Gemballa Officially Resumes Operations, Under New Ownership

And just like that, it’s officially official. Just a few days ago we heard through the grapevine that the Gemballa brand was indeed coming back with a new CEO and investors, and with a few typed words from their PR personnel, it’s official. Interestingly enough, Andreas Schwarz (new CEO of Gemballa) has been in control since August 16th, reserving the rights of the old company that had already been liquidated. Schwarz chose to shut that one down and founded Gemballa GmBH.

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Gemballa Brand Coming Back, Uwe Gemballa Still Missing

Back in May, we thought it was the end of Gemballa when Uwe Gemballa went missing (in February) and his wife filed bankruptcy on the company. Most everyone believed that this would be the end of the beloved Gemballa brand but it looks like it won’t fade into the darkness that easily. What is interesting though is that this resurgence of the Gemballa brand will have nothing to do with its original owners and founders being that Uwe Gemballa is still missing.

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TechArt Power Kit For Porsche Panamera Turbo Delivers Added Boost at the Push of a Button

Ah the luxury of having a Panamera Turbo. How about having the ability to increase horsepower output by close to 80 at the push of a button? TechArt, famed Porsche tuner, has done just that for the new luxury sedan with their Power Kit.

The Power Kit is labeled as TA 070/T1 and empowers the 4.8-liter Twin Turbo V8 to push out 572-hp with 612 ft-lbs of torque, an increase of 79-hp and 96 ft-lbs from the factory spec. We guess we shouldn’t be surprised one bit that TechArt would be developing a product to increase horsepower from the Panamera Turbo, but the ability and ease of use truly redefines luxury performance. Want the extra power? Just simply push the sport button on the center console. Want to save gas and just cruise? Turn it off.

No pricing is available yet, but TechArt promises that it’ll be available in August.

Official press release available after the break.

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Platinum Motorsport Builds Matte Blue Porsche Panamera

Woah, hold that matte black wrap and throw away those buckets of matte white paint. Platinum Motorsport has just revealed its latest project car, a Porsche Panamera sporting matte blue paint. Platinum took Porsche’s luxury sedan and made it sportier, more exotic and unique than any of us could have envisioned when the car first hit the market.

Like many of their high profile builds, Platinum Motorsport carefully stripped the Panamera to its bare bones chassis, including all the glass, before applying layers of matte blue paint. And once that was done, they didn’t stop there. While much of the interior was reupholstered, of particular note is the blue Alcantara headliner.

With subtle accents, a nice set of wheels and proper lowering job, Platinum Motorsport took this Panamera Turbo to all new heights. There isn’t even a reason to drop a Smurf-related joke. This is just in a league of its own.

[Source: Luxury4Play]

Check out the full gallery of pics after the jump:

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Hofele-Design Releases Porsche Panamera Tuning Package, Has Funky Name

Even though Porsche‘s move to the Panamera caused some controversy, we think it’s safe to say the model has been well received by the general public and the aftermarket. Tuning programs, body kits, suspension and a load of parts have been unleashed for Porsche’s newest luxury sedan and the newest entry to the field is from Hofele-Design.

Based out of Germany, Hofele-Design’s take on the Panamera is similar to other tuning programs and packages from German aftermarket manufacturers. They touch on every aspect of the vehicle in order to convert it from subtle commuter to exotic street cruiser. The entire exterior is overhauled with all new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and rear diffuser. Obviously the goal was to make the Panamera plenty sportier and Hofele-Design’s body kit does just that, even incorporate a front grille from Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo.

Performance is helped with a quad-tipped exhaust that is naturally made to flow with the body kit. Suspension upgrades come from an electronic lowering module which drops the vehicle around 1.5-inches all around. Larger brakes are available from a four-piston caliper upgrade or a much larger six-piston caliper upgrade. Hofele-Design opted to outfit their demo vehicle with 22-inch wheels but also has different models and 20-inch variants available to the public.

Lastly the interior receives bi-color quilted leather in a variety of color choices. If desired other interior amenities can be re-wrapped to match the color scheme.

Gallery: Hofele-Design Porsche Panamera Rivage GT 970

The official press release is available after the break.

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Travel in Style With Luxury Automotive Brand Luggage and Purses

Sometimes it’s not enough to drive a fine, luxury automobile. You need everyone to know what you drive (or what you wish you did drive) by bringing a piece of it with you wherever you go.

