Volkswagen Debuts New 3-Cylinder TDI at Vienna Motor Symposium, Releases Torque Figures

At last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, Volkswagen gave us the first look at the new Polo BlueMotion and released a tiny bit of info on the new model. Now, VW has released just a little more, including official torque and horsepower numbers, debuting the new 1.2-liter 3-cylinder TDI engine at the Vienna Motor Symposium.

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LA Preview: Volkswagen to Showcase Diesel Efficiency With 71-MPG Polo Blue Motion

One of Volkswagen’s premieres set for the LA Auto Show next week is the newly-launched Polo BlueMotion. Now VW has no plans to offer this European model in North America, but the automaker is using the debut to promote its message that diesel is an immediate solution to using less fuel, while continuing to test the U.S. market’s reaction to the sub-compact Polo, which fits in underneath the Golf in VW’s European lineup.

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Report: Volkswagen to Unveil BlueMotion Polo, Golf and Passat in Frankfurt

Volkswagen will debut a new set of ultra-efficient BlueMotion diesels at the Frankfurt Auto Show in just two weeks. Included in the list are the new BlueMotion versions of the Polo, Golf and Passat.

First up is the ultra-efficient BlueMotion Polo sub-compact, which is powered by a 75hp 1.2-liter diesel engine. Improving even on the already impressive Polo TDI that gets 56 mpg, this new car gets 71.3 mpg! Equipped with a 12 gallon (45 liter) tank the BlueMotion Polo has a theoretical travel distance of 847 miles (1,363 kilometers).

Next is the BlueMotion Golf, which gets 61.9 mpg, while still producing 105hp and 185 ft-lbs of torque, allowing it to hit 62 mph in 11. 3seconds and top out at 120 mph (190 km/h) on the German autobahn.

Finally, there’s the BlueMotion Passat, a mid-sized car that gets 53.5 mpg. It might not get up to speed very quickly, taking 12.5 seconds to 62 mph thanks to the same 105-hp engine as found in the Golf, but with a large 18.5 gallon (70 liter) tank it can travel 989 miles (1,591 km) at a time, which Volkswagen says equates to just seven fill-ups per year.

We’ll be sure to bring you more on VW’s new BlueMotion models from the Frankfurt Auto Show, starting September 15th.

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