Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gets Sideways in New Promo Video

Some people just have all the perks on the job. Instead of working hard and playing hard, they’re playing hard while just working. Ed Redfern is Mercedes-Benz‘s senior test driver and decided to take the new flagship SLS AMG out to the circle track at Mercedes-Benz World for a little fun. Armed with a wet, slick track and the SLS AMG’s incredible performance, Redfern shows that the SLS is fully capable of swinging sideways and holding a drift.

Now this video isn’t the same high-speed crazy drifting action we’re used to seeing at say a Formula Drift event, but it’s still pretty entertaining to watch even though it’s short. There’s even a little bit of comedy at the very end that’s just ever-so-slightly embarrassing for Ed.

How long until someone with tons of money takes an SLS AMG out to Formula Drift? Could you imagine a drifting series where only luxury supercars are allowed to compete? Maybe some day…

[Source: German Car Scene]

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Mansory to Unveil Mercedes SLS, Maserati Gran Turismo Models at Paris Auto Show

In our eyes, Mansory has become the undisputed king of building custom vehicles. From their Rolls-Royce Ghost to their Bentley Continental GT Speed, Mansory has found a way to excel in building off the excellent foundation that these luxury vehicle manufacturers have already released.

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Brabus Mercedes SLS AMG is Fast, Black and Expensive

Not to be outdone by Hamann and their SLS AMG tuning kit, famed Mercedes-Benz tuner Brabus has unleashed their rendition and we’re picking our favorite: Brabus. And while there isn’t any sort of real performance tuning being done (just yet), we’re still favoring the mild aesthetic upgrades over Hamann’s version. Or maybe we just find the sleek black more fitting to the SLS AMG’s sexy lines.

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World's Fastest 3D Car Film Stars Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG [video]

Once upon a time having a movie, film or video in HD was cool enough. Now you’re just not cutting it unless it’s in the wonderful world of 3D. For those that have witnessed Avatar on the big screen in 3D, you know that movie-watching has been changed forever and perhaps entertainment in general. Hell, even Nintendo’s upcoming hand held video game system will feature 3D (Nintendo 3DS) without the use of glasses.

The premise of this flick is to make the ‘World’s Fastest 3D Film’ which means enlisting the aid of Mercedes-Benz‘s SLS AMG and ex-Formula 1 driver David Coulthard. Toss in some helicopters, some expensive 3D cameras and some beautiful scenery and we’ve got magic in the making.

The film is 4 minutes and 2 seconds long and will be shown in Sky 3D abroad. When it’ll hit the States (if ever) we’re not sure, but we’re hoping we’ll be able to one day feast our eyes on the finished product in 3D, the way it was meant to be seen.

Make sure to check out the two videos after the break, in 2D naturally.

[Source: Engadget]

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Win a Factory Tour and Test Drive the SLS AMG Supercar? Yes, Please!

As part of their series of SLS AMG ‘Rare Experience’ contests, this time Mercedes-Benz is giving you a chance to win an exclusive guided tour of the AMG factory in Affalterbach, Germany along with the opportunity to drive the SLS AMG supercar after watching it come together on the assembly line. And if that’s not sweet enough for you, the boys at AMG are also throwing in a a two-night hotel stay for you and the companion of your choice along with a visit to the famous Mercedes-Benz museum and a complimentary dinner for two.

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Geneva 2010: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG the Official Formula One Safety Car

What’s the one car Michael Schumacher cannot pass? The official Formula One Safety Car, of course! That’s the riddle Mercedes-Benz’ Dr. Dieter Zetsche asked before introducing the SLS AMG F1 Safety Car at the Geneva Auto Show.

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Report: Mercedes SLS AMG Marketing Campaign to Include Schumacher, IPhone App

It’s not likely to help sell a single car, but Mercedes-Benz has just kicked-off a marketing effort in Europe for the new SLS AMG exotic which will help draw attention to the brand as a whole. Included in the new campaign, Mercedes asks the question, that with an engine, a cockpit and two wings, “Is it still a car?” Some ads will even feature Mercedes’ newest Formula One driver Michael Schumacher.

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LA 2009: Mercedes Gives First "From-Scratch" AMG Model Its U.S. Debut in Los Angeles

With a very large percentage of all AMG vehicles sold in Southern California, it’s not surprising that Mercedes-Benz chose the LA Auto Show as the first North American location to showcase the performance brand’s first ever ground-up vehicle.

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LA Preview: Mercedes SLS AMG Flagship to Make North American Debut in Los Angeles

For the first time since the car’s world premiere at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Mercedes is getting ready to display its new supercar. This time, however, it will be on U.S. soil at the LA Auto Show.

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Report: Mercedes Considering Expanding AMG Ranks With Baby SLS

There’s no official word yet, but Mercedes’ high-performance AMG division is looking to expand and may do so by adding a baby SLS to the lineup. As the new sports car flagship for the Mercedes brand, the 563-hp SLS has just launched in the U.S. and is the first-ever ground up vehicle to be built by AMG.

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Report: Mercedes SLS AMG Photos Leaked

Well ahead of the car’s launch at the Frankfurt auto Show this September, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG super car has been revealed by not one but two European sources. The first is respected German car magazine AutoBild and the second is the lesser-known Autowereld publication from the Netherlands.

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Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing Videos

If the pictures of Mercedes’ new supercar, the SLS AMG, weren’t enough for you, then we’re happy to announce that we have video!

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG: The New Gullwing Supercar

It’s baaaaack! After the SLR recently bowed out with it’s last (Stirling Moss) iteration, Mercedes hasn’t wasted any time in producing a new supercar – with gullwing doors!

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