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Hennessey Tuning Porsche Panamera, Looking for Big Power [with Video]

For the most part Hennessey is known for their tuning prowess on American vehicles but they have dabbled on plenty of luxury European cars from the Mercedes-Benz SL65 to Audi’s R8 and even Lamborghinis. But now the power-hungry experts at Hennessey have turned their attention to Porsche‘s Panamera.

Starting with a Porsche Panamera Turbo, Hennessey did a baseline dyno, hitting 419-hp at the wheels. Hennessey aims to come close to doubling that number with their highest tier package, but will also offer more reliable and streetable systems. They will be fabricating their own exhaust systems, air induction mods, computer upgrades, turbo upgrades, intercooler upgrades and more. Basically they’ll be going through Porsche’s forced induction system, upgrading anything and everything they can until they’re happy with some vicious horsepower figures.

It’s clear that the Porsche Panamera is doing a fantastic job capturing the aftermarket. This luxury sedan has really garnered the right attention in the market. We can’t wait to see more fully built Panameras come out of the woodwork.

Check out the video of Hennessey dyno’ing the Panamera Turbo after the break.

[Source: TopSpeed]

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TechArt Releases Porsche Panamera Black Edition

Just when we thought the matte black fad (or style) was starting to fade, TechArt introduces the Porsche Panamera Black Edition to the world. Porsche’s entry to the luxury sedan market has been well received so far, combining Porsche performance with traditional comforts that drivers and passengers are used to seeing in say, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7-Series. TechArt, a Porsche-exclusive tuner, has been merging design with functional technology since 1987.

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Sportechnic Shows New Wheels Designs on Porsches, Audis

Popularly known for tuning Audis, Sportechnic was present at Tokyo Auto Salon this year with an equal number of Audi and Porsche products. Alongside a Q5 and more highly modified A4 model, sat a Cayenne and a brand new Panamera. The Panamera was mostly stock except for a set of Sportech wheels. We’ll be interested to see where Sortechnic and other tuners (Japanese, German and even American) do with this incredible new platform.

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: BBS Porsche Panamera

Wheel manufacturer BBS turned to the European market to appeal to the Japanese consumers at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon. The company’s RN wheel was the feature item on a pristine white Porsche Panamera 4S. And in true sensible BBS style, the fitment was conservative, as is the design. That design looks to be the perfect style for the Porsche Panamera: a luxurious one-piece that isn’t too busy or too sporty.

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Fairy Design Porsche Panamera

With the introduction of Porsche’s luxury sedan to the market, it’s no surprise that the aftermarket has already jumped on this platform.  Fairy Design based out of Japan has taken their Panamera and designed quite the attractive body kit for it.  Gone is the traditional Porsche front bumper styling in exchange for something much more noticeable, aggressive and fitting to the Panamera’s bodylines.  A set of 21-inch HRE wheels in a matte black finish does a great job flowing the front lip, side skirts and rear diffuser into one attractive package.

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Report: Porsche Panamera, 911 Platforms Could Be Shared With VW Group Cars, Says CEO

Porsche’s new CEO has said that the German sports car maker is open to sharing the Panamera platform with other Volkswagen Group brands. He even went so far as to say that (gasp!) the iconic 911 platform could be used across brands.

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Report: VW Board Votes to Axe Porsche Panamera, Cayenne

Porsche’s new owners at Volkswagen are aiming to make some big changes at the German sport car maker, including eliminating any models that aren’t sports cars. That’s right, both the Cayenne SUV and Panamera sedan are reportedly on the chopping block, according to a recent report in the U.K.’s CAR magazine.

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Report: Porsche Panamera Bests Cadillac CTS-V With New Nrburgring Record

Porsche might not be in the running for the title of the fastest sports car on the famed Nürburgring, but it can now claim the fastest lap by a sedan. According to a report in German auto pub Auto Sport, the four-door Panamera recently flew through the Green Hell in a time of just 7:56 – three seconds faster than the Cadillac.

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Porsche Prepping Panamera GTS, Turbo S and Diesels

The product offering for Porsche’s new Panamera looks to mimic that of the Cayenne SUV as news surfaces that the German sports car maker is looking at a high performance model of the sedan, as well as diesel offerings.

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