Ferrari Re-Names Formula 1 Car After Ford Lawsuit

After Ford filed a legal injuction regarding Ferrari’s use of the name “F150” for their new Formula 1 car, the Italian supercar manufacturer has bowed to legal pressure and re-dubbed their entrant the “F150th Italia”.

While Ford’s ubiquitous pick-up truck, the F-150, could never be confused with the purpose built race car, evidently someone in Ferrari’s legal department thought it was a prudent move. The Ferrari was dubbed the “F150” in honor of the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification.

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Ford Asks Court For Injuction Against Ferrari Over F-150 Naming Rights

Nobody in their right mind could ever confuse the Ford F-150 pickup truck with the Ferrari F150 Formula 1 car. But Ford’s lawyers seem to disagree, and have asked a U.S. court for an injunction against Ferrari and their use of the name.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Celebrates 60th Birthday

Forget the Hummer, the Chevrolet Suburban or the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. The Toyota Land Cruiser is bar none the off-roader. Whether it’s serving UN peacekeepers in far-flung conflict zones, traversing the Australian Outback or ferrying American kids to grade school, the Land Cruiser has done it all, and we salute its six decades of outstanding service.

While the newest 200 Series LC is a big, plush luxo-truck, and the FJ40 quickly becoming a pricey collectors icon, lucky residents of certain markets, like Australia can still purchase brand-new versions of older Land Cruisers, specifically the Land Cruiser 70 Series, which comes in a Cab Chassis (think pickup truck), Wagon and the bad-ass “Troop Carrier” version, fitted with a gnarly 4.5L V8 diesel engine and a proper manual gearbox. Of course, such a vehicle costs about $76,000, so only rich eccentrics or well funded anti-government militias need apply.

[Source: Toyota]

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Kia Drops Borrego, Rondo From U.S. Market

Kia‘s Rondo small minivan and Borrego SUV have been dumped from the U.S. lineup, ostensibly after slow sales forced Kia to cease importation.

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Ford To Invest $400 Million In Kansas City Assembly Plant

Ford will invest $400 million in their Kansas City, Missouri assembly plant after the state government agreed to a series of tax breaks. “This investment and promise of a new vehicle to be built in Kansas City reinforces Ford’s commitment to U.S. manufacturing and American jobs,” said Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields.

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Jeep Grand Wagoneer To Return In 2013

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is one of the most iconic vehicles produced by the brand, with a major aftermarket industry dedicated to faithfully restoring and preserving existing Wagoneers.

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Ford F-Series Continues Its 34 Year Reign As America's Best Selling Vehicle

Ford‘s F-Series truck is America’s best selling vehicle for the 34th straight year, moving an astounding 528, 349 units, up nearly 28 percent from 2009. In second place was the Chevrolet Silverado, which moved a relatively paltry 370,135 trucks, but saw a 17 percent jump in sales.

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2011 Jeep Wrangler Gets Its Own Rap Song – It's Awful

The undisputed king of automotive-themed rap songs is Rick Ross, whose “Maybach Muzik 2” and “Aston Martin Muzik” have provided back to back bangers for hip-hop junkies who also like six-figure whips.

At the bottom of the scale we have a gentleman named C.KhiD, an up and coming rapper who didn’t take the advice of countless fore-bearers and “keep it real”. Instead, he joined in a horrible collaboration with Jeep to create “2011 Jeep Wrangler Music”. While only one of Autoguide’s staff is into hip-hop, we could smell a rat immediately, and it only took one listen for us to declare the song as “worse than the  Sebring “.

This type of marketing is so transparently uncool that it will probably turn off anyone who comes into contact with the song. Even more astonishing is that Jeep sponsored this guy for a tour (according to the press release below) but Jay-Z’s one line in “On To The Next One”, where he talks about how he “bought a Jeep, tore the m*********ing doors off” probably did more for the brand than any youth-oriented marketing campaign ever could.

[Source: Jeep]

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Ford Edge And Lincoln MKX Face Recall Due To Fire Hazard

Ford is recalling both the Edge crossover and the Lincoln MKX luxury crossover due to an electrical short that could lead to a fire. The vehicles were built during a 6 day window, and also includes certain Ford F-Series trucks.

Dealers will inspect a component known as the body control module, and replace it if necessary. The recall will begin on January 10, 2011 and owners can contact Ford at 1-866-436-7332.

[Source: NHTSA]

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1978 Range Rover 2-Door Is The Anti-Evoque

If you’re a regular reader of AutoGuide, you’ll know that we’re big fans of the Range Rover Evoque. It looks better in person than it does in pictures, and the car-based chassis, coupled with an EcoBoost 4-banger is just right for 99% of Range Rover customers and their urban driving.

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Ford Ecoboost V6 To Be Torn Down In Live Demonstration At 2011 Detroit Auto Show

After going through the equivalent of 160,000 miles worth of grueling tasks, Ford will take apart an Ecoboost V6 selected for the evaluation process, in a bid to demonstrate that the boosted V6 can be a viable alternative to traditional V8s.

The V6, which was randomly pulled from the regular production line, was put into action in a variety of tasks, from racing in the Baja 1000 to towing over 11,000 pounds for 24 hours straight. At the end of the test process, Ford dynoed the motor and found that it still produced 360 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, just as it did when it left the assembly line.

[Source: Ford]

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Violence In Mexico Sparks Demand For Discrete Armored Cars

Armored cars are an expensive proposition, nearly always costing well above $100,000, and for this reason, they’re rarely anything but luxury sedans or SUVs.

The problem with this phenomenon is that the places where armored cars are really needed, discretion is often better than driving an ostentatious bling-mobile. Texas Armoring, one of the leading armored car manufacturers, has noticed a spike in demand for “ordinary” bulletproof cars, mostly from Mexico, where a war between government officials and drug traffickers have caused unprecedented violence.

The vehicles featured in the video include late model SUVs like the Chevrolet Trailblazer and Ford Excursion, while one rep mentions that cars like the Toyota Camry and Nissan Maxima have also been retrofitted.

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[Source: Jalopnik]

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2011 Ford Territory Sketch Released

The Ford Territory is the enthusiasts idea of a dream SUV; based on a rear-drive car platform, the Territory is available with turbo six cylinder or V8 powerplants and was widely received by both private owners and government agencies looking for a rugged utility vehicle.

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2011 Ford F-150 May Face Production Delay Due To Parts Shortage

As the best selling vehicle in both the United States and Canada, the launch of the upcoming F-Series pickup truck is likely the most important event for Ford.

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Mahindra Buys Ssangyong, Maker Of The World's Ugliest Car, For $463 Million

India’s Mahindra will buy troubled Korean carmaker Ssangyong for $463 million, with Mahindra gaining a 70% stake in the company. The deal is expected to conclude in March, 2011.

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