McLaren F1 Designer Gordon Murray Unveils World's Most Efficient Electric Car

For years, Gordon Murray’s pet project has been rumored for a while, like the secret creation of a mad scientist. And after much speculation, it’s finally been unveiled: the T.27 city car, the world’s most efficient electric car.

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Gordon Murray's T.25 City Car Unveiled

After designing the legendary McLaren F1, Gordon Murray decided to try his hand at something completely different. Murray revealed his latest creation, the T.25 City Car, at an event in Oxford, England, and to say that it’s a 180 from the McLaren F1 is an understatement.

The T.25 weighs in at a truly featherweight 1,212 pounds and is less than eight feet long. Power comes from a 51-horsepower inline 3-cylinder engine, and 0-60mph can be measured in geological epochs (the official number is 16.2 seconds). Of course, the T.25 really has nothing to do with performance, as its focus is on city driving. The T.25 will get 61.9 mpg in the city, while being small enough to park perpendicular to the curb, fitting three T.25s into a single space.

Since this is a Murray design, the T.25 will share a design cue with the F1. The cockpit is laid out similar to the F1, with the driving sitting in the center, flanked by two passengers. To facilitate easy entry, the front of the car swings open like a clamshell.

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Gallery: T.25 City Car

[Source: Gordon Murray Design]

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More Details Emerge Surrounding Gordon Murray's T27 City Car

Not long after Gordon Murray’s McLaren F1 was feted at the company’s headquarters, new details have emerged about Murray’s all-new T27 city car, being developed by the South African-born engineer independently of McLaren.

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Peel Microcars Have An Unlikely Ally (Video After The Jump)

Looking like a human-sized version of a Zhu Zhu pet car, Peel Microcars sold their wares for a brief period in the 1960’s, and cars like the Murray T25 and Smart Fortwo seem to be able to trace their lineage back to the Peel.

Powered by a 50cc moped engine, the Peel was not fast and its three-wheeled nature meant that there were some issues regarding how road-legal it could be. But for all its faults, the Peel has attracted an unlikely supporter, and as you’ll see below, he might be on to something.

[Source: Make:]

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Gordon Murray's T25 City Car Spied In England

Gordon Murray, the engineering genius who brought the world the McLaren F1 is hard at work on his new city car project, which was spotted undergoing testing in England.

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