CEC To Liquidate TechArt Products At Deeply Discounted Prices

CEC Wheels has long been an authorized distributor of high-end TechArt products for various Porsche models, but it appears that’s no longer the case.

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Tuner Cars of the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show [Gallery]

Unlike American auto shows where where tuners are segregated off into some basement hall, at the Frankfurt Auto Show they’re invited to join in on the action. Sharing hall space with the likes of Land Rover, Lotus and Jaguar, tuners such as Brabus, Mansory and TechArt. Highlights include the new Brabus 800 ‘Rocket’, the TechArt GTStreet RS based on the new GT2RS and of course there’s always the selection of ridiculously modified Mansory machines. Check out all the modified luxury and exotic models in the gallery below.

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2012 TechArt GTStreet 911 GT2 RS Is The Most Powerful Yet

Techart’s latest GTStreet based on the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is the most powerful car to ever leave their facilities, cranking out 710-hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. Techart then backs up its great performance figures with an aggressive styling kit packing plenty of carbon fiber. The power increase comes from Techart’s TA 907/T2.2 power kit, giving the GT2 RS a 0-62 mph time in just 3.3 seconds and a top speed close to 219-mph.

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TechArt Porsche Cayenne Styling Package Revealed

TechArt has finally officially unveiled its new styling package for the third generation Porsche Cayenne, with no real surprises. The front chin spoiler has been designed in true TechArt fashion while the LED lighting enhancements and halogen headlights are almost standard issue with any other TechArt styling package. The rear roof spoiler, rear apron and diffuser adds sportiness to the entire SUV while TechArt’s exhaust system is sure to give the Cayenne a whole new rumble.

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TechArt Releases Porsche Cayenne Diesel Tuning Program

TechArt has revealed their tuning kit for the new-generation Porsche Cayenne Diesel, increasing horsepower output from 240-hp to 280-hp. The power increase comes courtesy from their Techtronic power kit line, (part number TA 058/D1) which is essentially an intelligent engine management system that puts power boost at the push of a button. In addition to the Techtronic power kit, TechArt offers a sport exhuast system for the Cayenne Diesel.

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The Cheapest Techart Porsche Money Can Buy

Finally, a Techart for the rest of us: those who can’t afforrd their hyper-fast, garishly-colored, modded Porsche s.

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TechArt Announces Limited Edition 2011 Calendar

Those who just can’t wait for 2011 to come, German Porsche tuner TechArt has given you just another reason to look forward to the New Year. Available in a limited quantity of 2,000 the calendar is nicely sized at 50 x 70 cm (rougly 20 x 28-inches) and is priced at around $41 shipped.

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TechArt Releases Noselift System for Porsche Boxster, 911 and Cayman

Obviously when it comes to modifying cars, there’s a different style and process to building and customizing each project. But at the top of almost everyone’s wish list is an aftermarket suspension, not only lowering the vehicle to give it a more aggressive stance, but to also improve its handling. There are major cons to lowering a vehicle though: a harsher ride and much less clearance between your car’s front bumper and hazards on the road. Those hazards mostly include those pesky curbs and speed bumps, causing us to take each at an angle and as slowly as possible.

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TechArt Tunes Porsche 911 Turbo S to 620-hp

Available starting next month is famed Porsche tuner TechArt’s package for the 911 Turbo S. And as with all TechArt tuning packages, we’re thoroughly impressed inside and out with its numbers. Horsepower is increased by 90-hp to 620-hp and torque goes up 89 ft-lbs for an impressive 605 ft-lbs of torque.

Acceleration is clearly at a blistering speed with TechArt’s 911 Turbo S hitting 62 mph in merely 2.9 seconds. A top speed of 207 mph is also possible once the modifications are done. No pricing has been released yet, but the tuning package consists of everything you’d expect: TechArt air filter, manifold, exhaust system and a pair of pressure sensors. While the bolt-ons obviously help let the engine breathe, we’re going to guess a bulk of the performance increase comes from the retuned ECU.

GALLERY: TechArt Porsche 911 Turbo S Tuning Package

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TechArt Power Kit For Porsche Panamera Turbo Delivers Added Boost at the Push of a Button

Ah the luxury of having a Panamera Turbo. How about having the ability to increase horsepower output by close to 80 at the push of a button? TechArt, famed Porsche tuner, has done just that for the new luxury sedan with their Power Kit.

The Power Kit is labeled as TA 070/T1 and empowers the 4.8-liter Twin Turbo V8 to push out 572-hp with 612 ft-lbs of torque, an increase of 79-hp and 96 ft-lbs from the factory spec. We guess we shouldn’t be surprised one bit that TechArt would be developing a product to increase horsepower from the Panamera Turbo, but the ability and ease of use truly redefines luxury performance. Want the extra power? Just simply push the sport button on the center console. Want to save gas and just cruise? Turn it off.

No pricing is available yet, but TechArt promises that it’ll be available in August.

Official press release available after the break.

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Techart Unveils Porsche 911 Turbo Upgrades With 650-hp Power Kit

While most of the world claims that there are only two things in life that are guaranteed, death and taxes, we’d like to add TechArt customization for every single Porsche model to the list. Anytime there’s a new Porsche you can bet that TechArt will be hot on its heels with upgrades for that particular chassis.

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TechArt Releases Porsche Panamera Black Edition

Just when we thought the matte black fad (or style) was starting to fade, TechArt introduces the Porsche Panamera Black Edition to the world. Porsche’s entry to the luxury sedan market has been well received so far, combining Porsche performance with traditional comforts that drivers and passengers are used to seeing in say, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7-Series. TechArt, a Porsche-exclusive tuner, has been merging design with functional technology since 1987.

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Geneva 2010: TechArt Concept One and GTStreet R World Premieres

With most of the German tuning companies in attendance at the Geneva Auto Show, we were able to get a good look at most of their creations before the show officially kicks off tomorrow (March 2nd). Along with the more typically-TechArt GT Street R, it was interesting to look at the Porsche tuner’s Panamera-based Concept One.

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Geneva Preview: TechArt to Debut Panamera-Based Concept One, Plus 660-hp GT Street R

German Porsche tuner TechArt has two new projects in store for the Geneva Auto Show, one powerful and traditional, and one that takes the tuner in a whole new direction. First up is the Concept One, based on the Panamera Turbo. Looking quite like a concept, particularly on the inside, where unique materials and funky designs meet up with a black and white canvass highlighted by lime-green detailing. There’s even a 10.2-inch LCD screen in the rear. Outside, the car gets plenty of unique options, like 22-inch wheels and a widebody kit. The purpose of the Concept One is to highlight TechArt’s individualization program, which it offers to clients. And as much as this looks like a concept, TechArt isn’t the sort of company to toss it’s money around needlessly and so you can be sure that as wild as the Concept One looks, it likely belongs to a customer who actually intends to drive it.

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IForged Building 1,000 Horsepower SL65 Black Series Roadster for SEMA

The 2009 SEMA Show is still over half a year away but contrary to popular belief, not every vehicle is assembled in a mad rush at the last minute. Wheel manufacturer iForged has already released details of what its big SEMA project will be and after last year’s 996 to 997 Porsche Turbo conversion, complete with GT3 RS green paint and TechArt goodies, we would expect nothing less than a serious performer.

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