Toyota Camry, Venza and Tacoma Recall Affects 681,500 Units

Over the last few years, the words “ Toyota” and “recall” have gone hand in hand. While the companies previous woes are behind them, Toyota has since been extra cautious and issues recalls for everything it finds to have a potential defect.

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Southeast Toyota Offers College Students a $1,000 Rebate

Toyota is giving college students a sweet graduation present – a $1,000 rebate off a new car.

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World's Most Expensive Toyota Camry Gets NASCAR V8-Power [Videos]

Built by Toyota Racing Development and RK Motors, this custom 2010 Toyota Camry NASCAR Edition is currently up for sale with a whopping $299,900 price tag, possibly making it the world’s most expensive Toyota Camry.

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Toyota Fire Hazard Investigation Opened by NHTSA Involving 830,000 Units

There has been a trend of high profile NHTSA investigations recently, the most notable being Toyota‘s unintended acceleration and GM‘s Chevy Volt fire hazard. Although both cases have closed, NHTSA has announced a new case involving 830,000 Toyota vehicles for possible fire hazards.

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Toyota Planning Life-Sized Monopoly Ride Expereince At Chicago Auto Show

Toyota‘s display at this year’s Chicago Auto Show is going to fun. That’s because the automaker is teaming up with Hasbro to bring the Toyota Hybrid MONOPOLY Ride Experience to show visitors.

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Win a Camry by Watching Toyota's "Connections" Super Bowl Ad

Toyota has launched a new social media initiative with a chance for participants to win a brand new 2012 Camry for themselves and one more for a friend. The opportunity will come tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 5, during a live NBC broadcast – we’re presuming Toyota means the Super Bowl, but the oddly worded press release mentioned no such thing.

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Top 10 Super Bowl Ads From Car Manufacturers
New Toyota Camry Super Bowl Ad is Heartfelt

What’s better than winning a brand-new 2012 Toyota Camry? Winning one for yourself and a friend!

Along with a Super Bowl ad, which will air during half time, Toyota is launching its “pay it forward” contest that is an extension of Toyota’s “Camry Effect” campaign. This social media campaign shared Camry stories and memories from the past 30 years from over two million Camry owners across the U.S.

The Super Bowl ad, called “Connections,” is a tip of the hat to the “Camry Effect” campaign, showcasing a variety of memories that have taken place in a Camry.

To enter the contest, you have to download the Shazam mobile app and then visit Once there, just follow the instructions to tag audio while the “Connections” ad is playing during the Super Bowl. If you can’t download the app, you can still enter – just go to the website and follow the on-screen instructions. You can enter the contest a day leading up to the Super Bowl debut of the commercial, as well as entering again by using Shazam or entering online when the spot airs live on Sunday. You’ll be in the running to win a new Camry for yourself and another for your best bud – a prize that’s valued of $53,000.

We’ve got the commercial for you to watch now, right after the jump.

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Toyota Camry Super Bowl Ad Showcase's "Reinvention" [Video]

After taking a three year hiatus from the advertising and marketing wonder we call the Super Bowl, Toyota has put together a new commercial which showcases the “re-invention” of the Toyota Camry, as well as some interesting ways to reinvent some of our favorite things.

The Ad shows off reinvented babies that don’t poop (every parents dream), reinvented curtains made from pizza (every kids dream), and even reinvented rain that makes you skinny (everyone’s dream). “Reinvention is a powerful idea and one we took to heart when we redesigned America’s most popular car with the launch of the 2012 Camry and elevated it above the competition,” said Bill Fay, group vice president of marketing at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. “The Super Bowl provides a forum to really drive home the reinvention message of the seventh-generation Camry, using humor to resonate with the American public.”

While it is fair to say that more people from the general public may prefer pizza curtains, the Camry has also been reinvented for the 7th time and is looking to impress. Watch the ad after the break and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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2013 Ford Fusion Aims For Quality First, Sales Records Second

There`s an understanding in business that selling a lot means selling cheap. Unless you have a monopoly on the water supply, sales numbers don`t hit astronomical heights without stepping into volume pricing territory. Toyota spent the last decade worshiping that philosophy and consequently kept the Camry on top.

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Volkswagen Golf Remains European Best-Seller in 2011

The Volkswagen Golf will remain the best-selling car in Europe, but here’s the real news: it keeps the crown with a whopping 484,547 units sold.

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Top 5 Surprisingly Good Cars of 2012

What’s the best car of 2012? Who knows. Is a Porsche GT3 RS 4.0 better than a Ferrari 458 Italia? What about the Scion FR-S? Or a Prius Plug-in Hybrid? The past year has seen the launch of numerous excellent vehicles, including some we really didn’t expect to be any good. That said, we’ve put together our list of the top five surprisingly good cars of 2012, starting with the updated Mazda3.

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2012 Toyota Camry "Recommended" by Consumer Reports

Despite having faced criticism by hard hitting publications in recent years, Toyota appears to have redeemed itself somewhat with Consumer Reports, at least as far as the 2012 Camry is concerned.

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Candy Cane Toyota Camry For Sale On EBay [Video]

There is less than a week until Christmas and if you’re looking for a gift that’s just plain bonkers we’re here to help. How about a 1991 Toyota Camry LE customized like a candy cane and decked out in what can only be described as hilarity and nonsense.

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KBB Most Researched Vehicles List Released

Kelly Blue Book Released their list of the 20 most researched vehicles and three of the top five spots belong the Honda products. The Civic and Accord placed first and second respectively, with the Toyota Camry in third, the Honda CR-V in fourth and the Ford F-150 in fifth.

The Hyundai Sonata and Elantra placed sixth and seventh respectively, with the Elantra cracking the top 20 for the first time. The top five brands overall were Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet and Hyundai, with the Toyota Prius as the sole hybrid on the list. Check out the full list below, after the jump.

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