Lincoln Considering New Luxury Pickup

It’s had two attempts at making a luxury truck, first with the Blackwood and then the less lavish Mark LT, a version of which is still sold in Mexico. But there are rumors that Lincoln might try building a pickup again – question is, could the third time be lucky? Insiders at Ford say it might just work.

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Toyota Issues Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for Tundra 'Bed Bounce'

Since it’s introduction in 2007; the current generation Toyota Tundra has had its fair share of issues, but one of the most prominent was a notably bouncy ride, particularly with an unladen bed on rough roads. Although this characteristic is common among all pickup trucks, the Tundra seems to have received more complaints than most. In fact it’s become such an issue that aftermarket companies have offered solutions to address the problem, ballast being the most common, while the complaints from Tundra owners went largely ignored by Toyota.

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Regular Cab VW Amarok Pickup Revealed

Following on from the crew-cab version, Volkswagen has now shown a regular cab model of its Amarok light-duty pickup. Although VW still calls it a design study, expect a production version to look very similar when it goes on sale sometime in 2011.

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Toyota Tacoma RTR Set for SEMA Debut With Tundra V8 Power

If you’ve ever attended the SEMA show, then you’re probably no doubt aware of the sizable number of customized trucks parked out in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the week long aftermarket extravaganza.

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Mahindra Rejects Global Vehicles' Pickup Order

Will it ever end? Hot on the heels of the announcement by Global Vehicles that it had placed a $35 million order for U.S. spec Mahindra Pik-Ups; Mahindra has now issued a statement declaring the order ‘invalid’ and accusing Global Vehicles of theatrics and working hard at attempts to damage its reputation in the U.S.

Mahindra is also sticking fast to its claims that the contract between it and Global has expired and it is free to pursue its own channels of distribution for the trucks in the U.S. In fact, P. N. Shah, Chief Executive of Mahindra’s International Division; Farm & Automotive, stated that;  “Mahindra’s goal remains to bring its vehicles to the U.S. market, satisfying the desires of U.S. consumers and dealers alike.” Quite how they’re going to do that remains to be seen. The saga continues…

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Global Vehicles Orders $35 Million Worth of Mahindra Trucks for U.S. Sale

In the latest installment of the Mahindra/Global Vehicles Soap Opera, it appears that the first order for U.S. spec trucks, now called Pik-Ups has been placed, according to a statement released by GV.

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Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition Adds A New Level of Luxury to the Truck Segment

Automakers are increasingly using targeted consumer events as the location from which to launch a new vehicle and for the past several years the Texas State Fair has (understandably) been one of the more popular venues for pickup truck manufacturers. This year’s event saw the introduction of the new top-trim Dodge Ram Laramie Longhorn edition truck  – with a seriously intricate and high-grade interior.

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Ford Ranger Officially Being Killed-Off Next Year

Although it had yet to be confirmed, there were many hints that Ford‘s venerable compact pickup, the Ranger would end production in the North American market in 2011. Well now that’s been officially declared by Ford, with no replacement in sight.

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Jeep Pickup Reportedly Gets the Green Light

Earlier this week Jeep hinted at expanding its product lineup by building a pickup truck and according to the latest reports, the new model has officially been given the green light.

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Drive the 2011 Ford F-150 Before It Hits Dealers

In today’s landscape automakers are constantly looking at new and innovative ways of reaching their customers. Given that Ford‘s F-150 remains the best selling full-size pickup in the world, keeping those customers is of paramount of importance.

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Dodge Dakota Replacement Confirmed; RAM, Jeep Considering New Pickup Models

Dominating the headlines following Chrysler‘s first dealer meeting in three years yesterday was news of a new Viper planned for 2012. But apart from headline-grabbing sports cars, Chrysler execs made plenty of comments regarding the company’s commitment to the truck and SUV segment.

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2011 Nissan Altima, Pathfinder, Frontier and Xterra Pricing Announced

Nissan has just unveiled pricing for its 2011 mid-size truck and traditional SUVs, along with Altima sedan; but in what seems to be a growing trend once again, even among minimum change vehicles, prices are steeper than last year. Pathfinder, one of the last remaining body-on-the-frame midsize SUVs, will now start at $27,840 (in 2WD S-trim), which represents a hike of $300 over the 2010 model. If you want a few more features, then the mid range LE will set you back $42,600!

As for the Xterra, the price bump is even more significant. The 2011 model commands a roughly $1,100 steeper price tag in base trim – up to $23,850; though in all honesty, the full-jam PRO-4X hardcore offroader – at $30,100 is still quite competitively priced, especially considering the amount of kit you get, along with the fact that true-off road offerings are harder to find these days.

Meanwhile, if mid-size pickups float your boat; the aging Frontier starts at $17,750 as a rear-wheel drive S trim truck. The 4WD SL with all the trimmings will set you back more than the Xterra PRO-4X; it’s list price is $31,630.

Along with the mid-size trucks, Nissan also announced pricing for the largely unchanged, 2011 Altima. Pricing starts at $19,900, but if you want a snazzy coupe, be prepared to fork out $22,940. And proving that being green (or beige for that matter) still isn’t cheap, the Altima Hybrid sedan will set you back $26,780 before options and taxes.

Official release after the jump:

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Mahindra Deliberately Voided Contract for U.S. Distribution Says Importer

Rumors have been circulating for some time, but now Global Vehicles CEO John Perez has come out and said it – Mahindra delayed EPA certification of its TR series pickup so it could end the agreement with GV as the official US importer.

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Ford Offers F-150 Raptor Matte-Black Hood Decal in Nod to Historic Bronco Racers

Back in the 1970s, matte black hoods were all the rage. You found them on muscle cars and increasingly on trucks. In fact, as far as Ford was concerned, motorsports legend Bill Stroppe, who prepped the original Baja Ford Broncos back in the day, added matte black to the hoods to reduce glare while pounding along the rocky trails at sizable speeds. The look caught on with the street crowd and Stroppe’s California shop ended up turning out some 650 Broncos with matte black hoods for customers.

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Heavy-Duty Truck Prices Could Jump $15,000 in Order to Meet CAFE Regulations

Ever since it’s inception, the Federal Government’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards program has never been far from controversy. With the proposed 35 miles per gallon standard less than a decade away; auto manufacturers are struggling to find ways of meeting these fleet average targets. Because light trucks as well as cars are now included in the targets, domestic automakers like Ford, GM and Chrysler are likely to find the new regulations particularly tough to deal with, since a great deal of their profit still rests on truck production. Now, thanks to a meeting in May, when President Obama called on the EPA and Department of Transportation to included medium and heavy-duty vehicles within the CAFE umbrella (under different and yet undisclosed fuel economy standards), things have become even more messy and complicated.

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