Porsche Driving Experience Announces New Courses in Finland, South Africa

What are you doing for your winter vacation this year? We’ve got a great idea – test drive the new Porsche 911 first-hand through extreme conditions in some of the most exotic locales from across the world.

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Toyota Unveils TRD Supercharged Auris In South Africa

At the Johannesburg International Motor Show in South Africa, Toyota introduced their latest 5-door hatch in TRD supercharged form. The Auris TRD will feature a supercharged 1.6L with 178-hp and 149 lb-ft of torque, up 48-hp and 31 lb-ft from the standard model and looks to be launched sometime in November.

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How Many Kids Can You Fit in a Mazda6 Without Getting Arrested? Not 17

Have you ever wondered how many kids you could fit in your car before you would get arrested? Of course you haven’t. Then again, neither did a South African man who, in retrospect, probably should have.

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Volkswagen Golf R Magazine Ad Is Edible

An Ogilvy Cape Town South African Volkswagen Golf R advertisement is encouraging the reader to ingest the advertisement(see picture above). The “Eat the road. Seriously, eat it” ad is made of “glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol, FD&C colour and glycerin.”

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Zagato Designs A South African Supercar – Meet The Perana Z-One

Now you can add supercar manufacturer to their resume. Behold the Perana Z-One, a Zagato styled, Corvette powered beauty that has just gone into production.

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Green Car Reports Drives 1975 Volkswagen Rabbit 35 Years In The Future

It’s a cliche for enthusiasts to complain about the complexity and weight of modern cars, which are inevitably devoid of “soul” and pine for the spartan, shoddily engineered cars of their youth.

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Hyundai Spoofs Top Gear In Latest Animal Themed Car Ad

Hot on the heels of Kia’s awesome advertisement for their Soul compact car, Hyundai‘s South African arm has just launched a new spot for the Tuscon crossover (known as the ix35 in South Africa) taking off the wildly popular TV series Top Gear.

The spot, features a mock driving show called “Top Deer”, and features dead-on voice impressions of hosts James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond (represented by a turtle, wildebeest and hamster respectively), the familiar Top Gear episode format and typical cinematography.  The ad, along with its companion segment, (where their hired gun race driver “The Stag” tests his mettle against the car) manages to take a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the BBC hit, which hasn’t always been so kind to Korean cars.

We have no idea how Hyundai is perceived in South Africa, but the cheeky ads are sure to resonate in a country gripped with the festive spirit of the World Cup and a booming new middle-class eager to buy brand new cars.

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[Source: Autoblog]

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