Curling Looks Like Way More Fun With Cars

Now this is a sport we would watch in the Olympic Games.

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Automakers Halt Russian Car Sales Over Ruble's Collapse

Car shoppers in Russia might not be able to buy from their favorite automaker this holiday season.

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Nrburgring Sold to Russian Business Tycoon

One of Germany’s most famous automotive destinations now belongs to a Russian billionaire.

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Russian Car Market to Be World's Fifth Largest by 2020

Currently the seventh-largest car market, Russia is poised to become the fifth-largest market by 2020 according to a recent report.

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2013 Range Rover Extended Wheelbase Spied

Despite having already made its official debut, there are still versions of the 2013 Range Rover under wraps that our shooters caught  spy photos of. 

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Man Goes Wild In Russian Nissan Dealership – Video

We’ve all heard of “Girls Gone Wild” videos, but today we present to you a video with a different twist on wild.

Taken from a security camera at what looks like a Russian Nissan dealership, a crazed person (not sure if he was a disgruntled customer or just a destruction enthusiast) rams his vehicle into the showroom, wrecking the whole place.

This clearly was no accident as the driver made several charges to destroy anything he could hit. Despite extensive damage to the attackers vehicle, he carries on with no regard until he has destroyed almost the whole showroom floor.

Not much information is available regarding this clip, but you can watch the destruction below:

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Mazda Aims To Build Assembly Plant In Russia

Mazda aims to build a vehicle assembly plant in Russia as the automaker recently announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Russian firm Sollers for a new joint venture.

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Spyker Bought By American Private Equity Firm

U.S. private equity firm North Street Capital, has purchased Spyker, after a deal to sell the Dutch outfit to Russian investors fell through. The Financial Times reported the news after viewing a preliminary draft of the announcement.

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72-Year Old Russian Pilot Builds Flying Car [Video]

The zany ZAZ takes to the skies! Ex-pilot Valery Bulgakov turned this 1987  ZAZ Tavria into an airworthy flying machine, through hard work, acres of sheetmetal, and lofty Russian ingenuity.

ZAZ cranked out thousands of Tavrias in the 1980s and 1990s, and aside from a few examples that must have been thrown off a cliff under various circumstances, none of them ever offered spacious aerial views. But Bulgakov welded wings onto the front fenders and rear windows, installing ailerons and painting them in patriotic Russian colors in order to tackle the skies: the flying car (of the future) can get up to 10 feet in the air, for a distance of 600 feet.

While this is a bit off from even, say, the efforts of the Kalinin K-7, Bulgakov doesn’t expect his car—which goes 0-60 in an FAA-unapproved 20 seconds—to revolutionize transportation. He uses the vehicle to train aspiring pilots: and given their familiarity with car controls, seems like a natural progression before tackling the challenges of the Yak-130.

Click the jump to see the flying Tavria in action. Translator not included, however.

[Source: Discovery Channel]

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Lada Ends Production Of Decades Old Model

It’s been 40 long years, but like perestroika, the last remnant of Italian-derived Soviet majesty finally comes to an undignified end. In Soviet Russia, production ends you!

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GM's Uzbekistan Arm Helps Spur Growth In Russian Auto Market

General Motors has its hands in all corners of the globe, and while most consumers know about their operations in Europe and South Koreas, their arm in the former Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan is shaping up to be quite the powerhouse in the all-important Russian market.

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Russian Hybrid SUV Back-Ordered For The Next Decade

In Soviet Russia, opulence has you! The latest car designed and built in Russia is an SUV, but it isn’t decked out in armor or whale penis leather—it’s a hybrid, and it’s been so popular that the waiting list is backlogged for the next 10 years.

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Nissan GT-R Crashes Into a Line of Parked Cars in Moscow [Video]

If any more proof was needed that the Nissan GT-R is a tank, this video certainly confirms it.

Shot recently by security cameras in Moscow, watch as a the GT-R (top of the screen) swerves to avoid another car and then plows into a line of parked vehicles, even flipping one of them! And because this is Russia, the first car to suffer the destruction of Godzilla is a Lada.


Watch the video after the jump:

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Russian President Nearly Runs Over Crowd In PR Gaffe [Video]

First it was Putin, now Medvedev with the zany America’s Funniest Videos-inspired automotive shenanigans: at an event on Saturday, Russian president Dimitry Medvedev steps out of a Mercedes-Benz SUV, which then rolls forward towards a large crowd.

It took him and the efforts of two burly bodyguards to prevent a disaster, holding the SUV back while the crowd shouts and moves. After they successfully stop it, the crowd breaks into cheers. Nobody was injured in the incident, but it certainly gave the Soviet equivalent of Jay Leno something to snicker about on late-night TV.

Of course, these two events revealing the speak of suspicion: is it actually a CIA plot to undermine the Russian regime? Does Jimmy Hoffa have anything to do with this? Or are the stereotypes of Russian drivers so pervasive that not even its leaders can escape? Aspiring conspiracy theorists can click the jump to watch and overanalyze the video of the incident.

[Source: Reuters]

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Vladimir Putin Embarassed When Lada Stunt Backfires in Front of Russian Media

Russians and world leaders alike know not to mess with shirtless, crossbow-wielding, bear-hunting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. But when a Lada Granta crosses the Wrath of Putin, there’s nothing to do but to make cheesy “in Soviet Russia” jokes. And run.

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