2013 Hyundai Veloster Gets Summer Tires as Option

Tires can make all the difference when it comes to performance, which is why  Hyundai will offer a summer tire option on it’s compact Veloster.

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2015 Toyota Prius Cuts Weight, Improves Efficiency

The Toyota Prius is the best-selling hybrid in the world and the brand is ensuring the next generation has even better fuel economy to keep that title alive. 

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Run Flat Tires: Why You Should, or Shouldn't, Buy Them

Maybe you’ve been in this situation: stuck on the side of a road, a punctured tire needing to be changed out for the spare one in the trunk. You have a pair of options, do you choose to change the tire yourself, or do you call for roadside assistance. Both options can take a while to get you back on the road, especially if you’ve never changed a tire yourself before. And even if you have, sometimes it can take some serious elbow grease.

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Tire Sidewalls Explained in Video by Yokohama

Tires might not seem that complicated. But when it comes to buying a new set, there’s a lot to consider: width, sidewall height and load carrying capacity and more.

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Bridgestone Custom Colored Tires Announced

Bridgestone announced a development in tire printing technology last month that allows new stylistic possibilities.

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Win A Set Of Tires Or A Dodge Durango In The Toyo Tires Sweepstakes

Is it time to pick up a new set of tires for your vehicle? Wouldn’t you rather win a set than have to buy four new tires? Here’s your chance – Toyo Tires is giving away a set of tires every week for the next 17 weeks, as well as the grand prize of a Dodge Durango.

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Win a $500 Discount Tire Gift Card for Completing the AutoGuide, J.D. Power Survey

Want to win $500 towards a set of tires? You could be the lucky winner of a Discount Tire voucher for 500 big ones just be filling out a survey being put on by AutoGuide.com and J.D. Power.

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Canadian Tire's New Online Store Comes With Help Me Choose Feature

Those Canadians have to put a lot of thought into their tires. Seasonal weather conditions alone are enough to make their heads spin. So how do they pick a tire that’s right for their car? Well, the crafty Canucks at Canadian Tire just made the process a whole lot easier with its online tire store and Help Me Choose feature.

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Is Lamborghini Building A 250 MPH Aventador?

It looks as though Lamborghini maybe working on a very fast Aventador prototype. Spy shots have been taken of an Aventador sporting camouflage, fitted with Bugatti Veyron rims and tires.

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Nokian Tires Set New Ice Speed Record: Audi Bests Bentley

A few weeks ago, Bentley announced that it had set a world speed record on ice in their Continental Supersports. The modified convertible hit 205.48 mph on a Finnish lakebed, which is no trifling speed. Now, obscure tire manufacturer Nokian has announced that they have bested that record by one mph, with their own special tires—in an Audi, no less.

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Kumho Tire Drive App Will Get You Racing Online, For Free

Another tire game rolls onto the iPhone. Get your engine revving with Kumho Tire Drive.

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New Continental Tire Racing App Includes The Chance to Win a PlayStation 3

How did we ever amuse ourselves while on the subway, standing in line or just killing time at work before the iPhone came along? It doesn’t matter, because there’s another game you can play while fighting boredom on the go – the ContiTireRace.

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California To Mandate Tire Pressure Checks To Reduce Emissions, Score One For The Nanny State

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has mandated that vehicle tire pressures must be checked during routine service and in line with the recommended factory settings.

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BFGoodrich Tires Launches "Bolt On" Ad Campaign Inspired by the Animal Kingdom [video]

BFGoodrich Tires, a company well known for its innovative and action-packed TV commercials, has drawn inspiration from the animal kingdom for its latest “Bolt On” ad campaign.  As you’ll see in the video (after the jump), in the first installment it’s the grip of a tree frog that’s used to illustrate BFG’s point about bolting on grip by installing a set of their high-performance street tires, while the Behind The Scenes video (also after the jump) gives us a taste of some of the other animals we’ll see in future “Bolt On” ads.

Although the animal kingdom analogies will be at the heart of this campaign, the ads also feature two stars in the automotive world and members of the TeamBFG program. Two-time Formula Drift champion Samuel Hübinette did the stunt driving for the spots and Rally pro Lars Wolfe provided technical and special counsel.  The vehicle featured in the broadcast ad is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X with BFGoodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S tires.

The new campaign features a media plan that includes a variety of television, print and Internet advertising mediums. Kudos to BFGoodrich for thinking outside the box on this campaign and injecting some humor and style into their “Bolt On” ads. We look forward to seeing what animal makes a cameo in the next one.

[Source: BFGoodrich Tires]

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Donk-Mobile Shreds Really Expensive Tires, Still Fails [video]

For those unfamiliar with the “Donk, Box, and Bubble” trend, here’s a quick tutorial. Donk: A late 1970’s coupe or convertible, generally a GM product, such as a Monte Carlo or Cutlass Coupe, lifted, on hilariously oversized wheels. Box: A mid-1980’s Chevrolet Caprice, lifted, on hilariously oversized wheels. Bubble: A 1990’s Chevrolet Caprice, lifted, on hilariously oversized wheels.

The first time we saw one of these rolling down the street (in South Beach, of course), we thought it must have been someone’s idea of a joke. Car guys can have a sense of humor, right? Wrong. These guys are serious, and although their cars look like roller skates, they clearly have money to throw into their rides. Case and point: the following video, where in a matter of 30 seconds a Box owner completely destroys a set of rear tires. A quick check on Tire Rack reveals that these tires cost nearly $1,200 each.  Is YouTube immortality worth $2,400? Hit the jump to find out.

[Source: YouTube]

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