MYVAN is a Social Network For Van Fans

If you’re into vans, you’ll want to join MYVAN, the new social network site for people that want to connect with other van fans.

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Aston Martin Celebrates Crossing The 1-Million 'Fan' Mark On Facebook

In celebration of this milestone, Aston Martin will lets its ‘fans’ design a special one-off vehicle by answering a series of questions. The most popular answer will decide the specification of “The Millionth Fan Car.”

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Mopar to Launch 'Owner's Center' Website for Chrysler Owners at LA Auto Show

Chrysler‘s Mopar brand has launched a new website dedicated to Chrysler Group owners so that they can regularly view their vehicle information, service history, learn how to use vehicle features, roadside assistance, share vehicle galleries, and receive special offers.

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Buick And GMC Sites Develop New Facebook Connectivity

Buick and GMC understand the importance of social networking and have set up online vehicle-shopping experiences that are socially engaging, letting site visitors build, save and share their configured vehicles.

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Toyota and Salesforce to Create 'Toyota Friend' Social Network

Toyota has a announced a bold new initiative, teaming up with to create its own social network site for Toyota owners. Called ‘Toyota Friend’ the private social network will connect Toyota customers with their cars, their dealership and even the factory.

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BMW Tops 5 Million 'Likes' on Facebook; Retains Strong Lead on Rivals

There are approximately 500 million people on Facebook. And now, the marketing division at BMW can rest soundly knowing that 1% of them are BMW aficionados.

One percent may not seem like much, but given the number of people on Facebook, that’s still 5 million people. And it’s the most popular automotive brand on Facebook, with a last count of 5,054,560 “likes.” The next closest brand is Audi, at a tick over 3 million fans, and Mercedes-Benz at 2 million, which surely goes to show that the hoi polloi of Facebook view these luxury German brands as aspirational vehicles—or at least they dream big.

The official BMW Facebook page features historical photos, videos, links to national fan pages, and the occasional political rant or spam posting, but also the occasional fan adulation, as one member posted to eerily poetic effect: “if God doesn’t drive BMW, then why is the sky blue and white?”

Hit the jump to see the Top 10 most liked automotive brands:

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Buick Lets You Use Twitter to Book a Test Drive

You’re too busy to get to the dealership to test drive a car – so what’s a savvy social networker to do? Just tweet, and Buick will bring the car to you, pretty much wherever you are.

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Car Town Facebook Game Lets You Pimp Your Virtual Ride and Much, Much More

Forget Farmville. All the cool kids will be out and about on Facebook using the all-new Car Town game.

Facebook’s Car Town is all about collecting cars. Once you join the game, you’re given a basic garage that represents your home base. You’ll also receive credits to customize their garage or to “buy” a car. You start with a base model car and move on up to exotic vehicles such as the McLaren F1, Lamborghini LP670-4 SuperVeloce and Mercedes SLR McLaren . You’ll find all types of cars in here, even Indy Cars.

It’s super easy to play. Car Town players earn points by performing jobs or taking on challenges. You also build your own garages with service bays so you can take on more jobs, and then hire and interact with friends in the game. Of course, you add to your growing car collection. In the showrooms, you can wash cars, change spark plugs and deliver pizzas so you can squirrel away enough money for you next big purchase.

In Car Town, you can do anything you would in your real car – race, take a trip, run errands or go for a Sunday drive. But what has to be the funniest thing to do in Car Town is customize your virtual rides. You can pimp your Car Town ride by changing its wheels, tires, chassis, body kits, paint scheme and graphics. You can even upload your own graphics to add to the flanks of your car, truly making your cars your own.

Check out a short promo video about Car Town after the jump:

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California Leads the Nation in Traffic Ticket Tweets

Twitter is great for keeping abreast what’s going on in the lives of the people you follow. You can find out what’s going on in the world, learn what people are eating for breakfast and get the good news and the not-so-good news as it happens. And if you’re in California, chances are you’re going to tweet about the speeding ticket you just got.

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