Hyundai Genesis Coupe 5.0L V8 Unveiled by Rhys Millen Racing: 2011 SEMA Show [Video]

The best part about SEMA is that every now and then an automaker shows something incredible. The worst part is that these cars aren’t even concepts, they’re just marketing hype show cars. Is that the case with the Rhys Millen Racing Tau-V8-powered Hyundai Genesis Coupe? We certainly hope not.

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Rhys Millen Racing Teases Custom Hyundai Genesis Coupe: SEMA Show Preview [Video]

We really have to give a hand to Rhys Millen Racing and Hyundai this year. In an age where everything somehow finds a way to leak onto the Internet, this is the first we’re hearing of the project that RMR is currently working on for this year’s SEMA Show.

Hyundai has released a teaser video revealing that Rhys is planning something extra special for this year’s show. Over the past four years, RMR and Hyundai have partnered up to create one-of-a-kind show-stopping vehicles, and it looks like this year they want it to be the biggest and best yet.

Make sure to check out the video after the jump and stay tuned for SEMA Show coverage starting here, Tuesday, Nov. 1st.

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A Detailed Look At Rhys Millen's RMR PM580 Pikes Peak Racer [Video]

Rhys Millen is looking to obtain the Holy Grail of Pikes Peak racers by finally pulling off a 9-minute run up the infamous hillclimb course. When he first debuted the Hyundai-powered RMR PM580, jaws dropped and many knew if anyone was to pull off the feat, it would be someone with the last name of Millen.

Since it’s debut, the PM580 has undergone a few changes. The Hyundai Lambda V6 powerplant has been bored out to 4.1L while the race car still retains the stock block, heads and valvetrain. And while he still hasn’t been able to work out all the kinks with the transmission, Millen does have a back up plan of incorporating the sequential setup that he uses in his Genesis drift car.

Changes for this year’s race includes swapping out to a clutch-plate differential from a Torsen-type differential. This will aid in giving Millen more constant acceleration as he seeks out the 9-minute pass. Also from Hyundai is a power steering unit from a Sonata. For suspension, Millen has opted for new spring rates while the PM580 gets a stylish set of HRE wheels wrapped with softer Hankook rubber. Arguably most important though are the changes to the aerodynamics of the car with includes a new front splitter, intercooler scoop and a huge rear spoiler.

With 700-hp and 700 ft-lbs of torque coming out of the lightweight PM580, Millen looks to further the family legacy at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb by being the first to record a 9-minute pass.

Check out a video of the RMR PM580 after the break.

[Source: Autoblog]

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Dallenbach Racing Teams Up With Bank's Power for 1,300-HP Pike's Peak Racer [Video]

This year is shaping up to be a good one for the Unlimited class at the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. Drivers have been aspiring to break into the 9-minute mark for decades now but it seems like this year may be the year we’ll actually witness it.

Paul Dallenbach campaigned in the Unlimited class last year, with is custom racer sporting 745-hp and 650 ft-lbs of torque. But he wasn’t satisfied and knew he needed a much more potent engine program to compete with the likes of Rhys Millen and Nobuhiro Tajima in hitting the 9-minute mark.

So what did Dallenbach do? They turned to Banks Power and by combining their great minds, a twin-turbocharged effort was spawned which throws down an astonishing 1,307-hp with 1,206 ft-lbs of torque. Now if that doesn’t help Dallenbach power up Pikes Peak, we’re not sure what will.

Now obviously with all that extra power available, he had to do some shakedown runs to get used to the car. And thankfully they were there with video cameras to record it for the world to see.

Will this year finally be the year we’ll see a 9-minute pass up Pikes Peak? We’re keeping our fingers crossed. Check out a video of how fast this bad boy is after the break.

[Source: BanksPower]

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Red Bull Drivers Get Sideways on Atlanta Streets to Promote Formula Drift Event [Video]

Red Bull has made a name for itself with crazy motorsport antics. The latest stunt is profiled in a video of their drifters, Rhys Millen and Ryan Tuerck, piloting Red Bull-sponsored machines sideways through Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. The tandem street drifting was part of a promotion for the Formula Drift event in Atlanta and even gave the mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, a ride-along.

Rhys Millen was piloting his Hyundai Genesis Coupe while Ryan Tuerck was in his Pontiac Solstice Coupe, which is now retired from competition – Tuerck is now competing with a Chevrolet Camaro. Needless to say, Red Bull did a fantastic job capturing it all on video for us to enjoy.

Check out the video after the jump:

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Chicago 2011: 500-HP Hyundai Veloster Rallycross Racer Revealed

To help promote the new Veloster to the Gen-Y and under crowd, Hyundai has decided to bolster the coupe’s credentials by taking it racing. And in keeping with the car’s demographic, it’s won’t be racing in the more mainstream World Challenge or Grand Am series, but in an arena where the Red Bull-drinking youth of today will actually pay attention – Rallycross.

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Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis Coupe 'Climb Attack' Video Released

After teasing us a few days ago, the complete Rhys Millen “Climb Attack” video has now been released. Showcasing Millen’s talents, the 750-hp RMR/Red Bull/ Hyundai Genesis Coupe and some impressively windy mountain roads in Brazil, “Climb Attack” is definitely worth your 4 minutes.

