The Best Side Marker Lights for Your Vehicle

Nothing adds road presence like a set of high-quality side marker lights. Marker lights make it easier for other drivers to see your truck or trailer, which is particularly important if you have a larger vehicle than most on the road.

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Best SUV for Towing: Top Picks

People ask a lot of modern crossovers and SUVS. Theses utility vehicles need to transport passengers, haul gear, and tow trailers; sometimes all at once.

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Why Your Pickup Truck's Tow Rating is BS

Trucks are big profit generators for automakers. The half-ton and heavy-duty pickup segments are probably the most fiercely competitive categories in the industry. Brands fight tooth and nail for every sale they can make. To move the metal they’re willing to leverage any and every competitive advantage no matter how small. Not surprisingly this winner-take-all mentality is delaying common-sense reform that benefits truck buyers.

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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Launched [Video]

Grand Theft Auto, the last word in automotive mischief, is back with its fifth installment. While previous video games in the franchise often follow the rise of a lowly thug making his way up to mob boss, Five follows an older, wealthier, and retired gangster who has chosen to move to a new town and start anew as a family man.

However, if there’s ever a truth in the land of GTA, it’s that trouble will always come looking for you. Check out Rockstar Game’s trailer of Grand Theft Auto V, featuring an obligatory cops and robbers chase scene with an awesome Aston Martin-looking power-retractable hardtop sports car.

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Why Is This Dodge Viper Towing An F1 Car? [Video]

Why is this man pulling an F1 car with a Dodge Viper GTS? Because he just bought it.

The F1 car, not the Viper—though given the funds needed to make such an impulse buy, he probably owns the other as well. A man in England bought Rubens Barrichello’s 2007 Honda F1 RA107 race car, chronicling every step of the purchase and rebuild. He bought it at a Bonhams auction in December of 2010 for £37,000, or $59,600—unfortunately, without an engine or steering rack.

Hence, the towing.

The Viper’s truck-derived V10 makes a perfect soundtrack in towing this Honda F1 car, which—to be fair—doesn’t exactly bottom out any suspensions in the first place. Between the two, the combined horsepower is probably enough to invade a small European nation. I wonder if the Top Gear trio will be as enraged getting stuck behind this convoy as they do behind caravans.

The enthusiastic buyer plans to put a Hartley V8 into the car in lieu of the original Honda 2.4-liter V10, which is an appropriate substitute: two Suzuki Hayabusa engines joined at the crank, good for 500 horsepower and 10,000rpm.

Click the jump to see the video.

[Source: Car Guy Dad]

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VIDEO: How NOT To Transport A Car (NSFW For Language)

Despite the bad language coming from the Honda Civic’s owner in this video, all parties are guilty of being criminally stupid. There’s a reason that race cars use special trailers (enclosed or open) with specific ramps.

Pushing a Civic onto a U Haul, with a flimsy ramp setup is a distinctly redneck way of trying to transport the car; not to mention the fact that there aren’t any tie-downs to keep the car from moving around.

Frankly, we have very little sympathy for these people. Doing things on the cheap rarely works out, and hopefully this is a painful and expensive lesson to prove that point. Besides, the car is really ugly.

Hit the jump to see idiots try and load a Honda Civic onto a U-Haul

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