7 Green Cars Of The Future: What We'll Be Driving In 2025?

Travel to almost any major city in the world and you’ll find a familiar sight: a sheen of brown haze that hovers over the city called smog. Much of this smog comes from cars, SUVs and pickup trucks — that mechanical gasoline or diesel powered things most of us drive every day.

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Toyota's Fun-Vii Concept In Action [Video]

Toyota‘s Fun-Vii Concept debuted at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show featuring some very cool, futuristic technology. They dubbed the concept car as a smartphone on wheels, bragging about its exterior body that can be manipulated as a digital display.

But those that weren’t fortunate enough to be over in Tokyo when Toyota debuted the concept is now in for a treat. As much fun as it is trying to describe in words what Toyota aims to do with the Fun-Vii, it’s just a ton easier to show it in action through a video. In less than five minutes, Toyota shows off its smartphone integration, augmented-reality gaming, a holographic digital assistant and its vehicle-to-vehicle networking system in the video clip.

Toyota also touches on their future of electrified powertrains with wireless charging and autonomous driving mode. It might seem to be something out of a Tron movie, but we’re definitely excited to see how Toyota will pursue these concepts in future vehicles.

Check out the video after the break.

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Toyota's Fun-Vii Concept Car Is A Smartphone On Wheels: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show Preview

Toyota unveiled today their Fun-Vii concept car ahead of its official debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The concept, dubbed as a “smartphone on wheels” by Toyota President Akio Toyoda, allows drivers to customize the skin of the car to display anything from stock quotes to advertising to pictures downloaded from their phones.

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Toyota EV, Fuel Cell Concepts Point to the Near-Future: Tokyo Motor Show Preview

Toyota has revealed three new concept cars that it will officially debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, giving an indication of its green-car plans for the next few years – and beyond.

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