Toyota FT-86 II Concept: New Photos Revealed Ahead of Debut [2011 Frankfurt Auto Show]

Toyota is keeping quiet ahead of the car’s reveal today at the Frankfut Auto Show, but it has released two pictures of the latest FT-86 II Concept. What’s new? Other than some new paint it’s not entirely clear, although Toyota did promise a “faster, lighter and sportier” version of the car.

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Subaru BRZ to Hit Dealers Next Spring

It’s been a long time coming but fans of the Toyobaru sports car soon won’t have to wait much longer. Expected to officially debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in both its Toyota and Subaru forms, Subaru recently announced that its version will be called the BRZ.

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Subaru BRZ Revealed as Name of Subie's Toyota FT-86

Subaru has announced its name for the joint sports car project developed with Toyota, dubbing the rear-drive coupe the BRZ.

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Scion FR-S Crashes the Party at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance

A Scion is about the last car you’d expect to see at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, but the FR-S concept has a design worthy of a six-, or even a seven-figure price tag.

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Subaru FT-86 Variant Spied Testing in California

We know what the Toyota version looks like— time and time and time again. But the camoed-up version seen stuck in traffic on the 405 looks more like Subaru’s version—and given the Subaru distributor plates, this is more likely the case.

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Toyota, Subaru FT-86 Variants to Bow at Tokyo Auto Show in December

Toyota will never stop developing mutations of its FT-86 sports car, which will be released sometime between now and the real Rapture. Maybe.

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Scion FR-S Redefines Sex Appeal [2011 NYAS] VIDEO

Easily the most anticipated debut of the 2011 New York Auto Show, Scion has just released its new FR-S Concept, based on the Toyota FT-86.

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Subaru 'Boxer Sports Car Architecture' Teased Ahead of Geneva Debut

Subaru is building hype ahead of the reveal of its rear-wheel drive sports car next week at the Geneva Auto Show, releasing a new teaser image on a web site ( dedicate to the vehicle.

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Subaru FT-86 Rear-Drive Coupe to Debut at Geneva Auto Show

Subaru will finally reveal its version of the Toyobaru rear-drive coupe at the Geneva Auto Show this March.

The automaker has confirmed that it will display a concept dubbed the ‘Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept.’ As the name suggest, however, it will be a concept and we don’t expect to see a production version until after the Toyota model debuts – possibly at the Tokyo Auto Show at the end of 2011.

Described as a joint venture with Toyota, Subaru says the vehicle will use an all-new platform and will be powered by the company’s horizontally-opposed boxer engine, helping to deliver both a compact powerplant and one with a low center of gravity.

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And see AutoGuide’s complete 2011 Geneva Auto Show preview here.

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Report: FT-86 Based Subaru Model Dropping AWD in Favor of RWD

Subaru is reportedly looking to scrap plans for an AWD version of the Toyota FT-86 in favor of a rear-drive only model. This is sure to have the marketing department at Subaru up in arms with the accountants, as Subaru’s whole brand identity is based on the company’s Symmetrical AWD setup.

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Report: Subaru's FT-86 Sports Car to Be Bigger, Heavier and More Powerful

The Subaru version of the FT-86 will be larger, heavier and more powerful than its Toyota cousin. According to a recent report in Japan’s Best Car magazine (and brought to us by the team at 7Tune), the Subaru-branded Toyobaru will receive the 216A chassis code, rather than the 086A badge that the Toyota will get. (In North America, the FT-86 will go by the 087A chassis code, while European models will get the 088A code).

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Video: Toyobaru Runs the Nrburgring

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Leaked: Design Sketches of Subaru-Branded Toyobaru Slip Out

Several sketches showing what Subaru’s new compact sports car might look like have been leaked by the folks at AutoCar. The car has become known by the name Toyobaru because of the joint partnership between Toyota and Subaru that lead to the its creation.

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VIDEO: Toyota FT-86 Concept Makes Video Game Debut in GranTurismo 5

Toyota’s new FT-86 Concept car hasn’t even received its official unveiling at the Tokyo Auto Show and yet its already made its video game debut. Toyota has released a short clip of the FT-86 in the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 game. There are plenty of great clips of the stunning new Toyota, and even a nice under-hood shot of the Subaru-sourced boxer engine.

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Tokyo Preview: Stunning Toyota FT-86 Concept Delivers "Racecar-like" Handling

Until today, if someone asked you what the best looking Toyota from the past decade was, you’d have a tough time thinking something up. As of today, the answer is the FT-86 Concept, which is set to officially debut at the Tokyo Auto Show later this month.

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