Video: How The Lexus LFA Shattered A Champagne Flute

The sole commercial for the Lexus LFA shows the $375,000 supercar doing a seemingly impossible feat; shattering a champagne flute with its engine note. Watching the special “behind the scenes” video put together by Lexus makes it a lot more believable; a physics professor from the University of Southern California was brought in to help calculate the various frequencies required from the engine, and what size and thickness of glass would break in an appropriate manner (seriously). The man behind the wheel is famous racing driver and commentator Scott Pruett, and he gets the pleasure of running the LFA up and down through the gears in its quest for champagne-glass-carnage. The one question we have is, “how the hell did Lexus get a dyno installed in the middle of an empty warehouse?” Hit the jump for some of these answers, and more awesome LFA footage.

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