable option on the used car market, and if you’ve recently acquired one as a project or a weekend fun car, you’re likely looking for some parts. One of the biggest upgrades you can make to your Nissan 350Z is a proper set of coilovers, but picking the right one is no easy task.

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The Best Nissan 350Z Exhausts

For decades, Nissan has had a strong reputation in the tuner community, from the mythical Skylines of Japan (before the GT-R arrived) to the overwhelming popularity of the S13 and S14 240SXs among drifters. When the fifth-generation Z hit the market as the 350Z in late 2002, it quickly became one of the most popular tuner cars of its generation. Drag racers, drifters, and show car enthusiasts filled every sport compact event with rows and rows of modified 350Zs, which means nearly every aftermarket company was churning out products for the sports car.

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Nissan Altima Vs Maxima: Which Sedan is Right For You?

The Nissan Altima and Nissan Maxima have similar looks, are similar in size, and aren’t that far apart in price, either.

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Top 10 Most Loved Car Brands

Main photo credit: UfaBizPhoto/

Each year the team at J.D. Power reveals what mainstream car brands owners find most appealing. This year, you might be surprised at the results.

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Top 5 Best Electric SUVs Coming in 2021

The future is electric, that is a fact. Here is another one, SUVs are the present and will not fall out of favor any time soon. So developing electric SUVs would be the right way forward so you appeal to both crowds correct? Well, manufacturers seem to agree on that too. That is why in the months to come we will probably see a slew of new electric SUVs arrive on the scene. Some might fly under the radar while some will certainly make a big splash. We have compiled a short list of the Top 5 electric SUVs to look out for in 2021. Which one are you looking forward to?

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Top 10 Most Anticipated New Cars Coming in 2020

Update: Half the year is now done and though 2020 hasn’t been the ideal year so far, there is still hope on the horizon for people expecting some new and exciting cars and SUVs

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2020 Nissan Frontier Revealed: Brand New Engine, Same Old Truck

Nissan is giving its dinosaur a new heart. No, not Godzilla—the mid-size Frontier pickup.

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The 10 Best-Selling Cars of 2019 Mostly Weren't Cars

The numbers are in, and they confirm what we already knew: everybody is buying crossovers (and trucks).

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We’re leaving this decade on a high note. Ignore the Chicken Littles: the automotive industry is turbulent, sure, but there’s a lot to look forward to in the near future. The biggest reveals of 2019 prove as much.

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We’ve driven hundreds of cars over the last 12 months here at From humble hatchbacks to stunning supercars, 2019 will go down as a quality vintage, and here are the ones you read most, dear readers.

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