It's Official: Prii is the Plural of Prius

Remember a few weeks back when we asked you what the plural of Prius would be? Well, you let Toyota know what you thought sounded best, and they have decided to go with ‘Prii’ as the preferred plural term.

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Toyota Asks, What is the Plural of Prius? [Video]

It’s time to put on your thinking caps, because Toyota wants you to do some serious thinking. In the automaker’s newest marketing campaign, they want you to tell them what the plural of Prius should be.

This campaign comes after the introduction of the new Prius V at the Detroit Auto Show, and the announcement of the Prius C Concept, that is set to take the Prius further down-market with improved fuel economy – not to mention great looks. When added to the current Prius and the Prius Plug-In Hybrid, the family of hybrids is about to total four.

The commercial is fun to watch and puts us in mind of the retro “School House Rocks” educational shorts that would distract us from Saturday morning cartoons in the ’70s and ’80s. Toyota has a head-scratcher on their hands. Now that the Prius line has expanded, what do you call more than one of these cars? The grammatical implications of this debate could be huge, so Toyota wants you to weigh in on what it should be. Should it be Prii, Prium, Priuses, Prien, or is it just Prius?

Vote for your pick here, and watch the commercial after the jump – you won’t be able to get the song out of your head for the rest of the day.

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Detroit 2011: Prius V Wagon, Prius C Concept Expand Prius Badge to a Four Car Brand

Fulfilling a promise from a year ago Toyota has expanded the Prius badge into a brand, unveiling a family of vehicles at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Along with the third-gen Prius and Prius Plug-in Hybrid, is the Prius v (a mid-size hatchback/wagon) as well as the Prius c Concept, which takes badge down-market to a more affordable segment with even better fuel economy.

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Toyota Offering Prius 10th Anniversary Edition in the UK

With 10 years of overwhelming sales success in the U.K. for the Prius, Toyota has announced a limited edition Prius exclusive to the U.K. And before you roll your eyes at the idea of a limited edition Prius, Toyota has managed to make it a tad bit more sporty and none of its accessories mess with the Prius’ good ‘ol mpg rating.

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Prius MPV Teased as Original Prepares to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

A single photo showing the Prius MPV peaking out behind the current model was released on the official Prius Facebook page and by the looks of it, the MPV model won’t be a whole lot bigger. The slight size increase all around should lead to more interior room and the Prius MPV will likely get three rows of seats – similar to the Mazda5. In many ways, the MPV model looks a lot like the new Auris Hybrid unveiled at the Paris Auto Show.

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Toyota Prius Gets Underhood Soundmaker Option in Japan [video]

We’re going to go ahead and apologize in advanced for finding humor in the entire concept and video, but the Toyota Prius out in Japan just got itself a $150 option to install a speaker that emits sound in order to warn nearby pedestrians a hybrid is on its way.

There are all sorts of comparisons we can draw to the interesting siren-like noise, but watching it in action is really what we recommend, which is why we have the video available after the break. And as for the actual sound? It makes us want to hide in a bunker and avoid the bombs that are apparently on the way.

[Source: Engadget]

Hit the video after the jump!

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Third-Gen Toyota Prius Included in Gran Turismo 5

Some of us real passionate gamers don’t think Gran Turismo 5 will make it to our grubby little hands anytime soon. But there’s always reason to hope that the company’s continuous delay in releasing the game is well worth the wait. This is probably not one of those highlights that makes us thankful that they delayed the release of the game, but it shows just how thorough GT5 will be.

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Wald International Toyota Prius Aero Kit Revealed

The world of tuning hybrids has really evolved in a short period of time. The good looks of the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius have really captured the Japanese aftermarket. We saw it first hand at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon, where the overwhelming amount of customized hybrids caught us by surprise.

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Toyota Cutting Domestic Production By 20% Starting In October

Anticipating a drop in demand, Toyota will begin cutting domestic output starting in October. The sluggish demand is being blamed on the end of a subsidy given out by the Japanese government for purchasing an environmentally friendly vehicle.

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Tom Hanks's Plug-In Prius Being Auctioned-Off to Support Veterans
Tom Hanks has donated his 2004 Toyota Prius for a charity auction, with proceeds going to help veterans and military families. The Prius, which has been modified so that it can be recharged by plugging it in, will be auctioned off on, with bidding ongoing and ending on July 19th at 8 p.m. EST.

Funds raised will go to the Welcome Back Veterans (WBV) initiative, created by Major League Baseball to help veterans and their families struggling with mental health issues related to their time in combat.

“Welcome Back Veterans is offering crucial support services to America’s military men and women and their families,” said Hanks. “When it comes to supporting our veterans and their families, I am proud to do whatever I can.”

The Prius has also been signed by Hanks, right on the glovebox. To place your bid, go to now

Official release after the jump:

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'Toyota: The Run Away Musical Hit' Will Have You Laughing Out of Control

Toyota‘s had a rough year, with recalls, fines, and a brand image that has taken a Tito Ortiz-style punch to the jugular, and the latest jab comes from Minneapolis, MO’s Brave New Workshop, former stomping ground of Senator and political satirist Al Franken. “Toyota: The Runaway Musical Hit” has become quite the hot ticket in Minneapolis, a musical review chock full of double-entendre and puns set against a backdrop of a runaway Toyota and the developing relationships of its passengers.

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Report: Toyota Prius Minivan Coming in 2011 With Lithium-Ion Battery

Toyota will launch a Prius minivan next year, powered by advanced lithium-ion battery technology. News comes from Japan’s Nieeki business daily via Reuters and is the latest report indicating the direction of Toyota’s plan to expand the Prius name into a whole lineup of vehicles.

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Report: Prius Driver Claims Uncontrolled Acceleration as Car Hits 90-mph on San Diego Freeway

A Prius driver claims his 2008 model Toyota accelerated uncontrollably at speeds of up to 90 mph on a San Diego freeway before California High Patrol officers helped him stop his runaway car. The driver, 61-year-old James Sikes, said the acceleration happened when he overtook another car on Interstate 8, after which the car accelerated uncontrollably for the next 20 minutes as he traveled over 30 miles.

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Report: Toyota Turns-Down Award for Recalled Prius

Toyota has made the bold move to turn down a prestigious Japanese automotive award, given to the automaker for the new Prius model just days after a recall was announced for the hybrid’s ABS brake system.

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Report: Toyota Recall Costs Estimated at $2 Billion

Toyota’s recent recall issues may cost the company an estimated $2 billion.

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