GM Truck Production Gap Divides Dealerships

Depending on where you live, a hiccup in GM’s truck supply lines might make buying a pickup from your local Chevrolet of GMC dealer difficult.

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2013 Ram 1500 Gets 8-Speed Auto, Air Suspension: 2012 NY Auto Show

According to brand CEO Fred Diaz, the 2013 Ram 1500 was due to receive a mid-life freshening. However, what’s ultimately emerged is an extensively re-engineered truck, despite looking familiar on the outside.

Key developments, many in a gesture toward improved fuel economy, include a re-designed frame that’s both lighter and stronger than last year’s true. In addition, there’s also an eight-speed automatic transmission (the TorqueFlite 8), that’s teamed not only with the base 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 but also the 5.7-liter Hemi V8. There’s also a rotary shifter on the center stack designed to make engaging gears easier and free up additional interior room.

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Fuel Efficient Driving Tips: How to Drive Green

Is your car using too much gas? Price for gasoline is getting up there, and if you’re not careful enough while driving, you could be spending a lot more than you have to on fuel.

There’s some good and bad news for those looking to get better mileage with each tank. First, the good: it is possible to squeeze out more miles per gallon, even without having to spend money on a new hybrid car, or extra maintenance. The bad news: it’s going to require a change in your driving habits.

Nick Chambers, Green Car Specialist tells us that “even small changes such as driving a bit slower, anticipating traffic lights, trying to come to a full stop as little as possible, accelerating in a steady/relatively slow manner, using cruise control and planning trips to have the least amount of travel and stops, can make big differences.” In fact, these changes can account for as much as a 15 to 20% improvement, he says.

Focused on saving money and the environment from behind the wheel, lists five “Golden Rules” for gas tank friendly driving, and have some reasoning behind why they work. Let’s take a look at a few tips they provide.

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Scion Pickup Truck Rumored to Be Based on Toyota RAV4

When last we spoke to Scion boss Jack Hollis, his interest in a small truck for the youth brand was undeniable. Now reports of increased production at the automaker’s RAV4 facility in Woodstock, Ontario have spawned new rumors about the as yet unconfirmed sixth model in the Scion lineup.

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Ram Launches 1500 Lone Star Edition to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

Back in 2002, a special edition Ram 1500 pick-up truck was launched specifically for Texan truck buyers. Called the Lone Star edition, it quickly became the top selling Ram model in the vast state.

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New Chevrolet Colorado Two Years Away for North America

Following the discontinuation of the Chevrolet Colorado, speculation quickly cropped up about the new Colorado that debuted at the Bangkok Motor Show last year.

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Ford F-150 Styling Unlikely to Change, Exec Says

It seems like the Ford F-150 is going to keep its current look, despite a  Chevrolet Silverado update slated for the next couple years. 

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Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Concept - Big Tires and a Roll Bar: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Despite some of the lineup having off-road capability, Volkswagens in North America rarely sport off-road tires.

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Hyundai Won't Build a Pickup but Kia Might

Hyundai‘s U.S. CEO John Krafcik has said that “because the brand resonates with families,” and feels “this is a segment where we have the lowest market penetration,” company product planning, at least in the short term, is focused on crossovers, especially seven-seater CUVs which seem to be the hottest thing going right now.

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Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Pickup Trucks

Trucks aren’t known for fuel economy, but finding a pickup that isn’t a gas hungry beast is a top concern for many truck shoppers. So if you’re looking for a good way to save money, both in terms of overall vehicle cost and especially at the pumps, check out this list of our Top 10 fuel friendly pickups.

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Sports Illustrated Bikini Model Undresses Laramie Limited in Video

There’s a new teaser video for the RAM Laramie Limited pickup on YouTube, featuring the same scantly clad bikini babe as last week, but with more automotive footage.

Dodge‘s truck division released a teaser video last week, but the footage showed little more than a bodacious bikini model stepping from the ocean.

Captions after the actual video revealed that the new line will be featured in conjunction with this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, but that was all the info we got.

It turns out that the footage is of RAM’s new Laramie Limited pickup, which we reported on during our coverage of this year’s Chicago Auto Show. Coincidentally, our pictures have a pretty girl in them too, but we’re guessing our photos probably can’t compete with a soaking-wet supermodel, so have a look for yourself after the jump.

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"The Dark Side of Ram" Teaser Released [Video]

Dodge is jumping on the bikini band wagon, but can you blame them? There’s no denying that sex sells, especially with most of the pickup truck crowd.

That’s why Ram pairing up with Sports Illustrated and releasing a teaser ad just makes sense. The 37-second spot features a slender woman clad in diving gear and a black bikini walking out of the ocean and pulling a cloth from a Ram pickup. Nearly all the footage focuses directly on the model. The ad actually cuts out before you see more than a silhouette, but it’s got us wondering what’s up the shirt sleeves over at the Ram division.

You can watch the video after the jump.

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2014 GMC Sierra to Move Up-Market

At present, save from slight trim and equipment (such as the Denali trim package shown above) there really isn’t much to differentiate the GMC Sierra from it’s Chevy Silverado counterpart. However, that’s set to change.

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Nissan Expected to Gain Sales in Small Truck Segment

With the end of North American Ford Ranger production last month, Ford’s loss is reportedly Nissan‘s gain as the Japanese automaker ramps up marketing efforts on it’s mid-size Frontier pickup.

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21-Week Idle Scheduled for GM Truck Plants

According to Chris Lee, a spokesman for General Motors, the automaker is planning a 21-week suspension at its assembly plants that build full-size trucks and SUVs, namely Fort Wayne Indiana, Flint, Michigan,  Arlington, Texas and Silao, Mexico.

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