2012 Subaru Impreza To Make Appearance At New York Auto Show

With Subaru‘s Impreza compact due for a replacement soon, and a concept shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show this past fall, the debut of the new car is getting ever closer. In fact, a Subaru executive recently confirmed that the target date for the new car is an August, 2011 release.

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Subaru Releases Impreza Concept Video

Subaru has released a video of their new Impreza Concept floating around a futuristic make-believe highway while funky new age music plays in the background.

The two minute clip, looking remarkably similar to the types of videos shown at press launches, doesn’t really give any new information on the Impreza, but we do know that the Concept is supposed to have a 2.0L Boxer four-cylinder and the dreaded CVT gearbox so familiar to Subaru products.

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LA 2010: Subaru Impreza Concept Foreshadows Future Model [Video]