2012 Ford Focus To Get 30 Mile Road Test Before Going To Showrooms

Determined to make sure the launch of their new 2012 Focus is flawless, Ford is road testing the first examples of the new Focus for 30 miles, an unprecedented length for a mainstream car.

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BMW 4-Series May Appear As Rival To Audi A5 Sportback

BMW is planning to expand its range yet again, with reports of an upcoming 4-Series lineup that would compete against the Audi A5 Sportback in the burgeoning sporty hatchback segment.

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Ford To Cut Back On Red And Black Paint Due To Supply Shortage

Ford is asking dealers to curtail orders of three shades of red paint, and one hue called “Tuxedo Black” due to difficulties sourcing metallic elements needed for the paint. The element, which is produced by a Japanese supplier, is unable to be produced to due damage resulting from the natural disasters that occurred in the country.

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Suzuki Kizashi To Debut At New York Auto Show With Significant Upgrades

Suzuki is set to reveal two all new cars at the upcoming New York Auto Show and the automaker has announced that one of those vehicles will be an updated Kizashi.

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Maserati To Use Turbochargers, 8-Speed Automatics In Future Cars

Maserati‘s new GranTurismo MC Stradale might be using a nifty new single-clutch automated manual gearbox in its home market of Europe, but North America will get a ZF-built 8-speed automatic.

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2012 Nissan Versa Hatchback Spied In China

While the Nissan Sunny has already been previewed at AutoGuide, we just got out first look at the hatchback version of Nissan’s subcompact (known as the Tiida) thanks to a Chinese photographer who spied the car out in the open.

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Cadillac Will Send XTS, ATS To Europe

British radio personality  Tim Westwood may have bought a Cadillac Escalade, but the brand has had inconsequential sales throughout Europe for its entire life. Even GM’s poor attempt at a Euro-friendly Caddy, the ill-fated BLS sedan.

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Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe Gets Video Treatment

It’s only a matter of time before the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG gets adopted by the Ed-Hardy-and-hair-gel crowd as the official car of the Flash and the (steroid-fueled) Furious, but Mercedes has at least put out a video showing some decent b-roll footage of the car being driven at speed.

The 451-horsepower coupe is arguably the most desirable of the C63 range – aside from the awesome C63 wagon, which North American consumers can’t buy. Check out the videos below the jump.

[Source: Mercedes-Benz]

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Lincoln Offers Free Access To New York Times Online Section

With the New York Times erecting a “pay wall” around their online section, many web enthusiasts are crying foul at the venerable paper’s decision to abandon the online modus operandi of making information free.

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BMW M3 Pickup Will Not Enter Production

The excited hoardes of car-geeks who drooled over a prototype BMW M3 pickup, spied lapping the Nurburgring, will have to steel themselves for more disappointment, as Road & Track magazine confirmed that this car will not be entering production.

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Infiniti Enlists Henry Rollins For M Hybrid Commercial

Who would have thought that punk icon Henry Rollins would ever end up doing voice-overs for a luxury car? Certainly not us, but while the punk days are over, Rollins is a tremendous speaker, and we’re looking forward to his work for Infiniti as the brand prepares to launch its new M Hybrid.

With 360 horsepower and an expected 32 mpg combined, the M Hybrid is more Porsche Panamera than Prius, but we’re hardly complaining. There’s also a great dig at Lexus if you look closely, and you can hit the jump to watch the ad for yourself.

[Source: Infiniti]

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2012 BMW M5 Videos Released

For those of you who can’t wait until BMW releases their new M5 sports sedan at this September’s Shanghai Auto Show, the company has just released new videos of the car undergoing winter testing in Austria, but you’ll need to speak German if you want to catch any of the dialog.

With a twin-turbo V8 and a dual clutch transmission, the new M5 should be a departure from the raucous V10 and single clutch gearbox offered on the E60 M5. Hopefully, the car hasn’t been diluted in the process.

[Source: BMWBlog.com]

Hit the jump to see the videos

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Sultan Of Brunei's Car Collection Decaying Amid Neglect

The Sultan of Brunei’s extravagant car collection is something of an urban legend among auto enthusiasts. Most of the evidence surrounding its existence is anecdotal, with a few grainy photos having leaked out over the years on rare occasions. Now, Sports Car Market has published an article by car broker Michael Sheehan detailing the vastness of his collection – and how priceless supercars are sitting in ruin due to neglect.

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Mercedes-Benz C350 BlueEFFICIENCY Gets AMG Appearance Package

If you want an aggressive looking Mercedes-Benz C-Class but can’t ante up for the psychotically delightful C63 AMG, the 2011 C350 BlueEFFICIENCY equipped with the AMG appearance package might be a suitable bridge between the standard car and the V8 demon lurking at the top of the C-Class food chain.

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Cadillac SRX, Buick Lacrosse, Recalled Over Defroster Defect

General Motors is recalling 10,179 Buick Lacrosse sedans and Cadillac SRX crossovers due to a fault defroster. The problem is actually a software glitch rather than a physical defect, but one that prevents the unit from properly clearing the windshield.

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