Buick Crossover To Debut At 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Amid news of an introduction for both the Cadillac ATS and Chevrolet Sonic RS at this year’s 2012 North American International Auto Show comes news of a third vehicle – a Buick crossover – that will also make its debut.

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Avatar,Beware! Opel Meriva Gets 3D Advertisement (Video Inside)

3D Technology is the latest gimmick designed to keep us entertained and we have to admit, it can be pretty damn cool, and leaves us wondering how glorious it would be to watch an auto race in three-dimensions, with all of the benefit of being trackside but without the excessive noise, hot weather and overpriced greasy food.

Opel has decided to step up and deliver the first automotive advertisement in 3D (at least as far as we know) for their new Meriva minivan. The ad itself isn’t anything spectacular, but we imagine that if viewed with 3D glasses, it would be pretty cool. Not having a pair laying around the office, we couldn’t test out the full effect for ourselves.

[Source: TopSpeed]

Hit the jump to see the Opel Meriva 3D

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