Porsche Struggling, Asks German Government for $2.5 Billion Loan

Porsche has reportedly asked the German government for a $2.5 billion loan, adding to speculation that the automaker is in financial trouble.

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Porsche Panamera Officially Unveiled in Shanghai

We’re not really sure there’s anything left to show or tell, but yesterday Porsche officially took the wraps off the Panamera sedan at the Shanghai Auto Show. The move is a bold one for Porsche, as the Panamera marks the German sportscar maker’s first sedan. Holding a world-premiere in China, also sends a clear statement about how important Porsche views expansion into that market.

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Porsche Panamera Official Photos

We’ve been torn over what to think of the design of the Panamera ever since the first spy photos came out. First we hated it. Then we liked it just a little. Now we know why our opinion keeps changing.

Porsche has just released the official photos of the car and opinions seem to change depending on the angle. It does look an awful lot like a wagon. Plus, the fact that the rear seats fold flat for increased cargo area doesn’t help Porsche’s case that the car is a grand-touring sedan.

The Panamera’s functionality is certainly intentional and we suspect some of the reason is to keep Cayenne buyers interested in the Porsche brand as the demand for SUVs (like the Cayenne) diminishes.

Porsche says the Panamera will be offered in several models, shown here are the Turbo (in silver) and the 4S (in blue). Power will be anywhere from 300 to 500 hp depending upon the model. Plus, Porsche says a Hybrid powerplant will be available in the near future. Two transmissions will be offered, including a six-speed manual (thank you Porsche) and the new 7-speed PDK double-clutch system.

Regardless of what we say about the looks of this car, Porsche is expecting huge things for the model with annual sales projected at 20,000 units worldwide!

Full press release and more photos after the jump:

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