Former Stig Calls Ford Mustang the Ultimate Stunt Driving Car

The Ford Mustang has been called the ultimate stunt car by one of the world’s best drivers, Ben Collins, who is the former Stig from Top Gear

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Gymkhana Five Behind the Scenes in a Ford Focus ST

Ask a drifting fan what the coolest viral video out today is and they will probably tell you Gymkhana Five which was released on July 9 and gathered more than 9 million views in two days.

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Stunt Driving Fail: Always Wear Your Seat Belt Edition [Video]

Disclaimers exist for a reason: some things really are best left to professionals – for instance, stunt car driving.

In this video, a couple of thrill seekers decide it’ll be cool to pull a few extreme moves for the camera. After kicking up some smoking donuts, the driver decides to take on a sharp turn for on-lookers. Unfortunately, someone in the car isn’t wearing a seat belt and the door swings open. What happens next is just simple physics, obviously a class in high school that this passenger didn’t attend. The man appears to be unharmed by the accident, aside from scrapes, bruises and his ego.

The man who is ejected from the vehicle appears to come out of the back seat, although the video’s poor quality makes it hard to determine whether he is the driver, front passenger or rear passenger. Watch closely and let us know which person you see popping out in the comments section below.

Finally, though we shouldn’t have to remind you, do not to try this at home… otherwise we’ll be making fun of you next time around.

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Alfa Romeo MiTo Busts 2,738 Water Balloons on a Skidpad [Video]

What happens when you mix a stunt driver with a sporty hatchback, skidpad and more than 2,738 water balloons? Just ask Terry Grant.

The driving pro held a total of 19 world records for his fancy automotive footwork, but recently garnered his 20th by bursting the most-ever water balloons.

Grant got to take part in a ridiculous-but-awesome stunt using the Alfa Romeo MiTo. The automaker arranged the balloons in a giant iteration of their iconic snake and cross logo and filmed him from multiple angles crashing and splashing through the aquatic arrangement.

It was a chance for Grant to get another world record under his belt and a great venue for Alfa to show off their 170 horsepower MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde hatchback.

You can watch the video below

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Nissan To Set Wacky Speed Records At Goodwood

Ever driven on two wheels? Nissan, apparently having just watched that one scene from Diamonds Are Forever, is planning to set some goofy records at the hallowed grounds of Goodwood—including driving up the entire course while balanced on two wheels.

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Audi Stunt Drivers Roll A1 During Demonstration

A stunt driving demo went all wrong for Audi, as professional drivers ended up rolling one of their new A1 subcompact hatches during a demonstration in Brussels.

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