The exact location is a mountain road that runs up the side of Serra Do Rio Do Rastro in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The video was shot and the driving performed as part of the Red Bull Xtreme Drift.

See the video after the jump:

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Rhys Millen Teases Us With Climb Attack Brazil Video

With all the other drivers out there releasing some crazy and insane videos showing off their driving prowess, it’s no surprise that Rhys Millen isn’t far behind with his own feature. And we have to give Rhys a little credit given just how busy his schedule is these days – between drifting, time attacking, hill climbing and even building cars for the SEMA Show.

Millen took his crew and his Time Attack Hyundai Genesis out to Brazil to film a magnificent hill climb video. We’ve only been treated with a teaser that’s available after the break, but it’s a great preview of what’s to come. Millen is well known for attacking the hills, and Serra do Rio do Rastro was the perfect setting for his soon-to-be Internet phenomenon video.

Check out the video teaser after the jump

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Rhys Millen Hyundai Equus Spied Before SEMA

We’ve seen the renderings of Rhys Millen’s Equus project for SEMA, and while it’s still a little underwhelming of a project (especially for a SEMA car), we’re  excited to see Hyundai pushing forward with the Equus and leveraging their existing partnerships to show the world what a little bit of tasteful modifications can do to a car.

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Rhys Millen Racing Pimps Out A Hyundai Equus For SEMA 2010

After a great run at last year’s SEMA show, where the Hyundai Genesis Coupe was at the forefront of most display booths, Hyundai is butressing their previously announced Sonata Turbo with a pimped out Equus, by Hyundai tuner Rhys Millen Racing.

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Versus Teases Formula Drift TV Show's Opening Video

Formula Drift’s success has been overwhelming in America. Not only does the series do a great job ensuring the fans get the excitement they expect after paying the ticket price, but they do a fantastic job in taking care of their drivers, sponsors and race teams. Formula D’s TV show scheduling is about to begin on Versus and they have recently released the opening video segment that stars plenty of Formula Drift’s finest.

The intro video features coverage up to the Seattle event, and really does a good job capturing the excitement one would expect from drifting. The show will be offered in HD starting on August 30th and will air every Sunday for fourteen weeks for seven events. The time slots are 2:00PM EST, 11:00AM EST and each episode is re-aired each week following the initial airing.

More kudos to Formula Drift in teaming up with a successful television network to garner more fans and attention, keeping racers and sponsors happy around the nation.

Check out the video after the jump:

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Rhys Millen's Pikes Peak Record Attempt Documented in Stunning New Video

By now, no doubt you’ve heard that Rhys Millen’s attempt to set a sub 10-minute time and reclaim the world record for his family at the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb was less than successful. Not only did Millen fail to break the 10-second time, but he managed just third place with a distant 11:06.208 run after his purpose built 650-hp Hyundai race car suffered mechanical problems. Worse still, he was bested by Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima and his race-prepped Suzuki. This was Tajima’s fifth consecutive win, but wasn’t his fastest, with his best attempt back in 2007 at 10:01.41 – which bested Rhys’ father, Rod Millen’s, previous world record of 10:04.06, set back in 1994.

And while it’s no record-setting run, the team at Red Bull Racing made an incredible video out of the event which is sure to get plenty of eyeballs thanks to high production quality and the sheer awesomeness of both the event and the car.

The video documents the attempt and the challenges any team faces trying to conquer the mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Millen himself put it best in a post race interview, commenting that, “Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong today.”

Check out the video after the jump:

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Rhys Millen Hyundai Fizzles at Pikes Peak; Nobuhiro 'Monster' Tajima Retains Record

With plenty of lead up to its introduction at the 88th annual Pikes Peak Hillclimb, the Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis PM580 didn’t deliver on any of its promises and instead was overshadowed by the Suzuki of Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima. Rhys Millen had set out to break the 10 minute barrier on the treacherous mountain and reclaim the record for his family. (Rhys’ father Rod set a record of 10:04.06 in 1994, which Tajima topped in 2007 with a 10:01.41).

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Rhys Millen Debuts Final Version Of RMR Hyundai Genesis PM580 Pikes Peak

The RMR Hyundai Genesis PM580 is about as far removed from a Hyundai Genesis as you can get, but its still pretty damn cool. With a tube frame steel chassis, an active differential and a 650-horsepower 4.1L V6 – all with a curb weight of under 1,900 lbs – the PM580 is a serious machine, and one that you will never ever see on the road. If you’re not going to Pikes Peak, check out the gallery below and take in how badass this one-off racer really is.

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Rhys Millen Shows Off Hyundai PM580 Race Car (Video Inside)

It’s hard to call the Hyundai PM580 a Hyundai while keeping a straight face, but Rhys Millen, builder of this awesome, Le Mans-esque racer, does have some kind of deal with Hyundai to prep Genesis Coupe and Sedans for SEMA, so its natural that mechanical motivation for the PM580 would come from Hyundai‘s own Lambda V6, punched out to 4.1L of displacement.

Car and Driver is hosting a video of the PM580, showing off some trick bits like the active differential (made by Ford, apparently) and the ultra light HRE wheels. As soon as we hear video of the PM580 starting up, revving or driving, we’ll be sure to post it. In the mean time, this is as good as it gets.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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